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Who Washes the Washmen's Infinite Secrets of Legendary Crossover Knight Wars?

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Who Washes the Washmen's Infinite Secrets of Legendary Crossover Knight Wars?
Who Washes the Washmen's Infinite Secrets of Legendary Crossover Knight Wars?.png
Comic Story information
Released: September 1994
Comic series: Radioactive Man
Pages: 27
Written by: Steve Vance

Who Washes the Washmen's Infinite Secrets of Legendary Crossover Knight Wars? is a Radioactive Man comic story first printed in Radioactive Man #679.


Radioactive Man drops a pin badge over the edge of a skyscraper when trying to put it on. Radioactive Man apologizes to the President who tells him that the First Lady wants to put a badge on him herself. The president then announces that he's signed an executive order to ban superheroes, except for Radioactive Man.

Whilst on a skyscraper with Fallout Boy, Radioactive Man has a flashback to a charity ball he attended with Gloria Grand. He fell over whilst dancing with Gloria and accidentally pulled Gloria's pearl necklace off. Whilst he was on the floor gathering them up, everyone at the ball laughed at him. In the present, Radioactive Man struggled with the laughter in his head and flies off into a thunderstorm, getting struck by lightning. When he lands, Radioactive Man is approached by Heart of Darkness, the newest name for Bleeding Heart. He tells Radioactive Man that the press gave him the new nickname. He then tells Radioactive Man that he thinks the government banning superheroes is a conspiracy for the government to subvert the constitution and make a shadow government. Radioactive Man and Heart of Darkness then go to Bug Boy to get his opinion on the matter.

Bug Boy disagrees with Heart of Darkness, saying that whilst he doesn't like superheroes being banned, he doesn't see it as a conspiracy. Just then, an energy field that Bug Boy had been tracking opened up and out came four superheroes from alternate continuities; Radioactive Man-Beta, Radioactive Ape, Radioactive Boy and Glowy. In the news, Gloria Grand debates with G. Gordon Gadfly about the energy field and the superheroes, with Gadfly saying that they should eliminate the superhero intervention and have scientists solve the energy field problem. The heroes from alternate continuities explain what brought them here. Bug Boy theorizes that the energy field started in the Betaverse, where Radioactive Man-Beta is from. Plasmo then opens up a portal to the Betaverse.

When the Radioactive heroes, Plasmo and Weasel Woman make it to the Betaverse, they find it empty and Plasmo senses that the Betaverse has ceased to exist, which upsets Radioactive Man-Beta. A dimensional rift then opens up pulling the heroes through into the Negativityverse. As the heroes land on a small planet, they are attacked by Nega-Pneumatica, who wants to destroy all life and rebuild the universes in her own image. Radioactive Man then fights Nega-Pneumatica, with the help of the other heroes. After they defeat her, they try to escape with Plasmo creating another portal. However, Nega-Pneumatica comes at the heroes again, whilst Glowy goes back to the planet. On the planet, Glowy finds a small booth with a man inside, operating Nega-Pneumatica. He bites the butt of the operator as the other heroes knock off Nega-Pneumatica's head and sends it falling back to the planet, crushing Glowy, killing him.

Radioactive Boy is distraught over the death of his dog and Radioactive Man tries to console him. At that moment, another dimensional shift happens, bringing the heroes back into Radioactive Man's universe. However, they realize that they're in an abandoned government cheese warehouse and that holographic projectors and inertial distributors were causing them to think they were in the Negativityverse. Plasmo also could sense the Betaverse again. They also find Dr. Broome's Trans-Spatial Stairclimber, which the heroes from other universes use to go home. The heroes then wonder who would be behind the fake threat just to change the perceptions of the public and alter the course of current events. They then go back to the other members of the Superior Squadron. After this incident, the repeal of the 22nd Amendment was defeated in the senate and the ban on superheroes got lifted.


Comic issue Release date Country
Simpsons Comics #64 February 21, 2002 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Simpsons Comics #65 March 21, 2002 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Simpsons Super Spectacular #6 September 11, 2008 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Radioactive Man: Radioactive Repository Volume One July 17, 2012 Flag of the United States.png

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