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The Simpsons: Tapped Out buildings

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A list of buildings in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Adult buildings[edit]

Classy Girls Strip Club Florence of Arabia Maison Derriere

Aspirational buildings[edit]

Escalator To Nowhere Popsicle Stick Skyscraper 50ft Magnifying Glass The Sunsphere Fortress of Choclitude Sit-N-Rotate


Beer -N- Brawl Coconut Babaloo The Gridiron Little Black Box Moe's Brewing Co. Moe's Tavern O'Flanagan's Pub She-She Lounge Shotkickers


Britannia Casino Burns' Casino Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino Cletus's Dice Den Gaming Moe's Homer's House of Cards La Belle Frottage Lucky Casino Nero's Palace Casino Peacock Lounge Plato's Republic Casino Safari Casino Woodstock Casino


Barbarian Castle Blarney Castle Boxingham Palace The Castle of Equalia Castle Recycle

Christmas buildings[edit]

Cannon Control Building ClausCo Egg Nog Bar Exotic Petting Zoo Fortress of Lonelitude Helter Shelter Humble Gingerbread House Ice Palace Moonshine Shack Pile of Snow Reindeer Burger Truck Santa's Village Santa's Workshop Toy Workshop X-mas Trees Slightly Irregular

Entertainment buildings[edit]

Barney's Bowlarama Duff Gardens Efcot Center Go-Kart Track Half-Pipe Noise Land Video Arcade Simpson Laser Tag Sir Putt-A-Lot's Stu's Disco Testosterzone


Ah, Fudge! Factory Ajax Steel Mill Burns Slant-Drilling Co. Cracker Factory Duff Brewery Little Lisa's Recycling Plant Malibu Stacy Headquarters Playdough Factory Powell Motors Slide Factory Soilant Red Factory Spirography Factory Springfield Slaughterhouse Wholesome & Sons Publishing

Government buildings[edit]

Burns State Prison Court House DMV Minimum Security Prison Office of Unemployment Police Station Springfield Fire Department Springfield Library Springfield Penitentiary Springfield Post Office Town Hall

Heights crafting buildings[edit]

Shøp Coffee Shop L.A. Body Works Institute of Technology John's Pharmaceuticals Heights Theater Marketing Agency

Heights level up buildings[edit]

Beach Hideaway Business Center Classic Mansion Deluxe Condo Exclusive Resort Modern Mansion Private Island Valet Parking


Apu's Apartment Bachelor Arms Blue House Bob's Victorian House Brown House Cletus's Farm Cool Brown House Crazy Cat House Flanders House Frink's Lab Giuseppe's Workshop Havana Private Home Krabappel Apartment Lincoln's Cabin Lovejoy Residence Moe's House Muntz House Old Simpson Farm Orange House Pink House Powers House Purple House Sanjay's House School Bus Self-Reliant House Simpson House Skinner House Spinster City Apartments Springfield Arms Springfiele Glenne Condos Springfield Retirement Castle Van Houten House Virgil's Cabin White House Wiggum House Willie's Shack


Buckingham Pay-Less Motel Rancho Relaxo Scandal-gate Hotel Sleep-Eazy Motel Ski Chalet Woosterfield Hotel


Burns Manor Burns' Summer Mansion Column Mansion D'Amico Summer Home Fat Tony's Compound Italian Villa Jay G's Mansion Krusty's Mansion Mansion of Solid Gold Mountain Lodge Polo Field House Powell Mansion Presidential Estate Quimby Compound Stacy's Dream House Wolfcastle's Mansion Ziff Mansion

Media buildings[edit]

Channel 6 Film Set Itchy & Scratchy Studio KBBL Radio Krustylu Studios One Week Wonder Films Radioactive Man Movie Scene Wild West Film Set

Medical facilities[edit]

Calmwood Mental Hospital Geriatric Medicine H. M. O. Health Spa Hibbert Family Practice Monroe Family Therapy Center Plastic Surgery Center Springfield Asylum Springfield General Hospital Stomach Staples Center

Miscellaneous buildings[edit]


All Night Gym Big Box Botanical Garden Businessman's Social Club Convention Center Elite Yacht Club Exploration Inc. Guinea Pig Rescue Center Indoor Tennis Courts IRS Penny Fountain Red Blazer Realty Shuttle Hangar Space Training Center Springfield Country Club Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (Cooling Towers Reactor Core Control Building) Springfield Orphanage Uriah's Heap Recycling Center Writers Building ZiffCorp Office Building


Car Impound Lot First Bank of Springfield Fort Sensible Incubator Think Tank Kamp Krusty Kwik-E-Mart Central Office Lugash's Gym National Bank of Springfield Open Air Stage Republican Party HQ Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers Springfield Animal Shelter Springfield Community Center Springfield Greenhouse Springfield Observatory Springfield YMCA Tar Pits Volcano Lair

Monorail stations[edit]

Krusty's Drive-Thru Station Mall-O-Rail Station Monorail Station North Pole Station Tetanus Terminal

Monsarno buildings[edit]

Monsarno Cafeteria Monsarno Chimp Resources Monsarno Human Resources Monsarno Library Monsarno Research


Museum of Natural History Museum Of Swordfish Springfield Knowledgeum Springfield Museum Springfield Wax Museum

Pagan buildings[edit]

$5 Antler Rental Ba'al Pit Lumber Mill Phone-Henge Kiosk Springfield Henge

Recycling depots[edit]

