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List of deleted scenes

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BFAS Deleted Scene.png The contents of this article or section are based on a deleted scene found in one of the DVD boxsets. It is considered to be non-canon and therefore may not have actually happened/existed.
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This is a list of deleted scenes from The Simpsons episodes.


Season 1[edit]

Episodes number Episodes name Characters Synopsis Picture
11 "The Crepes of Wrath" Bart, The French Dancers In an original commercial for the episode, two scenes in it are not featured in the episode, one where Bart woos some French dancers, and one where Bart stuffs chocolates into his mouth. Bart woos the dancers.jpg

Season 2[edit]

Episodes number Episodes name Characters Synopsis Picture
20 "Bart vs. Thanksgiving" Bart, nurse When Bart goes to donate blood to raise money, the scene was originally supposed to be longer and show the interior, with Bart having his blood taken. The scene was cut in the full version.[1] Bart vs. Thanksgiving deleted scene.png

Season 3[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
55 "Colonel Homer" Lurleen Lumpkin, Bart and Lisa Before Lurleen's performance of "Bagged Me a Homer" at the recording studio, Bart and Lisa argue over Homer knowing more than one woman. This footage was included in a promo of the episode and can be found on the season 3 DVD boxset, but the full scene is not. Colonel Homer deleted scene.jpg

Season 4[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
70 "Homer's Triple Bypass" Sideshow Phil (mentioned) and Krusty Sideshow Phil was mentioned in a deleted scene.
"So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show" Homer and Professor Frink A scene was cut but re-made into the DVD season pack where Professor Frink visits Homer's hospital room with a plan to create a shrinking submarine and plans to travel inside the Coma-ridden Homer by entering his rectum.
78 "The Front" Bart, Lisa, Grampa, Itchy & Scratchy (mentioned), the writers of the Itchy & Scratchy International and Roger Grampa mistakes Richy & Catchy for Itchy & Scratchy. There was originally a dream sequence in which Bart points a machine gun at Santa Claus and hijacks his sleigh. The second objection was to a scene not included in the finished episode, in which Itchy & Scratchy animators are seen observing a cat, and then putting a stick of dynamite in the cat's mouth and lighting it. As Meyers, Bart and Lisa continue down the studio's corridor, an explosion emanates from the room. The scene was cut because of the implied animal abuse. Roger Meyers, Jr. writes a letter to Bart and Lisa but Lisa wonders what shaniloa means. Bart and Lisa tells Grampa to be quiet because they are trying to write an Itchy & Scratchy story. After Grampa loses he tells Roger he doesn't need his money but comes back and asks him for a nickel.
11 "Krusty Gets Kancelled" Krusty Krusty showing a book involving him doing different sexually explicit positions and him playing a person with haemorrhoids and after haemorrhoids.

