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The Simpsons: Tapped Out decorations

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This is a list of decorations in The Simpsons: Tapped Out.

Note: All premium decorations unlock for purchase at Level 5 at the earliest.



Attack Helicopter Black Leather Plane Crazy Plane Cult Flying Saucer Duff-Barney Blimp Duff Blimp Helicopter Hot Air Balloon Hover-Copter Life-sized Spruce Moose Norbert's Plane Plane Plane Bot Space Shuttle Simulator SPD Blimp U.F.P. Victorian UFO

Airport decorations[edit]

Hangar Runway Corner Runway Light Runway Straight Terminal


Caged Tom Turkey Giant Grasshopper Old Gray Mare Painted Horse Red Dragon Reindeer White Dragon Yellow Dragon


Bart Balloon Big Butt Skinner Balloon Blinky Balloon Elder Blimp The Grumple Balloon Halloween Balloons Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons Itchy Balloon Light-up Elder God Poochie Balloon Rusty the Clown Balloon Santa's Little Helper Balloon Scratchy Balloon Snowball II Balloon Stampy Balloon Valentine's Balloons Wavy-arm Elder God

Benches and chairs[edit]

Beach Chair Beach Towel & Umbrella Bench 1 Bench 2 Bench 3 Bench 4 Boardwalk Bench Cozy Hammock Holo-Bench Homer's Hammock Hover Bench Lawn Chair Love Bench Ornate Pier Bench Shadow Knight's Throne

Billboards and signs[edit]

Carnival Banner 1 Carnival Banner 2 Carnival Banner 3 Christmas Clams $50 a Pound Cowgirl Sign Despair Heights Sign DIET Sign Dupes Sign Easter Banner Future Duff Sign Give Apes the Vote Billboard Golddiggers Sign Gorgeous Grampa Billboard Hail Ants Sign Itchy & Scratchy Billboard Keep Out Sign Medieval Banner 1 Medieval Banner 2 Medieval Banner 3 Mr. Sparkle Billboard Newark Newark Sign Pagan Winter Carnival Sign Plato's Republic Sign Pow-Wow's Casino Sign Pride Billboard Pride of Ulster Banner Quimby's Broken Promises Billboard Radioactive Man Billboard Teleporter Billboard Try and Stop Us Billboard Vacation to Venus Sign Welcome Bob Sign Welcome to Springfield Sign Zenith City Billboard ZiffCorp Sign


Chinese Junk Donut Boat Duff Party Liner Fireworks Barge Gone Fission Greenpeace Boat Jet Ski Knightboat Luxury Yacht The Mayflower Shipwreck Ultra Luxury Yacht USS Tom Clancy

Christmas decorations[edit]

"Christmas" Totem Destroyed Holiday Wheel Duff Beer Tree Elf Cannon Festive Bell Lamp Post Festive Bow Lamp Post Festive Candycane Festive Fancy Lawn Bell Festive Hot Drink Stand Festive Lawn Angel Festive Lawn Bell Festive Light Plunger Festive Nutcracker Festive Trashcan Fire Festive Wreath Lamp Post Fever Cabin Fir is Murder Christmas Tree First Ever Christmas Tree Giant Outdoor Fireplace Gnome Box Hot Squishee Station Nativity Scene New Year's Ball The North Pole Toy Workshop Bell

Clash of Clones decorations[edit]

Barracks Cardboard Gates Cardboard Tower Castle Gates Castle Tower Catapult Chicken Coop Flaming Torch Guillotine Hay Cart Medieval Tent Recycled Gates Recycled Tower Stock Two-Story Outhouse Windmill


Debris 1 Debris 2 Debris 3 Debris 4 Debris 5

Entertainment decorations[edit]

Animatronic Bears Box of Fireworks Chess Table Fort Adventure Homer's Ballet Lisa's Kiddie Car Monkey Bars Patriotic Box of Fireworks Pinwheel Firework See-Saw Sir Love-A-Lot Slide Stolen Bumper Car Swing Tetherball Tube Slide Yard Work Simulator

Fences and walls[edit]

