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The Molten Menace of Magmo, the Lava Man

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The Molten Menace of Magmo, the Lava Man
The Molten Menace of Magmo, the Lava Man.png
Comic Story information
Released: March 1994
Comic series: Radioactive Man
Pages: 26
Written by: Steve Vance
Bill Morrison
Cindy Vance

The Molten Menace of Magmo, the Lava Man is a Radioactive Man comic story first printed in Radioactive Man #88.


The lava monster, Magmo, started to attack Zenith City and Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy must rescue the city. When Fallout Boy becomes trapped we found out his origin.


Part One[edit]

The Superior Squad are cleaning up in Zenith City after their titanic battle with Hypno Head in the Mando Building, the headquarters of the Superior Squad. Radioactive Man is carrying a nuclear reactor on some rubble, but it topples off towards Lure Lass and Purple Heart. Plasmo then uses his powers to stop it falling on them. Bug Boy checks the reactor, to be on the safe side, but it goes off and starts to reach critical mass. So Radioactive Man takes it and flies off with it. The Superior Squad worry about him as Radioactive Man takes the reactor to Zenith Caverns. He drops it in the underground river that supplies Zenith City with drinking water to cool it down.

Radioactive Man returns to his team to be congratulated by them. Radioactive Man tells Purple Heart that he is glad they can count on Miles Mando to cover the cost of the damage. Bug Boy then tells Radioactive Man that S.E.N.T.I.E.L., the cybernetic brain, is out of action due to the nuclear reactor overloading. Without it, the National Intelligence Agency is blind. Bug Boy tells Radioactive Man that he needs to work on fixing it rather than removing the lightning bolt from Radioactive Man's head.

Claude Kane III goes to tell Gloria Grand that he's unable to take her to the "Hats Off" ball, which comes as a relief to Gloria as she didn't want to spend an evening with him. Claude then asks Gloria out for lunch, but she turns him down. As Claude leaves the radio station, he hears a special bulletin which is a job for Radioactive Man - Fallout Boy is in danger.

Part Two - "Alone Against the Lava Man"[edit]

A few hours ago, at Zenith High School, Rod Runtledge is being bullied by other students. When counting the students, Principal Simon Beck realizes that Rod is missing, and finds him hanging in a school locker. The class then visits a nearby research site for their school trip. The large drill that is drilling through the ground explodes at the research site and a huge shape crawls out of the fiery pit. This turned out to be Magmo, the Lava Man. Magmo rules the world below and came to the surface to enslave everyone.

Rod quickly turns into Fallout Boy and attacks Magmo. The school bullies take this moment to steal Rod's clothes. During the fight, a steel bar that was supporting a large machine falls, and the machine falls on Fallout Boy, trapping him. Magmo then leaves, heading straight for Zenith City.

Part Three - "If This Be My Origin...!"[edit]

Fallout Boy remembers his origin story. His day started as an ordinary day, getting bullied at school. Rod goes to Experiments in Radio-Activity after school. Here, Rod sees Claude Kane and they watch the experiments together. A strange, glowing spider came down but Claude flicked it away and it landed on a goofy-looking bookworm. At the top floor of the exhibit, a gyrostabilizer had burned out and the Xeno-Ray fell over. Claude and Rod end up dangling over the edge of the railing from the Zeno-Ray and a sudden burst of energy comes out of it, giving Rod powers. He could see without his glasses and had super strength. At home, he notices Radioactive Man heading towards the roof of his building, only to see Claude Kane come down from the roof. He realizes that Claude is Radioactive Man and confronts him.

Claude was going to make Rod his sidekick, but remembered that Rod lived with his Aunt June. However, June had a brain fever and had to be moved into a nursing home. Rod then moved in with Claude shortly after and became Fallout Boy.

Back in the present day, Rod worries about failing Radioactive Man. He then gets some more strength from not wanting to let him, or Aunt June, down and vows to get Magmo.

Part Four - "The Final Slugfest"[edit]

Radioactive Man hurries towards where Fallout Boy and Magmo fought and doesn't find him. Fallout Boy then bursts out of the ground, having tunneled out from underneath the machine. The two of them chase after Magmo and find him heading towards the Abandoned Warehouse District. The three of them fight for a while before Radioactive Man comes up with a plan. They grab a roll of asbestos insulation from a construction site and use it to wrap up Magmo. They then knock him out and throw him back down the hole he came from, sealing it with a heavy-gauge steel plug, the radar dish of the local airport.

After, Rod goes to visit his Aunt in the nursing home. She calls him Dodd, the name of Rod's long lost twin brother, which upsets him. Radioactive Man then heads to WZEN Tower to take Gloria for their lunch date, even though Gloria had already eaten. Claude then leaves the tower, upset that his secret identity has come between him and Gloria once again.


Comic issue Release date Country
Simpsons Comics #39 March 23, 2000 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Simpsons Comics #40 April 20, 2000 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Radioactive Man: Radioactive Repository Volume One July 17, 2012 Flag of the United States.png
Simpsons Comics #62 May 25, 2023 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png

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