Season 5[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
"Homer's Barbershop Quartet" Principal Skinner and Agnes Skinner Skinner going back to his mother. She asks him if he was with a woman, he says no, then she asks for a bath, followed by mad laughing and a close-up of their Psycho-parody house.
"Cape Feare" Itchy, Scratchy, Grampa, Sideshow Bob, Jasper, Bart and Homer Itchy sews Scratchy back together, then gives Scratchy the medical bill. After Scratchy sees the bill, he shoots himself. A flashback that shows that Grampa has reasons to show grudge against Bart. Homer wakes up in the middle of the night and goes to the kitchen where he is served a sandwich by Sideshow Bob. He goes back to his bed before he realises that they don't have a maid. Grampa as a woman goes on a canoe trip with Jasper.
"Homer Goes to College" Bart, Krusty, The nerds and Homer Bart watching a show with Krusty. Homer at a guided tour at the university. The nerds accompany Bart to school, where they get beat up
"Rosebud" Mr. Burns Mr. Burns is trying to shut off the tv and beer supply.
86 "Treehouse of Horror IV" Bart Homer Lionel Hutz Devil Flanders and Marge Homer's head being used as a bowling ball in Hell (and his head cracks open, revealing a note that reads, Dear Homer "I.O.U. One Brain. Signed, God"). which it would explain the reason why Homer's head and body were separated when he was brought back to the mortal realm for the trial. Marge looks at the phone book for lawyers. Bart is trying to sell his soul to the Devil for a Formula-One race car, and then changed his mind. Which Marge tells Bart to leave Satan alone. Lionel Hutz returned with a pizza box, believing he lost the case. Then when Marge tells him they won, he reveals that the pizza box was all empty. Bart turns out to be a vampire. And eats rats, served by Marge
90 "The Last Temptation of Homer" Maggie, Homer and Professor Frink The deleted scene also makes a reference to the episode "Marge Gets a Job". Lisa barely appears in this episode, while Maggie does appear but in a deleted scene where Homer is eating her baby food and complains about the power plant hiring a new woman. Homer drives his car into a fish farm. Professor Frink presents one of his inventions
"$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)" James Bond, Homer, Martin, Bart, Mr. Smithers, Sigfrid & Roy and Nelson Mr. Bond plays poker with an evil man and Homer was the dealer. Bond asks Homer to "take a hit, dealer" and Homer gives him a Joker. Bond tells them that Homer was supposed to take those out of the deck and Homer gives him "Rules for Draw and Stud Poker". The evil man says to Bond "What a pity, Mr. Bond" and his employees grab Bond and drag him out of the casino. Bond explained that it's Homer's fault and he didn't lose, he never loses. Bond then asks the evil man to tell him the details of his plot for world domination. But the evil man tells Bond that he is not going to fall for that one again. Smithers and Homer share their thoughts about the Casino's name. Sigfrid & Roy catch one of their white tigers (alternate version). Nelson kicks Martin out of Bart's casino MrBond.png
92 "Homer the Vigilante" Hans Moleman, Lisa, Grampa and Homer Homer keeps threatening the cat burglar. Lisa repays Homer by playing the sax for him (without sound). Hans Moleman has been robbed and Grampa Simpson has been locked inside his room.
"Bart Gets Famous" Bart, Krusty and Homer Bart sorting Krusty's mail (either death threats, paternity suits or both) and Homer questioning Krusty on the money Bart" is making.
"Homer and Apu" The Simpsons family, Apu, James Bond The Simpson family and Apu watching an Indian film on TV and Homer describing the differences between the actors' and Homer's clothes and laughing about it. Later Bart has to sleep in Lisa's room because Apu has taken his. An extension of James Woods' job interview. Homer on board the plane. Homer and Apu talking to each other around a fire. Apu wears a wig.
"Homer Loves Flanders" Homer and Seymour Skinner Inside the Springfield Atoms' wardrobe; Mr. Burns gets drowned in champagne. Homer listening to Skinner talk, at the shelter.
"Burns' Heir" Robotic Richard Simmons, Mr. Burns, Homer, Bart and Waylon Smithers, Jr. When Homer turns up to Burns Manor asking for Bart, Mr. Burns deploys a robotic Richard Simmons. Homer runs away and the robot goes haywire, Singing Shake,Shake Shake. Waylon Smithers, Jr. tries to shoot it but to no effect, and Mr. Burns, Smithers and Bart take cover in the mansion before it explodes. Robot Richard Simmons.png
100 "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" Seymour Skinner, Miss Hoover, Lisa, Bart and Homer Skinner blames television for the kids bad behavior. Lisa suggest to Miss Hoover that the children should return to the classroom. Skinner and Bart at an amusement park. Homer tells his plans on how to get Flanders fired. We learn that the Squeaky Voiced Teen's Christian name is Jeremy
"The Boy Who Knew Too Much" Mayor Quimby, Clancy Wiggum, Homer, Mayor Qumiby's nephew, Bart and Seymour Skinner Bart talks to an old lady. Wiggum talks. Shows different situations inside the court. Homer watch Skinner having a nightmare about his time in Vietnam. Quimby's nephew gets beaten up.

