Barbra Streisand

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Barbra Streisand
Character Information
Female ♀
Occupation: Actress
First Appearance: "When You Dish Upon a Star"

Barbra Streisand is an American actress and singer.


After Homer opened the Homer's Museum of Hollywood Jerks he asked his visitors what have celebrities ever done for them, asking when the last time Barbra Streisand cleaned out their garage and saying when it's time to do the dishes, where's Ray Bolger? He answered this, saying Ray Bolger is looking out for Ray Bolger.[1]

When the Simpson family watched a commercial for the Springfield Power Plant with Homerin, Marge told him that it was better than the last Barbra Streisand movie.[2]

A person singing "America (I Love This Country)" sung the lyrics "I could please Ms. Barbra Streisand By spittin' on the flag".[3]

When Nelson was singing "Papa, Can You Hear Me?", a song by Barbra Streisand, Bart then sees Lisa going crazy in a large cake. He then says "at least she's not singing Barbra Streisand".[4]

A look-alike of Barbra Streisand sang "Springfield Blows".[5]


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When Homer was an artist, he was mad at the Oscars for always snubbing Barbra Streisand.[6]


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