Hooray for Everything

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Hooray for Everything
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Band Information
Genre: Varied
First appearance: "Bart vs. Thanksgiving"

Hooray for Everything is a singing group compsed of young people from diverse ethnic backgrounds.


Hooray for Everything is well known for maintaining a positive attitude and clean wholesome image. The band has been described as "those clean-cut young go-getters"[1] and its musical repertoire seems to consist primarily of cleaned-up covers of classic hit tunes. Also, the band works to keep its appeal as broad as possible while generating as little controversy as possible. It performed in an ad for Duff Gardens, a very popular theme park;[2] and promoted one performance as a salute to the Western Hemisphere.[1]


Hooray for Everything performed during the halftime show of a Thanksgiving Day football game that Homer watched on TV. However, Homer ended up listening to the halftime show on the radio because he had to go pick up Grampa from Springfield Retirement Castle and bring him to Thanksgiving dinner at the Simpson home.[1]

The band also performed in an advertisement for Duff Gardens which Homer and Bart saw on TV.[2]

Behind the Laughter[edit]