Season 6[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
"Bart of Darkness" TBA
"Another Simpsons Clip Show" TBA
"Itchy & Scratchy Land" TBA
"Sideshow Bob Roberts" TBA
"Treehouse of Horror V" Bart, Sherri, Terri, Patty, Selma, Jimbo, Lunchlady Dora, Lisa and Bart encountering Sherri and Terri as the ghosts of the previous caretaker's daughters, similar to Danny Torrance in The Shining. Bart is skateboarding in the halls, turns a corner, and sees Sherri and Terri, who sing, "Your father's gonna kill you!" Bart then skates down another hall and sees Patty and Selma, who tell him, "They're right, y'know." After Skinner tasted the Grade F Meat liquid that spelt on Jimbo, Lunchlady Dora did as well. In another deleted scene involving an alternate Simpsons future, the Simpsons had a teenage son named Roy. Groening said that "somebody from outside the show" originally suggested the idea. The joke was later used as a sub-plot for the episode "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show", even though Roy was a lodger, rather than a son.In the scene where the Simpsons' house changes into various things, one of the original designs was the house made entirely of squirrels. The layout artist who designed it worked on the drawings for more than two days, but ultimately it was cut. To make sure their work did not go to waste, some staff members have used the drawings on Christmas cards and other studio-related notices, In another deleted scene Sherri and Terri being cooked as "Teriyaki" steak with a "Sherry" sauce, In another deleted scene Homer regales Lisa about his dream of eating Milhouse.
"Homer Badman" TBA
"Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy" TBA
"Fear of Flying" After Homer was thrown out of Moe's, a stray cat enters the bar. Moe is then heard saying, "Oh, look at the cat, he put sugar all over the place"
"Homer the Great" TBA
"And Maggie Makes Three" TBA
"Bart's Comet" TBA
"Homie the Clown"
"Bart vs. Australia"
"Homer vs. Patty and Selma"
"A Star Is Burns" Jasper Beardsley and Mrs. Glick A pornographic short film made by the residents of Springfield Retirement Castle, What the Pool Boy Saw, featuring Jasper Beardsley and Mrs. Glick. The Untitled Swedish Film is a film made by Lisa Simpson to enter in the Springfield Film Festival. WhatThePoolBoySaw.png
"Lisa's Wedding" TBA
"Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" TBA
"The PTA Disbands" TBA
"'Round Springfield" TBA
"The Springfield Connection" TBA
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part One)" TBA

