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Dr. Crab

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Dr. Crab
(Dr. Vladmir Krabokov)
Dr. Crab.png
Artwork of Dr. Crab from The Simpsons: Tapped Out
Supervillain Information
Male ♂
Alias(es): Prawn
Powers: Crab claws
First mentioned: "Three Men and a Comic Book"
First appearance: Dr. Crab's Commie Comics

Dr. Vladmir Krabokov, better known as Dr. Crab, is the arch enemy of Radioactive Man.


Dr. Vladmir Krabokov before he was Dr. Crab

As Dr. Vladmir Krabokov[edit]

Dr. Vladmir Krabokov tasked two thugs with setting off a mega-bomb and stealing the test data from Blather Labs. This was the event that turned Claude Kane III into Radioactive Man.[1]

Radioactive Man kept going from location to location trying to locate Dr. Crab. When Radioactive Man was trying to find the cause of juvenile delinquency in Zenith City, he was issued a challenge by Dr. Crab, who planned to pull the biggest heist Zenith had ever seen. Radioactive Man figured out the challenge and went to Finger's House of Giant Props, where Dr. Crab planned to melt a giant gold record down. He stunned Radioactive Man with his ray gun and escaped. Radioactive Man later tracked him down with a tip from Dr. Hedrick Hertzmann, who told Radioactive Man that Dr. Crab had an insatiable appetite for seafood cocktail. After a fight, Dr. Crab's ray gun was destroyed and he escaped.[2]

Dr. Crab had his new assistant, Nickolai, infiltrate Blather Labs and steal the Foreverlution Formula. Dr. Crab then used this formula to bring back dinosaurs, mixed with the DNA of his own family members. Radioactive Man found him on his island and defeated Dr. Crab, leading to the destruction of his island base.[3]

Due to his urge to defeat Radioactive Man, Dr. Vladmir Krabokov did nuclear research, which mutated him into Dr. Crab.[4]

As Dr. Crab[edit]

Dr. Crab as Prawn.

Dr. Crab created a giant robot to defeat Radioactive Man. However, the isotropic ray fired off from the robot was deflected into a mirror and hit Gloria Grand, giving her superpowers similar to Radioactive Man. Dr. Crab later sent Gloria an iso-fissional reflector disguised as a statue as a wedding gift. This siphoned off Gloria's powers, making her normal again. Dr. Crab attacked Radioactive Man and Gloria at their wedding and tried to shoot them with his new isotropic, double-dyothermal ray. However, Gloria used a silver tray to reflect the ray back at Dr. Crab, defeating him.[5]

Two years after this incident, Dr. Crab fought Radioactive Man again outside of the Mann Gallery.[6]

Dr. Crab attended the wedding of Larva Girl and Radioactive Man. Crab was upset at the wedding as he had considered asking Larva Girl out himself. When fighting broke out at the wedding, Dr. Crab was defeated by Plasmo.[7]

Dr. Crab once captured the Superior Squad and locked them in stasis chambers before sending a distress signal to Radioactive Man from his asteroid base. Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy then arrived to rescue the Squad but handed themselves over to Dr. Crab when he threatened to kill the Squad if they didn't. Captain Squid managed to help Radioactive Man break out and in the breakout, Radioactive Man accidentally set off the particle blaster, getting hit by it and dying. Dr. Crab then fled his asteroid base as it burst into flames.

Later, Dr. Crab attacked the Mando Building with his Crab-Bots. However, Radioactive Man came back from the dead and stopped him.[8]

Dr. Crab teamed up with Dr. Broome to defeat Radioactive Man. Dr. Broome went back in time where he found Shootin' Irons, a robot. He then put Shootin' Irons into a time capsule and sent him forward into the future to defeat Radioactive Man. The robot was reprogrammed by Radioactive Man and led him and Fallout Boy back to Dr. Crab and Dr. Broome.[9]

As Prawn[edit]

Dr. Crab kept mutating and eventually became Prawn. Prawn then encountered Radioactive Worm in an alley, where he was hiding from everyone. Radioactive Worm gave him the idea to make a Regresso Ray to turn back his mutation and make him human again. The Regresso Ray worked and Prawn turned back into his human form, whilst Radioactive Man turned into Radio Man. Radio Man then knocked Dr. Crab out. As Radioactive Worm was talking to Radio Man, Radio Man tripped over Dr. Crab's unconscious body and fell onto the Regresso Ray, breaking it. This turned him back into Radioactive Man, but the effect it had on Dr. Crab was unknown.[4]


Donut Homer.png The contents of this article or section are considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened or existed.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out[edit]

He was the main villain in the Superheroes event. He encased Radioactive Man inside of the Radioactive Man Statue, but he broke out. He returns in the sequel, Superheroes 2 event, trying to transform all Springfielders into crabs. After failing he unleashes Pinchy in town to seek revenge for the previous year's defeat. However he is defeated again, with Pinchy dead once again, he joins the town as a permanent resident.

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Dr. Crab
Image Cost Unlock method Unlock message
Dr. Crab.png TSTO Canned Crab Juice.png103,600 Superheroes 2
Issue 3 Prize
Dr. Crab Unlock.png
Donut Tapped Out.png60 Superheroes Return and Super Powers
Premium (Event Mystery Box)
Donut Tapped Out.png60 Red Alert and Treehouse of Horror XXXIII
Gold Box Token.png1 Dog Days and Mirror Mayhem
Event Mystery Box
Shattered Token.png1 Shiver Me Barnacles
Shattered Dreams Mystery Box (after event completion)