Greyhound puppies

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Greyhound puppies
Animal Information
Species: Dogs
Color: Tan orange with white tufts
Owner: Krusty the Clown
Snake Jailbird
Former: Simpson family
Relatives: Father: Santa's Little Helper
Mother: Rosa Barks
First Appearance: "Today I Am a Clown"

The greyhound puppies is the second litter of puppies that Santa's Little Helper had fathered. The mother was Rosa Barks.


Santa's Little Helper fathered a second litter of puppies. These were eight greyhound/poodle hybrids, with Dr. Hibbert's dog, Rosa Barks. When the puppies were old enough to be away from their mother, Dr. Hibbert took the puppies to the Simpson home, informed the Simpsons that the puppies were the result of Santa's Little Helper having paid Rosa Barks a "late-night booty call", and left the puppies with the Simpsons, saying that they were their problem. Homer admitted that while he was supposed to have gotten Santa's Little Helper neutered, and actually took him out to have the procedure done, in the end he found he couldn't carry out the deed. The Simpsons gave the greyhound/poodle puppies away to townspeople, including Krusty, Willie, and Snake.