Season 7[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
"Who Shot Mr. Burns? (Part Two)" Moe, Homer, Seymour Skinner and Santa's Little Helper The alternate ending (featured in the 138th Episode Spectacular") was created to prevent any staff (be it writers, or even the overseas animators) on The Simpsons from spoiling the mystery. There were also many of people who could have shot Mr. Burns as shown in the same episode. Which included Apu (with a semi-automatic gun which fired multiple rounds instead of just one), Moe" Homer, Seymour Skinner, and even Santa's Little Helper (who held the gun in his mouth and somehow pulled the trigger).
"Bart Sells His Soul" TBA
"Lisa the Vegetarian" TBA
"Treehouse of Horror VI" Lisa Simpson, and Professor Frink)) In a deleted scene Professor Frink said The 3rd dimension", he sees Lisa has turned out the lights and Frink draws on a blackboard, that scene is cut in some countries to save time.
"King-Size Homer" Mama Discounta's Pizza appeared in the Springfield Grocery Store
136 "Mother Simpson" Homer and Mona In a deleted scene, termites can be seen between the top floor, ground floor and basement. Also one where it involves Homer eating chocolate and space food sticks and him talking to Mona Simpson about him working at the nuclear power plant. Floorboard Gag Mother Simpson 1.pngFloorboard Gag Mother Simpson 2.png
"Sideshow Bob's Last Gleaming" TBA
"The Simpsons 138th Episode Spectacular" TBA
"Team Homer" Homer Marge Kent Brockman Homer and Marge are watching the news, Kent Brockman ends his speech over his anger about his usual suit not being ready until Wednesday, revealing that he's wearing a poncho.
Al Gumble Another deleted scene is a relatively much shorter one, that includes Al Gumble. After Homer, Apu, Otto and Moe squeeze all of the Duff Beer off of them back into the bottle, Al has a line after this where he says to them "Let's keep this between us".
"Two Bad Neighbors" Bart, Homer Bart talks to Homer that he might hear some "crazy story" about a smashed up greenhouse, and swears it wasn't him.
Bart, Homer, Lenny Homer and Bart visit Lenny, who than reveals to Homer that Bart is the "little jackass" that smashed his greenhouse, to save himself Bart replies by saying "Well maybe you shouldn't grow such dumb-looking flowers sir!", Homer say to Bart "Heh-heh! Nice save boy". TBN - Deleted Scene.png
"Scenes from the Class Struggle in Springfield" TBA
"Bart the Fink" Tom Stovak After Krusty had faked his death, Tom Stovak took over Krusty the Clown Show under the title "The Agent Tom Stovak Variety-Format Show".
Homer, Marge, Bart Marge sees Bart is sad that Krusty is dead, she says to Homer that he should discuss death to him. Homer makes a fair bet that when Bart turns 21, Marge has got to tell him about sex. Tom Stovak.png
"Lisa the Iconoclast" TBA
"Homer the Smithers" TBA
"The Day the Violence Died" TBA
11 "A Fish Called Selma" Homer, Apu (miscolored), Barney, Clancy Wiggum, Moe (miscolored) and Troy McClure The film is about a place called The Heinie-Ho Nudist Colony, a nudist colonoy, so everyday tasks there are done naked, such as delivering letters, playing volleyball and sunbathing. The Sun Lovers Naked.png
"Bart on the Road" Bart, Nelson, Milhouse, Martin Prince Milhouse decides to take the wheel when Bart is nearly asleep after a long night drive to Knoville. He is caught by the law who tells Bart that he is the only authorized person to drive the vehicle, and he continues to drive the car. Another deleted scene, according to Bill Oakely, which is not included on DVD or anywhere else, has Bart, Nelson, Milhouse and Martin eating a TGI Friday's buffet which he says was only "moderately funny in most loose definition".
"22 Short Films About Springfield" Superintendent Chalmers, Comic Book Guy, Lionel Hutz and Krusty Oakley wrote the Superintendent Chalmers story, Weinstein did the Comic Book Guy and Milhouse scene, David Cohen penned the Reverend Lovejoy sketch, as well as the deleted Krusty scene. Brent Forrester wrote the Krusty Burger scene, while Rachel Pulido wrote the Bumblebee Man one. Richard Appel wrote a deleted "elaborate fantasy segment" revolving around Marge, the only remnant of which is her cleaning the sink during the first Lisa scene, and also did a scene with Lionel Hutz that was dropped as well. There was originally a song featured in this episode called "Apu in "The Jolly Bengali" Theme", sung by Apu.
"Much Apu About Nothing" TBA
"Summer of 4 Ft. 2" TBA

Season 8[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
"You Only Move Twice" Marge, Grampa, Maggie, Santa's Little Helper, Bart, Lisa, Snowball II and Homer After the Simpson family left Springfield, leaving Grampa there, Marge told him about the Automated Robo Call Services that will call him every day to make sure he's okay, plus she says a robot will call him. When he's at the Springfield Retirement Castle the Automated Robo Call Services calls him.

Note: Marge's voice is quite off in the deleted scene.

