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Connie Appleseed

Connie Appleseed
Connie Appleseed.png
Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Yellow
Relatives: Parents: Homer and Marge Bufflekill
Siblings: Two unnamed
First Appearance: "Simpsons Tall Tales"
Voiced by: Yeardley Smith

Connie Appleseed (née Unknown) is a characther in a story told by a hobo based on the legend of Johnny Appleseed.


Connie is part of a wagon train with her family, and all of the travelers shoot and eat great numbers Buffalo. She is the only who is against the practice, and she gets worried that no one is eating a renewable source of food and finds some apples for the pioneers to eat, but they reject them (Homer spits them out in disgust when he realizes they are apples and not Buffalo testicles) and she leave the family. Eventually, she changes her last name to "Appleseed", and leaves her family to journey across America and plant apple seeds wherever she goes. The rest of her family change their surname to "Bufflekill" and they succeed in killing all the buffalo, leaving them with two the others realize they can breed, just as Homer shoots and kills them. As winter rolls by, the travelers start to starve and start to resort to cannibalism, picking Homer as their victim for being the fattest. Just as they are about to cannibalize Homer, Connie returns and offers them apples. They like them, and Homer is spared.