Glass Depot Metal Depot Plastic Depot Rail Yard Springfield Dump

Religious buildings[edit]

Cut-Glass Cathedral First Church of Springfield Impulse Wedding Chapel Notre Dame of Springfield Shotgun Pete's Springfield Buddhist Temple Temple Beth Springfield


Asia de Cuba Dead Lobster Der Krazy Kraut El Chemistri Gas and Grub The Gilded Truffle Gulp 'N' Blow Hamburger Heaven The Happy Sumo The Hungry Hun The Java Server Johnny Fiestas Krusty Burgers Krusty Burger Lard Lad Donuts Luigi's Madame Chao's Monorail Cafe Municipal House of Pancakes New Lard Lad Nighthawk Diner Overpass Diner Piggly's Super Smorg Phineas Q. Butterfat's The Pimento Grove Retro Lard Lad Seething Sisters Sham Rock Café Shorty's The Singing Sirloin Skip's Diner Spruce Caboose Swanky Fish Up, Up and Buffet! Vesuvius Pizza Wall E. Weasel's Zesty's


Adult Education Annex Ayn Rand School for Tots Montessori School Preparatory School Springfield Elementary Springfield High School Waverly Hills Elementary


3D Printer Astro-House Atomic Hula Hoop Big Digi-Ben Cryo Stasis Memorial Dome-icile Elysium Project Future-Proofed Home Future Simpson's House Global Housing Home of Tomorrow Homer's Dream House Mushroom Office Building Newfangled Kwik-E-Mart Office Towers PolyVac Retro Style Townhouse Rocket to Your Doom Skyberdine Systems Soul Extraction Institute Springfield Hyperstadium Tomorrow's Costington's


Abercrombie & Rich Alley McBalls Android's Dungeon Costington's Banana Dictatorship Costington's Blocko Store Bloodbath & Beyond Bookaccino's Chocolate Shoppe Cinnabun Coolsville Costington's Donut Store Fancy Farms Fireworks, Candy & Puppies Gold Navy Guitar Central Herman's Military Antiques Honest John's Computers Howard's Flowers It Blows Jake's Unisex Hair Palace King Toot's Kwik-E-Mart Lotto 'N' Liquor Mapple Store Mylar Baggins Oedipus Rx Official Halloween HQ Pro-Shop Quick & Fresh Spiffany's Sportacus Sprawl-Mart Springfield Books Springfield Farmers Market Springfield Grocery Store Springfield Hunting Supplies Springfield Mall Springfield Pet Shop Things Unnecessary Try-N-Save The Vast Waistband Victor's Secret Vulgari Jewelry Store Wooly Bully

Squidport buildings[edit]

Bloaters at the Squidport Crypto Barn Ferris Wheel The Frying Dutchman It's A Wonderful Knife The Itchy and Scratchy Store Just Rainsticks Malaria Zone Much Ado About Muffins My First Tattoo Old Abandoned Warehouse Planet Hype Squidport Entrance Turban Outfitters

Stadiums and arenas[edit]

Basketball Stadium Duff Center Arena Duff Stadium Springfield Coliseum Springfield Downs Springfield Skating Rink

Stonecutters buildings[edit]

Abandoned Store All Seeing Eye Stonecutter Daycare Center Stonecutter Lodge

Superhero buildings[edit]

Bartman Cave Beach House Crap Silo Death Mountain Dr. Lenny's Lab Kane Manor Radioactive Man Statue Kane Manor Orphan Alley Radstation Air Fortress Superior Squad HQ


Aztec Theatre Big T Theatre Chinese Acrobatic Theatre Googolplex Opera House Outdoor Opera Stage Springfield Bowl Springfield Clamphitheater

Treehouse of Horror buildings[edit]

Bad Dream House Battle Dome Bell Tower Burns Family Crypt Catacombs Construction Yard Count Burns' Castle Drive-In Theater First Church of Lard Lad Gingerbread House Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop Hellementary School House of Evil House on Scary Hill King Homer's Skyscraper Large Mausoleum Mad Doctor's Castle MAG Office Make-a-Thing Workshop Mausoleum Medieval Cathedral Medieval Rich House Pet Cemetery Portal to Rigel 7 Pumpkin House Re-Neducation Center Rigellian Tribal Hut Shinning Hotel Spooky Cabin Spooky Campfire Spooky House Springfield Cemetery Super Collider Tenta-Corp HQ Ultrahouse 2

Wild West buildings[edit]

Bandit Fort Bank Blacksmith Corral General Store Hootenanny Barn Ordnance Express Part and Parcel Postal Sneed's Feed & Seed Top Chop Barber Shop Town Plaza Wes Doobner's Rib Huts Wilted Rose

Zenith City buildings[edit]

Zenith City Apartments Zenith City Condo Zenith City Lofts Zenith City Offices Zenith City Penthouse Zenith City Store Front Zenith City Times

Krustyland attractions[edit]

Krustyland Entrance Death Drop Krustyland Burger Sleeping Itchy's Castle Gift Shop Radioactive Man: The Ride The Food Needle Wet & Smokey Stunt Show Krusty's Haunted Condo Scratchy's Flea Dipper Viking Boat Ride Krustyland Hotel Duff Pavilion The Tooth Chipper Eyeballs of Death Mt. Krustmore Happy Elves Ride Twirl 'N' Hurl Tunnel of Love Krusty's Giant Wheel Tavern on the Scream One Plate Maximum Buffet Unoriginal Log Ride