YOMT - DelScene.png
"The Homer They Fall" Silas Simpson Jim Simpson a picture of Silas Simpson and Jim Simpson was shown in this episode. Jim Simpson.pngSilas Simpson.png
"Lisa's Date with Density" Lisa and Nelson's children, Lisa, and Nelson Lisa imagining what life with Nelson would be like. In her fantasy, they are on the road riding Nelson's bike. Lisa sees a cute house, so Nelson chases the family out and carries Lisa over the threshold ("You're such a good provider, Nelsy!") Then Nelson gives Lisa a baby ("Our love created it somehow."). Lisa and Nelson child.png
"A Milhouse Divided" Homer, Marge Homer and Marge have some bed talk about Milhouse. Homer then gets asleep and speaks while having a weird dream that ends with Homer saying "Thanks Aquaman!". MilhouseDivided - DelScene1.png
Nelson, Milhouse, Bart, Kearney On the School Bus, Nelson is nice with Milhouse but not with Bart. MilhouseDivided - DelScene2.png
Kirk, Milhouse and Bart Kirk taking Milhouse and Bart to the basketball game. Kirk lavishes presents on Milhouse and when Bart asks for some water, Kirk shouts, "I'm trying to spend time with my kid, here!" They said on the commentary that they had to take out an entire plotline about how Bart is jealous of Milhouse getting spoiled by his parents after the divorce. It would have been interesting to see the story from that angle. MilhouseDivided - DelScene3.png
"Hurricane Neddy" Milhouse Milhouse was in this episode. Ned lashes at Millhouse. So was Moe's Tavern. HurrNeddy - DelScene1.png
"The Twisted World of Marge Simpson" Marge and Homer Marge asks Homer to " Name one thing that was ever helped by mob ties". Homer says "The Children's Television Workshop". (Later, Sesame Workshop.) TwistedWorldMarge - DelScene.png
"Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious" Patty and Selma There was originally a song called "We Love To Smoke" featuring Patty" and Selma", but it was cut because it did not receive any laughs. We Love to Smoke - DelScene.png
"Brother from Another Series" Moleman After Cecil's money and gun falls off the cliff at falls on Hans Moleman who thanks god for it and tell god to hand the rest of the money. BFAS Deleted Scene.png
"The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase" Just Stamp the Ticket Man was originally in this episode. SpinOffShowcase - DelScene1.png
The scene with the Simpson Family in New Orleans was larger. SpinOffShowcase - DelScene2.png
"Grade School Confidential" Martin, Milhouse and Bart Martin's party, between Bart, Milhouse and Martin, when the latter introduces the two to his parents. GSC - DelScene.png
"The Secret War of Lisa Simpson" Jean-Baptiste Massacre (mentioned), Bart and Lisa During a lesson the teacher told the students about a thing that was named after Jean-Baptiste Massacre after his decisive victory. SecretWarLisa - DelScene.png

Season 9[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
"Treehouse of Horror VIII" Krusty Krusty was originally in this episode. Krusty was walking out of a stage door of his studio. He is making a reservation to a resturant. He gets a static and the nuclear explosion passes by him and the studio leaving him dead.
"Bart Carny" Principal Skinner, Bart, Homer and Agnes Skinner A deleted scene from this episode shows Principal Skinner and his mother visiting the ring toss booth while Homer and Bart run it. This scene, however, is included in the original broadcast.
"Das Bus" Homer A deleted scene had Homer buying anti-stress instruments. He uses them all and gets stressed. According to Mike Scully, this scene was regrettably deleted due to the episode being too long.
11 "The Last Temptation of Krust" Krusty, Mayor Quimby, Jay Leon and Martha Quimby These scenes were not included in the episode:

Jay Leno asking somebody to "turn down the raunch," and then saying: "We got Bob Newhart!" The Internet comic first appears. This makes his later appearance meaningless. An original version of the scene where Krusty burns a dollar - but the topic is the government instead of advertisement. Krusty talks about telling a joke about Mayor Quimby as Mayor Quimby walks in with his wife. Yellow pages joke while on stage and everyone in the bar is leaving.

"" Captain Horatio McCallister made an appearances in this episode.