Barbed Wire Fence Barrier Biohazard Wall Boardwalk Fence Bramble Hedge Cardboard Wall Castle Wall Chain Fence Cobblestone Wall Concrete Wall Easter Fence Easter Gate Fancy Fence Fancy Gate Fancy Wall Frontier Fence Frontier Gate Gargoyle Wall Graffiti Wall 1 Graffiti Wall 2 Great Wall Section 1 Great Wall Section 2 Great Wall Tower Halloween Party Wall Hieroglyph Wall Ice Fence Iron Railing Iron Wall Lovely Fence Monsarno Flower Wall Nero's Wall Ornate Pier Railing Pagan Fence Pastel Picket Fence Picket Fence Plato's Republic Column Red Brick Wall Recycled Wall Solid Gold Brick Wall Solid Gold Fence Spooky Wall Stadium Fence Training Wall Wooden Fence


American Flag Australia Flag Brazil Flag Cameroon Flag Canada Flag China Flag Colombia Flag Costa Rica Flag Donut Flag Easter Flag Ecuador Flag England Flag France Flag Germany Flag Holo-Flag Ireland Flag Italy Flag Ivory Coast Flag Japan Flag Jolly Roger Flag Learn to Fart Flag Mexico Flag Netherlands Flag New Zealand Flag Nigeria Flag Norway Flag Rainbow Flag Russia Flag Scotland Flag South Korea Flag Spain Flag St. Patrick's Flag Sweden Flag Switzerland Flag Thailand Flag To Fraternal Love Flag United Kingdom Flag United States Flag Wales Flag


Carnival Float Christmas Float Devil Float Easter Float Pot "O" Gold Float


Flower Planter Flowers 1 Flowers 2 Flowers 3 Flowers 4 Holo Tulips Lollipop Flowers Luminescent Flowers Snapdragons Sumatran Century Flower

Foreign buildings and architecture[edit]

Arc de Triomphe Boulangerie Patisserie Hokora Pagoda Pont du Gard Shinto Shrine Torii


Boardwalk Fountain Burns' Fountain Classy Fountain Constant Fountain Fountain Fountain of Love Fountain of Tomorrow French Fountain Green Beer Fountain Nero's Fountain Plato's Republic Fountain Sequence Fountain 1 Sequence Fountain 2 Sequence Fountain 3 Sequence Fountain 4 Southern Cracker Fountain Water Show Fountain

Garden decorations[edit]

Barbecue Pit BBQ Pig Cherub Bird Bath Gazebo Hot Tub Kiddie Pool Lovely Gazebo Patio Table Rake Unfinished Shed


Cemetery Plot Forgotten Grave Homer's Grave Marvin Monroe's Tombstone Suspicious Dirt Pile

Halloween decorations[edit]

Ancient Ruins Biohazard Tower Burns Coffin Cauldron Covered Bridge Dark Carriage Donut Torture Device Flying Bats Foggy Swamp Freak Show Tent Ghost Zapper The Grand Pumpkin Haunted Stables Human Test Subject The Impossible Tower Jack-o-Lantern Kang's Crashed UFO King Homer's Skyscraper Kodos's Crashed UFO Mayan Calendar Mechanical Ghost Meteor Egg Monster Couch Nightmare Willie Pumpkin Patch Pyre Ray Gun Rigellian Queen Ruins Scary Dock Sepulcher of Evil The Shinning Maze Spooky Brambles Spooky Shed Spooky Tent Teleporter Alpha Teleporter Omega Town Square Vampire Casket Wolf Rock

Heights upgrade modules[edit]

Classic Entrance Classic Front Balcony Classic Garage Classic Hot Tub Classic Mid Building Classic Side Balcony Classic Side Building Classic Small Balcony Hideaway Bridge Hideaway Deck Hideaway Gazebo Hideaway Hut Hideaway Platform Hideaway Pool Hideaway Stairs Hideaway Walkway Hideaway Walkway (No Roof) Modern Fountain Modern Garage Modern Lower Balcony Modern Middle Building Modern Pool Modern Side Building 1 Modern Side Building 2 Modern Upper Balcony Resort Annex Resort Balcony Resort Elevator Resort Entrance Resort Gardens Resort Stairway Resort Tower Resort Wing

Hills and mountains[edit]

Mount Carlmore Mount Fuji Murderhorn Satan's Anvil Ski Lift Springfield Gorge Springfield Sign Sugarloaf Mountain

Ice and snow decorations[edit]

Bart Snowman Burns Fever Snowman Carved Ice Sculpture Devil Snowman Fancy Igloo Goat God Statue Goat Head Statue Grampa Snowman Homer Fever Snowman Homer Snowman Ice God Ice Sculpture Couch Gag Scene King Winter's Cave Lisa Snowman Maggie Snowman Marge Snowman Murdered Snowman Santa's Little Helper Snowdog Snowball II Snowcat

