Llewellyn Sinclair

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Llewellyn Sinclair
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Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Black, partial balding
Occupation: Stage Director
Relatives: Sister: Ms. Sinclair
First Appearance: "A Streetcar Named Marge"
Voiced by: Jon Lovitz

Llewellyn Sinclair is a stage director, notable for having directed the musical, Oh, Streetcar!. His sister, Ms. Sinclair, runs the Ayn Rand School for Tots.


Llewellyn is short-tempered and a perfectionist. Originally, Marge is turned down for the part of Blanche, but after seeing how sad she really is, he realizes she's perfect. He insinuates that he once reduced a class of fourth graders to tears but got a decent review. In the musical, he plays Pablo, which was originally played by Otto but Otto "didn't work out". In the end, the musical is a success, which Llewellyn takes all the credit for.[1]

He also took part in a record attempt for the world's tallest human pyramid.[2]

He was at Moe's Tavern with Jay Sherman, Aristotle Amadopolis and Professor Lombardo when Homer brought Artie Ziff to the bar.[3]

He was seen celebrating after Homer and Bart save the town from the bomb placed by the EPA.[4]

Sinclair had a poster for Oh, Streetcar! outside of the Community Theater.[5]


  • He speaks some German, knowing the word for "fast".

Behind the Laughter[edit]

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