Season 10[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
"Bart the Mother" Homer, Bart, Lisa and Marge After Bart called the two lizards funky looking birds Homer says "Oh everyone's ugly when they're born" and says to Marge how he remembers how ugly Lisa was when she was born. Marge says that Lisa wasn't ugly she was beautiful, but continues her sentences saying her head was just a little misshaped.
"I'm with Cupid" Kent and Stephanie Originally Stephanie Brockman was going to be featured in this episode.
"Mom and Pop Art" Marge, Homer In some countries and on Disney+, the scene where Marge asks Homer to take down the hostage ribbons from the old oak tree was cut. Mom and Pop Art - Old oak tree scene.png
Homer, Lisa and Barbra Streisand (mentioned) Barbra Streisand was mentioned in this episode where Homer was an artist, he was mad at the Oscars for always snubbing her.
"Make Room for Lisa" Marge, Helen Lovejoy, Luann, Lenny, Moe and Jacques (mentioned) A deleted scene had Marge listening in on a conversation between Helen Lovejoy and Luann Van Houten instead of Moe and Lenny. The gossip was also different, while the conversation between Moe and Lenny was about Groundskeeper Willie, Helen and Luann's conversation was about Marge and Jacques..
"Sunday, Cruddy Sunday" Homer, Billy Graham (mentioned), Ned and Bart When Homer was on the way to the Super Bowl, he asked Ned if he wanted to join him and his friends taking a bus to see Billy Graham, which he wanted to.
"The Old Man and the "C" Student" Bart and Lisa Bart and Lisa had a dialogue in this episode. There dialogue: Bart: But this place (Springfield Retirement Castle) is creepy it'll make you old before your time. Lisa replies, Bart Simpson you are a caution, I've got a good time to make a hickey switch to your tell-bone.
"Monty Can't Buy Me Love" Marge, Homer, Bart, Maggie and Lisa Returning from Scotland, Homer has a Scottish accent. This scene was removed because Homer"'s accent sounded too much like Groundskeeper Willie's
11 "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" (#1)Bart (voice only)(#2)Marge, Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie (#1)When the Simpson family were flying to Tokyo, Japan, Bart made the plane land when he turned off his Game Boy. (#2) Marge tells everyone to feed the piggy bank money so they could save up for a family vacation to Tokyo, Japan,.

Season 11[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Note Picture
227 "Beyond Blunderdome" Michael Jackson Michael Jackson originally appeared in that episode.
"Alone Again, Natura-Diddily" Homer Homer is mooning. Alone Again, Natura-Diddily Homer.png
235 "Grift of the Magi" Bart, Milhouse and Narnia When Bart and Milhouse were bored Milhouse suggested that they could explore Bart's parent's closet. Bart accepted the idea but told Milhouse that if it leads to Narnia, he's going out of there as "that place is for wussies".
11 ""

Season 12[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
"Treehouse of Horror XI" (#1)Dr. Hibbert (#2) Moe (#3) Comic Book Guy (#4)Abraham Simpson (#5) Homer Simpson After the witch calls Homer a clumsy oaf Homer declares that he's no longer an oaf. (#1) Dr. Julius Hibbert fighting with hypodermics. (#2) Moe Szyslak puts a gas tube down a dolphin's blow hole during the humans vs. dolphin war. (#3) Comic Book Guy is getting beat up by the dolphins where he then says that was the worst beating he has ever had.(#4) Abraham Simpson bursts out of the dolphin and joining in Springfield's battle against the dolphins.
"A Tale of Two Springfields" Ned, Rod and Todd A place called Refugee Center with Ned Flanders, Todd, &, Rod when there because they were scared. Another scene where Marge" says that it's a little chilly, the singer replies "Oh, shut the fuck up, Marge." before smacking her with the microphone. This scene was cut because of the profanity. Even if it was aired, it would have been censored for the FCC. Refugee center.jpg
"Insane Clown Poppy" Bart, Krusty and Sophie There are two deleted scenes from this episode, which can be seen on The Complete Twelfth Season DVD:

Bart and the author of the "For Dummies" books where Bart tricks the author into thinking he is a bank and gives the man potato chips as money. After a day of father-daughter bonding, Krusty and Sophie have a short dialogue outside her apartment before her mother appears at the door.