Krustyland decorations[edit]

Bumblebee Man's Tacos Clown Garbage Can Cotton Candy Stand Crashed Police Car Duff Beer Fountain Knock Over The Fuzzy Guy Krusty Fountain Krustyland Bench Krustyland Fence Krustyland Fried Dough Stand Krustyland Garbage Bin Krustyland Hotdog Stand Krustyland Itchy Balloon Krustyland Path Krustyland Poochie Balloon Krustyland Popcorn Stand Krustyland Scratchy Balloon Pavilion Tent 1 Pavilion Tent 2 Pavilion Tent 3 Ring Toss Sideshow You Strike Three Whack-A-Mole Wheel Of Chance

Miscellaneous decorations[edit]

360 Degree Buffet Table 7200 Ounce Squishee Anti-Gutenberg 3000 Backwater Brewery Beerquarium Bomb Shelter Broken Down Dryer Broken Down Washer Cannon Chalk Outline Chinese Lantern Cornucopia Cycling Spotlight Danger Pool Donut Tray Duff Beeramid Easter Egg Pile The Eliminator ESBN Sports Desk Fat Chalk Outline Five Corners Fruit-Bat-Signal Garbage Pile Giant Takeout Box Globe Grape Stomping Vat Heimlich Machine Hellfish Treasure Chest Homer Decoy Japanese Lantern (Small) Jay G's Pool Jockey Chalk Outline Land Octopus Pen Liberty Bell Lifeguard Tower Macaroni's Shed Manual Power Generator Meat Can Multi-colored Spotlight Natural Faberge Egg Oktoberfest Gate Outdoor Feast Table Outdoor Opera Seats Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth Pig of Paradise Pen Project Board The Rad-ish Station Rigellian Chalk Outline Sani-John Smokehouse Springfield Park Entrance Stack of Beer Turkey Stuffer* Vehicle Pileup Walk-In Therapy Stand Weather Station White Spotlight Wine Barrels Wishing Well Wooly Mammoth Pen World's Largest Zirconia Worldwide Broadcast Dish

Miscellaneous Heights decorations[edit]

Beach Front Escalier Billionaire Haven Classic Garden Elegant Grill Exotic Pond Fancy Lampost Gold Mail Box Modern Art Statue Modern Awning Modern Solar Panel Ocean Suite Polo Field Springfield Heights Gate

Miscellaneous plants[edit]

Angel Topiary Cactus Patch Cane Field Cherub Topiary Ficus Plant Hellfire Pepper Cactus Kang Topiary Kodos Topiary Lavender Field Love Planter Planter Rose Arch Santa's Little Helper Topiary Shamrock Topiary Small Gold Plant Small Plant Vineyard

Monorail decorations[edit]

Curved Track Piece S Curve Piece Straight Track Piece Short Track Piece Drive-Thru Awning Drive-Thru Extension Drive-Thru Platform Drive-Thru Stairs Mall-O-Rail Awning Mall-O-Rail Extension Mall-O-Rail Platform Mall-O-Rail Stairs Station Awning Station Extension Station Platform Station Stairs Terminal Awning Terminal Extension Terminal Platform Terminal Stairs

Nature decorations[edit]

Ancient Ornamental Pond Bear Cave Butterfly Tent Camp Fire Camping Tent Easter Pond Forest Cave Hot Springs Minnow Pond Old Faithless Rolling Rock Springfield Falls Springfield Lake Springfield National Park Valentine's Pond Wildlife Sanctuary Woodchipper


Blue Knight Nerd Blue Mage Nerd Blue Rogue Nerd Blue Warrior Nerd Red Knight Nerd Red Mage Nerd Red Rogue Nerd Red Warrior Nerd

Pagan decorations[edit]

Brazier Dunk the Monk Dunking Device Giant Burning Goat Giant Mushrooms Large Mushrooms Large Pagan Tent Pagan Cauldron Pagan Hall Pagan Hut Sacrifice Your Sheep to Odin Small Pagan Tent Wickerman

Painted Homes[edit]

Painted Home 1 Painted Home 2 Painted Home 3 Painted Home 4 Painted Home 5 Painted Home 6 Painted Home 7 Painted Home 8 Painted Home 9

Payout decorations[edit]

