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Gordus Antonius

Gordus Antonius
Gordus Antonius.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Grey
Occupation: Business owner
Relatives: Daughter: Majora
Grandson: Bartigula
Granddaughter: Lisandra
First Appearance: "I, Carumbus"
Voiced by: Joe Mantegna

Gordus Antonius was a business owner, slave owner and father of Majora.


Gordus Antonius bought Obeseus from his father, Abus, which gave Abus enough money to buy an ox. Gordus Antonius then made Obeseus and his new friends Lennus, Carlum, Modus and Barnabas gladiators in the Colosseum. When Obeseus killed his prized gladiator, Wolfus Rein, Gordus Antonius was going to put him to death until his daughter, Majora, convinced him to keep him on as a gladiator as the crowd loved him.

Eventually, Obeseus impregnated Majora and Gordus Antonius decided to free him as long as he married Majora. Gordus Antonius then gave Obeseus the deed to his laundry business as well as his friends, as slaves.