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The Simpsons: Tapped Out A Hard Play's Night content update

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"A Hard Play's Night"
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The Simpsons: Tapped Out A Hard Play's Night content update is the two hundred and forty-first content update. It was released on September 13, 2023 and will end on September 27, 2023.


Yearbook Mystery Box.png All items with this icon on the last column of the table are also available for just Donut Tapped Out.png30 in the Yearbook Mystery Box!



Image Name Cost Unlock image Notes Yearbook MB
Brunella Pommelhorst.png Coach Pommelhorst Donut Tapped Out.png90 Coach Pommelhorst Unlock.png
Mr. Bergstrom.png Mr. Bergstrom Mr. Bergstrom Unlock.png
Groundskeeper Wilma.png Groundskeeper Wilma Donut Tapped Out.png100 Groundskeeper Wilma Unlock.png
Hudson.png Hudson Donut Tapped Out.png150 Hudson Unlock.png Unlocks with Center for Pre-Emptive Education
Llewellyn Sinclair.png Llewellyn Sinclair Llewellyn Sinclair Unlock.png Unlocks with Springfield Community Theater.
Abbey.png Abbey Abbey Unlock.png Unlocks with Old Theatre District.
Buck McCoy.png Buck McCoy Buck McCoy Unlock.png Unlocks with Wild West Film Set. Yearbook Mystery Box.png
Tabitha.png Tabitha Vixx Tabitha Vixx Unlock.png Unlocks with Tabitha Vixx Stage.
Space Mutant.png Space Mutant Tapped Out Space Mutant Unlocked.png Unlocks with Drive-In Theater Yearbook Mystery Box.png

Character skins

Image Name Cost Unlock image Notes
Stage Manager Marge.png Stage Manager Marge My prompt book has all the cues for every production — even “Waiting For Godot”! Unlocks after completing A Hard Play's Night Pt. 1.
Tom Sawyer.png Bart Sawyer Donut Tapped Out.png150 Bart Sawyer Unlock.png Unlocks with Stage Cabin.
Broccoli Ralph.png Broccoli Ralph Broccoli Ralph Unlock.png Unlocks with Tray of 132 Donuts.


Image Name Cost Unlock image Notes Yearbook MB
Filmmaker Lisa.png Filmmaker Lisa Donut Tapped Out.png60 Filmmaker Lisa Unlock.png


Image Name Cost Build time Task Notes
TSTO Springfield Playhouse.png Springfield Playhouse 4h Running the Same Show for Nine Weeks Straight Unlocks after completing A Hard Play's Night Pt. 3.
Elementary Play Stage.png Elementary Play Stage Desperately Seeking Talent Unlocks after completing A Hard Play's Night Pt. 5.
Stage Cabin.png Stage Cabin Donut Tapped Out.png150 6s Looking Great From Only One Angle Unlocks Bart Sawyer.


Image Name Cost Task Notes Yearbook MB
Springfield University.png Springfield University Donut Tapped Out.png25 Indenturing Students for Life
Tapped Out Monsarno Library.png Monsarno Library Donut Tapped Out.png30
Rommelwood Barracks.png Rommelwood Barracks Donut Tapped Out.png35 Hardening Mattresses Yearbook Mystery Box.png
TSTO Cypress Creek Elementary.png Cypress Creek Elementary Donut Tapped Out.png70 Raising Globex Future Potentials
Miss Tillingham's School.png Miss Tillingham's School Donut Tapped Out.png80 Disciplining Your Brats
One Week Wonder Films.png One Week Wonder Films Donut Tapped Out.png100 Seeking the Next Big Summer Movie Yearbook Mystery Box.png
Shelbyville Elementary.png Shelbyville Elementary Donut Tapped Out.png110 Hosting Bully Summit
Tapped Out Stardust Drive-In.png Stardust Drive-In Donut Tapped Out.png120 Playing the Same Movie Since 1925
TSTO Center for Pre-Emptive Education.png Center for Pre-Emptive Education Donut Tapped Out.png150 Pulling Toys Out of Mouths Unlocks Hudson.
TSTO Springfield Community Theater.png Springfield Community Theater Not Turning Away as Many as We Should Unlocks Llewellyn Sinclair.
Old Theatre District.png Old Theatre District Wishing Broken Legs to Suspicious Thespians Unlocks Abbey.
Wild West Film Set.png Wild West Film Set Tripping Horses With Wires Unlocks Buck McCoy. Yearbook Mystery Box.png
Tapped Out Drive-In Theater.png Drive-In Theater Unlocks Space Mutant.