Ancient Burial Ground Chest of Sacred Artifacts Cristo of Springfield Elf Cave Elf Home Elixir Mixer Fake Toll Booth Five Alarm Chili Frink-thetic Egg Generator Mk I Frink-thetic Egg Generator Mk II Ghost Pirate Airship Holiday Tree Hollow Snake Trunk Houseboat Improvised Snare Lemon Tree Pagan Bonfire Present Depot Radstation Air Fortress Simpson Houseboat Snake Rocks Snake Stump Spruce Caboose Tire Fire Training Plane Treasure Chest Wailing Wall


Cactus Rock 1 Cactus Rock 2 Cactus Rock 3 Rock Pile 1 Rock Pile 2 Rock Pile 3 Rock Pillar 1 Rock Pillar 2 Rock Pillar 3

Science decorations[edit]

Black Hole Chrono Trike Cremo Bot Death To Homer Missile Herbicide Squirter Hi-Glow Waste Barrels Mechanical Ant Alpha Mechanical Ant Beta Mechanical Ant Delta Mechanical Ant Gamma Miniature Nuclear Warhead Murderpuss Robby The Automaton Truckasaurus Work From Home Station

SciFi decorations[edit]

Future Monument Giant Robot Holo-Theater Mech Robot Mobile Dome Parcology Springfield of Tomorrow Sign Teleporter Theta Teleporter Zeta

Sea decorations[edit]

Aqua World Fishing Platform Aqua World Fuel Tank Aqua World Main Guard Tower Aqua World Prison Tower Aqua World Wharf E.A.R.L. The Island of Dr. Hibbert Krusty Burger Oil Rig Large Iceberg Lobster Island Medium Iceberg Mulberry Island Small Iceberg Small Island 1 Small Island 2 Small Island 3 Sunken Temple Tropical Island Whale

The Seven Duff Topiaries[edit]

Dizzy Duff Topiary Edgy Duff Topiary Queasy Duff Topiary Remorseful Duff Topiary Sleazy Duff Topiary Surly Duff Topiary Tipsy Duff Topiary

Shrubs and hedges[edit]

Burning Bush Fancy Bush Holo-Flower Hedge Holo-Large Hedge Holo-Rose Bush Holo-Small Hedge Large Hedge Rabbit Hedge Rigellian Shrub Rose Bush Shrub 1 Shrub 2 Shrub 3 Shrub 4 Shrub 5 Small Hedge

Singing Stones[edit]

Secret Singing Stone Singing Stone 1 Singing Stone 2 Singing Stone 3 Singing Stone 4 Singing Stone 5 Singing Stone 6 Singing Stone 7

Sports decorations[edit]

Balance Beam Bowling Setup Machine Boxing Ring Clay Tennis Court Double Bleachers Football Field Football Tire Target Football Uprights Golf Course Grass Field Homertron Low Blow Boxing Obstacle Log Obstacle Tires Obstacle Wall Obstacle Wire Outdoor Half-Court Single Bleachers Soccer Net Springfield Games Cauldron Springfield Games Podium Stadium Entrance Stadium Lights Street Soccer Court T-Ball Stand Tennis Court Tennis Machine Training Dummy Triple Bleachers Volleyball Net

Squidport decorations[edit]

Basketball Game Fried Dough Stand Hotdog Stand Lemonade Stand Ornate Pier Post Popcorn Stand Three-Eyed Sushi Tiki Bar

Stalls and carts[edit]

Coffee Kart Devil Donuts Cart Khlav Kalash Stand King Chili Tent Leftorium Express A Little Bit of Lenny Lovely Flower Cart Peanut Cart Picture on a Rembrandt Springfield Pin Stand


Angel Fossil Barbarian Statue Carbon Rod Monument The Collector Lucite Statue Duff Statue of Liberty Easter Island God Excellence Prize Statue Female Gnome Gargoyle Golden Calf Idol Homerclese Statue I Choo-Choo Choose You Train Jebediah Statue Lady Justice Statue Leprechaun Statue Lincoln Memorial Lisa Lionheart Display Lisa Statue of Liberty Little Lady Justice Male Gnome Marge Tetherball Monsarno Founder Statue New God Mr. Burns Statue Olmec Head Pie Man Epic Statue Popsicle Stick Disco Stu Popsicle Stick Patty & Selma Rommelwood Statue Shelbyville Manhattan Statue Shiva Statue Snake Statue Statue of Burns Stiletto Sculpture Strupo Statue Super Jeb Venus De Milo Year of the Rooster Statue

Stonecutters decorations[edit]

Ark of the Stonecovenant Money Pool Sacred Parchment Stone of Triumph Stonecutter Table

