Isabel Sanford

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This article is about the character. For the guest star, see Isabel Sanford.
Isabel Sanford
Isabel Sanford.png
Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Black
Occupation: Actress
First Appearance: "Milhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore"
Voiced by: Herself

Isabel Sanford is an American actress.


Sanford was the commentator in an exhibit at the Museum of Television and TV. She said that she's the beloved Weezy from The Jeffersons. She then went on to explain the museum, saying that they won't see a Michaelangelo, but they might see a Michael Landon or Beverly D'Angelo.

She later broke the fourth wall when she spoke about the plot of the episode having a good ending to make the audience feel good. She then says that they all love George Jefferson and want him to come home.