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In His Own Image

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In His Own Image
In His Own Image.png
Comic Story information
Released: October 1994
Comic series: Radioactive Man
Pages: 26
Written by: Steve Vance

In His Own Image is a Radioactive Man comic story first printed in Radioactive Man #1000.


Dr. Crab has become the Prawn and to become his old self again he must capture Radioactive Man, and to do so he takes help from a worm.


Claude Kane III tries to remember what happened before he became Radioactive Man but he can hardly remember anything, and he starts to believe that this is because of the light in his head. Radioactive Man then goes to visit Bug Boy at headquarters. Rod Runtledge tells his brother that if it's not 8 o'clock, he should follow Radioactive Man. Dodd tells him that Claude is really weird, but his father is even stranger because he is currently trying to find his missing wife on an island in the South Pacific. Prawn, formerly known as Dr. Crab, meets a worm and tells him that he needs his help to get revenge. Bug Boy tells Radioactive Man about his theory of why he has lost his memory, and he has made a machine that can remove the flash safely, but then it turns out to be some type of helmet so Radioactive Man decides not to test the machine. Radioactive Man gets a visit from the Government Oversight Group, who tell him to bring in more money for the Super Squad, who have a new sponsor who has decided that Radioactive Man will wear a new cape that they will give him. Radioactive Man flies to the TV station to meet Gloria Grand, who reports that Prawn has threatened to shut down all TV and radio channels in the U.S. unless he receives $50 million, and he has challenged Radioactive Man to try to find him. Gloria goes off air and meets Claude, who has heard the news and leaves Gloria. She sees someone flying past the house and believes that it is Radioactive Man searching for Dr. Crab.

Radioactive Man begins to search for Dr. Crab and finds the person who flew by: Radioactive Man, the New and Improved Model. He tells him that the market boy has let him take over his job, and he is the only one left of the squad. The rest are in the Bloody Heart's Hero-Owned Super-Team. The new model flies away and tells him that they will meet again soon. It is almost midnight when Radioactive Man starts to fight with Pneumatica, but he manages to defeat her. Radioactive Man flies over Zenith City and sees bright light coming from a block, and it turns out that Prawn is there with a regresso ray. He turns it against him when Radioactive Man starts to attack. The machine takes the power of Radioactive Man and restores Prawn to his old self. Radioactive Man is also transformed; he is now 50 years younger and calls himself Radio Man. Dr. Crab starts to activate the Airwave silencer, but Radio Man manages to break the machine and defeat Dr. Crab again, and he discovers that he worked for the Nazis. Radio Man is about to go home when Radioactive Worm, who was exposed to the same mega-bomb explosion, appears and tells him that he has made a mind controller as the first step of his plan for worms to take over Earth, but to get the mind controller to work on Radioactive Man, he fixed the machine so that Radioactive Man would become younger: his antenna is now straight instead bent like it was before. When he is asked to bend his knees for the worm, he stumbles on Dr. Crab and hits his head on the machine. Radioactive Man becomes himself again, and the worm realizes that he did not get enough of the ray, but he tells him that he will pay for it. Radioactive Man then to attack the worm, which gets fried when it stumbles into a broken cable. Radioactive Man is now happy that this adventure is over, but this turns out to be wrong. Pnematica is back but then Radioactive Man's dad appears. Pnematica recognizes Dr. Kane and Radioactive Man realizes that she is his mother. She tells him that her plan was overthrown by the Japanese, and Dr. Crab found the body and placed her brain into a robot body and brainwashed her so she would become evil, but the ray brought her memory back. The new model of Radioactive Man comes to finish off Radioactive Man, but instead he gets his lawyer due to copyright issues.

Radioactive Man then goes home with his father and mother while Dr. Crab continues in his lab with his new inventions and the president's head in a can.


Comic issue Release date Country
Simpsons Comics #75 December 24, 2002 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Simpsons Comics #76 January 23, 2003 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Simpsons Super Spectacular #7 June 25, 2009 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Radioactive Man: Radioactive Repository Volume One July 17, 2012 Flag of the United States.png

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