Street decorations[edit]

Bent Over Lamppost Boardwalk Lamp Post Dumpster 1 Dumpster 2 Fire Hydrant Future Street Lamp Garbage Bin Garbage Can Gas Pump Green Bin Hanging Streetlamp Holo-Lamp Post Hover Street Sign Lamp Post Laramie Vending Machine Lovely Lampost Newspaper Dispenser Parking Lot Parking Meter Phone Booth Pylon Recycling Bin Stop Sign Trash Can Vending Machine Walk of Fame Star Zenith City Bin Zenith City Mailbox Zenith City Phone Booth

Superheroes decorations[edit]

Alien Atomic Bomb Basketball Court Hero Clothesline High Voltage Transformer Kiosk Lucite Container Milhouse's Trailer Plastic Prison Satellite Station X-Ray Machine

Task decorations[edit]

Giant Snow Globe Great Wall Tower Insanity Cauldron Moonbounce Nightmare Pile Ornate Pier Rocket Launch Pad Squidport Entrance Tailgate XP Collider Yellow Submersible Zombie Sandwich


Boardwalk Section Cobblestone Road Dirt Dirt Road Ornate Pier Section Pavement River Road


Apple Tree Bart's Treehouse Beach Tree Big T Tree Boardwalk Tree Bonsai Brazilwood Tree Dead Tree Easter Tree Exotic Tree Fancy Gold Tree Fancy Tree Giant Snake in a Tree Gold Palm Tree Holo-Boardwalk Tree Holo-Exotic Tree Holo-Tree 0 Holo-Tree 1 Holo-Tree 2 Holo-Tree 3 Holo-Tree 4 Holo-Tree 5 Holo-Tree 6 Holo-Tree 7 Holo-Tree 8 Japanese Cherry Tree Japanese Maple Tree Maple Tree Marshmallow Tree Money Tree Old Tree Spirit Orange Tree Palm Tree 1 Palm Tree 2 Plum Tree Rainbow Tree Spooky Grove Spooky Tree Tentacle Tree Tree 1 Tree 2 Tree 3 Tree 4 Tree 5 Tree 6 Tree 7 Tree Swing Valentine's Tree Willow Tree Ye Olde Cherry Tree

Upgradeable decorations[edit]

Homerlayas Krustyland Shuttle Mars Colony Medieval Gate Money Mountain Players Club Tower Pool World's Largest Redwood


1958 Car Ambulance Apu's Apocalypse Jeep Bart's Three-Wheeler Bloodmobile Blue Electric Car Book Burning Mobile Brother Faith Van Burns Limo Canyonero Chalmers' 1979 _ONDA Channel 6 News Van The Collector's Car Crappy RV DMV Limo Donut Truck Duff Party Bus Duff Racer Fire Truck Flanders' Frozen Car Fleet-A-Pita Flying Car Freakmobile Frinkosonic MHV Garbage Truck Golden Train The Homer Homer's Car Ice Cream Truck Jet Engine Bike La Bicyclette Lamborgotti Fasterossa Left-handed Roadster Limo Mafia Car Motorcycle with Sidecar Mr. Powers Car Ned's Camper Oscar's Obstacles Truck Parked Hover Car Perfect Beer Truck Piece-of-crap Car Plow King's Plow Police Car Police Tank Prison Bus Quimborghini Rad Mobile Rat Trap Delivery Truck Red Electric Car Rocket Car S.W.A.T. Van Santa Teresa Tram Scooter Simpson's Hover Car Starline Commander Stunt Bike Taste of Duff Beer Truck Unlicensed Taxi Willie's Tractor WWII Tank X-Ray Truck Yellow Electric Car

Whacking Day decorations[edit]

Green Practice Snake Ninja Homer Practice Snake Purple Practice Snake Red Practice Snake Snake Speakers Whacking Day Banner Whacking Mugs Stalls Whacking Stick Stall Whacking T-Shirt Stall Wind Sock Yellow Practice Snake

Wild West decorations[edit]

Bloodbath Gulch Sign Cacti Carl's Dad Caverns Covered Wagon Cow Tongues Explosives Forgotten Gold Treasure Frink's Mechano Spider Frontier Cemetery Frontier Water Tower Hitched Horse Hitching Post Horse Trough Mortician Carriage Old Mine Old West Sign Princess Quicksand Stage Coach Wooden Barrel Wooden Barrels 1 Wooden Barrels 2