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Country Information
Continent: North America
Language spoken: English
Capital city: Ottawa
First appearance: "The Bart Wants What It Wants"

Canada is the northernmost country in North America; its capital city is Ottawa.

Canada is the largest country in North America. Canada has 10 provinces: Alberta, New Brunswick, Ontario, Quebec, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and Newfoundland and Labrador. It also has 3 territories: Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon. Canada borders the continental United States on the north and Alaska on the east; it also shares a maritime border with Greenland.


The Simpsons' first visit to Canada occurred in "The Bart Wants What It Wants," when Bart convinced them to follow his girlfriend Greta to Toronto, where her father was filming a movie. Upon seeing Canada for the first time, Marge declared, "It's so clean and bland; I'm home!" The family toured the "Paramountie Pictures" studio lot, where they witnessed a shoot for the film Canadian Graffiti: a lone actor was shown spray-painting "OBEY THE RULES" on a nondescript building. Later, Bart and Milhouse joined the Canadian basketball team.

In "Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade," Bart tried to teach Lisa mnemonics for Canada's provinces and prime ministers. Lisa sewed a Canadian flag on her backpack when the family visited Italy in "The Italian Bob," explaining, "Some people in Europe have the impression that Americans have made some stupid choices in the past, oh, five years, so for the next week, I'm from Canada."

The Canadian national anthem, "O Canada", was sung at a baseball game after a fight broke out because of a dispute between the Pre-Teen Braves and the Cavalry Kids over the singing of the national anthem. Marge started sobbing because of the fighting, and when she was put on the stadium's Jumbotron, the Sea Captain suggested that they all sing together instead—"and not a hymn to war, like our national anthem, but a sweet, soothing hymn, like the national anthem of Canada". As the crowd sang, they joined hands on the field to form a maple leaf.[1]

Homer, Grampa, Apu and Ned all visited Canada to smuggle cheap prescription drugs from there into Springfield, but were arrested when they returned (mainly because they crashed their plane and woke Chief Wiggum up).[2]

Canada was also the location of the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, where team Simpson-Skinner entered the mixed curling event and won the gold medal. In the meantime, Bart got to know some of the local children, becoming fast friends with Milhoose and also meeting Nelson's Canadian counterpart.[3]

Smithers had many misadventures in Canada trying to bring Mr. Burns some ice.[4][5]

Characters from Canada[edit]

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  • The Saga of Carl - title screen.png Episode – "Das Bus" (Ralph represents Canada at the Springfield Elementary Model UN club)



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