Building skins


Image Name Cost Notes
TSTO The Lofts at Springfield Elementary.png The Lofts at Springfield Elementary Donut Tapped Out.png80


Image Name Cost Notes
Whitewashed Fence.png Whitewashed Fence Unlocks after completing A Hard Play's Night Pt. 2.
Stage Tree.png Stage Tree Cash.png3,000 Unlocks with Stage Props Bundle
Purchasable after unlock.
Bale of Hay.png Bale of Hay
Bales of Hay.png Bales of Hay
Stage Cornfield.png Stage Cornfield Cash.png5,000
Stage Building.png Stage Building Donut Tapped Out.png10
Old West Stage Background.png Old West Stage Background Donut Tapped Out.png15


Image Name Cost Notes Yearbook MB
Frontier Fence.png Frontier Fence Cash.png250
Frontier Gate.png Frontier Gate Cash.png500
Fair Booth.png Fair Booth Cash.png2,000
Movie Light.png Movie Light Donut Tapped Out.png2
Field Trip Memorial.png Field Trip Memorial Donut Tapped Out.png5
Tapped Out Walk of Fame Star.png Walk of Fame Star
Dancing Children.png Dancing Children Donut Tapped Out.png10
Pageant Stage.png Pageant Stage Donut Tapped Out.png40
Last Gasp Stage.png Last Gasp Stage Donut Tapped Out.png55
Tabitha Vixx Stage.png Tabitha Vixx Stage Donut Tapped Out.png150 Unlocks Tabitha Vixx.


Image Name Cost Notes Contents
Stage Props Bundle.png Stage Props Bundle Unlocks after completing A Hard Play's Night Pt. 4. Stage Tree x2, Bale of Hay, Bales of Hay, Old West Stage Background, Stage Cornfield, and Stage Building.
Broccoli Ralph bundle.png Broccoli Ralph Bundle Tray of 132 Donuts Broccoli Ralph and Donut Tapped Out.png132.


Image Name Content Cost Note Screen
Shattered Dreams Mystery Box.png Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Complete list Shattered Token.png1 Food themed. Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Screen.png

Shattered Dreams Mystery Box

Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Guide.png
Asia de Cuba, Ye Olde Chocolate Shoppe, Der Krazy Kraut w/Becky, Dead Lobster, Donut Boat, Donut Store, First Church of Lard Lad, Gingerbread House w/Suzanne the Witch, Madame Chao's w/Mindy, Nighthawk Diner w/Rex Banner, Piggly's Super Smorg w/Mrs. Bouvier, Stonecutter Table, Swanky Fish, Cinnabun, Retro Lard Lad w/Laird Ladd, Motherloving Sugar Co. w/Dia-Betty, Tree Steakhouse, Cappuccino Royale, Crouching Panda, Hidden Egg Roll, Sconewall Bakery w/ Rollerskate Smithers, Walking Kwik-E-Mart, Zip Zap and 'Za w/Wendell Borton, Taste of Springfield Festival, Mattress King Dinner Table, Truck Stop Diner, Le Petite Appétit, Moe's Express Lemonade w/Baby Moe and Baby Barney, Greaser's Cafe w/Wolfguy Jack, Thai Food Factory w/Brenda, Springfield Barbecue Festival w/Tyler Boom, Kwik-E-Mart Central Office
Lard Lad Donuts, Monsarno Cafeteria, Pumpkin House, Sani-John Smokehouse, Springfield Farmers Market, Boulangerie Patisserie, Hot Roasted Chestnuts Cart, Burger Soldiers, Apple Tree, Orange Tree, Cornucopia, Hellfire Pepper Cactus, Donut Flag


A Hard Play's Night Event Guide.png

Image Name Unlock
Stage Manager Marge.png Stage Manager Marge A Hard Play's Night Pt. 1.
Whitewashed Fence.png Whitewashed Fence A Hard Play's Night Pt. 2.
TSTO Springfield Playhouse.png Springfield Playhouse A Hard Play's Night Pt. 3.
Stage Props Bundle.png Stage Props Bundle A Hard Play's Night Pt. 4.
Elementary Play Stage.png Elementary Play Stage A Hard Play's Night Pt. 5.

Conform-o-meter impact

Name Rating Points
Springfield Playhouse Consumerism 10
Whitewashed Fence, Old West Stage Background, Stage Cornfield, Stage Building, Stage Tree, Bale of Hay, Bales of Hay Vanity 100
Elementary Play Stage 200
Stage Cabin 400

Other changes made

September 12 Update (v4_63_AHARDPLAYSNIGHT)


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