Julia Roberts

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Julia Roberts
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Character Information
Female ♀
Occupation: Actress
First Appearance: "HOMЯ"

Julia Roberts is an American actress.


After Homer became smart he saw the Love is Nice, in which Julia Roberts played a bride. Afterwards he told the crowd that the film was tired and predictable after he didn't understand a joke. Homer told the crowd that she's going to wind up marrying Richard Gere. Dr. Hibbert said that he thought she was going to wind up with that rich snob and Sea Captain added that he is ably played by Bill Paxton. Homer told them that's Bill Pullman, before someone knocked him out and he was thrown out of the cinema.[1]

She is one of the many people on "Ned's List of Laudable Lefties".[2]


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She appeared in the Oscar Selfie.[3]



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