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Radioactive Man, Man of Radioactivity

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Radioactive Man, Man of Radioactivity
Radioactive Man, Man of Radioactivity.png
Comic Story information
Released: December 2002
Comic series: Radioactive Man
Pages: 26
Written by: Batton Lash

Radioactive Man, Man of Radioactivity is a Radioactive Man comic story in Radioactive Man #106.


"It's 1963, and Radioactive Man has gone INSANE! Why else world he be fighting invisible enemies and causing collateral damage throughout Zenith City? Or perhaps it has something to do with, Dr. Claude Kane II's recent invention "Foreverlution", communists run amok, or the return of one of the Atomic Avenger's greatest foes. Be that as it may, this "key" issue in RM's compendium of classic comics has our Man of the Atom battling dinosaurs!"


The Hallucinations That Weren't Real[edit]

Gloria Grand is interviewing Claude Kane II about his newest science experiment when Claude Kane III comes into the room. Dr. Kane and Gloria get annoyed at Claude then Claude notices Dr. Kane's new assistant, Nick. Nick goes to another room and has a secret talk with Dr. Crab over a video call. As Gloria takes Claude out for a meal, Dr. Kane is attacked and knocked unconscious, and Blather Labs is set on fire. During Claude and Gloria's meal, Claude notices a gorilla waiter about to dump hot soup over Gloria. Claude changes into Radioactive Man and tries to stop the gorilla, but his attacks do nothing and nobody else can see the gorilla. Radioactive Man causes a lot of damage and trouble in the restaurant and gets kicked out by the owner. Radioactive Man then flies after Fidel Castro on his way out.

When chasing down Castro, Radioactive Man notices that Blather Labs is on fire and rushes in and saves Dr. Kane. When he comes out again, he notices several of his enemies are there and starts to fight them, although nobody else can see them again. Dr. Kane and Gloria then manage to get Radioactive Man locked in a lad-lined radiation chamber in Blather Labs and Dr. Kane calls for Fallout Boy. Dr. Kane and Fallout Boy release Radioactive Man as he seems fine again. Gloria then walks into the room and Radioactive Man sees a giant foot coming down on Gloria. Radioactive Man rushes off to stop the new threats when Nick reveals himself to be Dr. Crab's henchman, and reveals that Dr. Crab has been masquerading as Gloria this whole time. The two of them steal the Foreverlution Formula when Radioactive Man comes back and knocks out Nickolai. However, Dr. Crab got away with the formula. All they find on Nickolai is a weird gold key.

Isle of the Irregular Dinosaurs[edit]

Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy head to Dr. Crab's island to stop him and rescue Gloria. In Dr. Crab's lair, Gloria questions Dr. Crab. Dr. Crab tells Gloria how he gassed her to knock her unconscious then pretended to be her. Dr. Crab also used a special holographic projector under Gloria's hat which projected holograms that only Radioactive Man could see. Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy then arrive and start looking for the door that the gold key opens. As Radioactive Man is thinking, he is stomped on by a dinosaur, Grumpisaurus. Radioactive Man and Grumpisaurus speak to each other for a bit until Grumpisaurus goes off. Radioactive Man then realizes that Fallout Boy is being held by Auntrosesaur. Radioactive Man tells Auntrosesaur that he and Fallout Boy are hungry so Auntrosesaur goes to look for food for them.

Fallout Boy then sees the door the key opens, which is being guarded by a load of other dinosaurs, which all share DNA with relatives of Dr. Crab. Radioactive Man gets them to go to the other side of the island by telling them that a feast is being held there. Fallout Boy then tries the key in the lock but it breaks because the key is gold, a soft metal. Fallout Boy decides to just knock on the door and Dr. Crab answers it, with Radioactive Man punching him immediately. Dr. Crab then sets his henchmen, Jim, Steve, Jon, and Bob, on Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy, but they dispatch of them quickly. Dr. Crab tries to get away and Radioactive Man and Fallout Boy find a cat in Gloria's cell. Gloria then comes out with Dr. Crab, having captured him herself. The island then starts to sink so the four of them leave the island, leaving the dinosaurs in the water.


Comic issue Release date Country
Bart Simpson #6 December 12, 2002 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png
Simpsons Super Spectacular #13 June 21, 2012 800px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg.png

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