Springfield Recreation Center

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Springfield Recreation Center
Springfield Recreation Center.png
Location Information
Town: Springfield
Use: Recreation Center
Employees: Comic Book Guy
Art Teacher
First appearance: "Lisa the Drama Queen"

The Springfield Recreation Center, also known as the Janet L. Munoz-Robbins Rec Center, is Springfield's recreation center.


Homer once left Bart and Lisa there, much to their dismay. Bart participated a kung-fu class taught by Comic Book Guy, while Lisa participated in an art class where they painted a still-life of fruits. One student, Juliet Hobbes, worked on a painting of Josh Groban dueling against the art teacher depicted as a dragon, much to the teacher's annoyance. When Lisa complimented the painting and volunteered to teach the class, the teacher told both her and Juliet to leave, while the rest of the class were ordered to "paint twenty laps".


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