"Homer vs. Dignity" Lenny, Homer, Mr. Burns and Carl There was originally going to be a running gag where Lenny keeps getting hit with random objects. There were many endings to the original script. One ending was Homer throwing pig's blood into the crowd and 50 years later showing Homer telling a group of children that this was the reason why Thanksgiving was renamed Bloodsfest. There was also another ending with gravy, but then changed to fish guts. They were also going to be hit by blood and laugh.
"The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" Zlkqjmrl.com and kwik-e-mart.com TBA Kwik-e-mart online.png
"" Homer, Bart and Robby Krieger When Homer and Bart were counting the money they had, Bart asked Homer who give them the C-note. Homer said that it was Robby Krieger of The Doors. Robby then came and told them that he is really sorry about the cake and wondered if they needed more C-notes? Homer tells Robby that they are good. After Robby walked away, Bart said to Homer "that was weird"
"The Great Money Caper" Homer and Bart Homer and Bart exit the Magic Palace's gift shop, only to end up in another gift shop. The scene was based on an experience of the episode's show runner Mike Scully, who, in order to exit the Lance Burton Theatre after a magic show, had to pass through a gift shop. The ending scene of the episode went through several changes and was as a result completed late in the episode's production. The writers had conceived the courtroom scene, but they were stuck trying to come up with an ending after Skinner had been shot.
266 "Trilogy of Error" Homer, Chester, Cletus and Marge When Homer was with Cletus in his car, Homer saw that Cletus had a tick behind his ear. Cletus told him that it was called Chester, and he was gonna enter him at the 4-H. Chester then jumped onto Homer's shoulder, which made Homer scream. Cleuts took Chester back to his ear and told Chester that his dance was with the one who brought him there.

Later, when Marge stole Cletus' car, Chester jumped onto her arm. Marge screamed, but Lisa told her that it's just Chester. Marge told Lisa then that she knew everybody and Chester jumped off her arm to the ground.

11 "Simpsons Tall Tales" A deleted scene where Babe kicks Paul in the crotch.

Season 13[edit]

Episode number Episode name TBAacters Synopsis Picture
270 "Treehouse of Horror XII" Clancy Wiggum In the House of Whacks segment, Chief Wiggum is on the phone, explaining that the Robocops want to know where their pension money went. They shoot at Wiggum, but only hits his chair and the phone. They stop when Wiggum gives them "metallic donuts". S13e01 - Deleted Scene 1.png
Willie In the Wiz Kids segment, Groundskeeper Willie rides an enchanted lawn mower and yells at it, because it hovers above the grass instead of cutting it. S13e01 - Deleted Scene 2.png
Bart, Smithers and Burns In the Wiz Kids segment, Montymort feeds Slithers a rabbit followed by a scene where Bart is in the bathroom combing out Germans from his hair. S13e01 - Deleted Scene 3.png
271 "The Parent Rap" Homer and Marge Marge and Homer try to have sex in the dark, but they can't due to the wooden stock attached to them. Marge turns on the lights and says that it's not gonna work tonight. S13e02 - Deleted Scene 1.png
Homer and Marge Homer tries to take off Marge's wooden stock by attaching chains between it and the car while Marge is tied to a tree. Homer speeds up, the ties break and Marge flies through the air and lands in the trashcan. The second attempt succeeds, but Homer crashes the car into the house. The scene ends with Homer telling Marge to do the same to him and his wooden stock. S13e02 - Deleted Scene 3.png
Bart and Lisa Bart and Lisa watch a fight between Dr. Bonebrake and Rumblina on TV and Bart makes comments about Rumblinas wedding dress. The scene ends with The Preacher entering the fight. S13e02 - Deleted Scene 2.png
272 "Homer the Moe" Lenny, Carl, Barney, Moe, Homer, Marge, Bart and Lisa In Homer's garage, Lenny plays "Devil's Advocate" pinball machine. Moe is outside, asking for Homer who rolls out under the garage door. Moe explains that he's changing his bar back to how it was but catches the smell of beer and Lenny and enters the garage to find Carl and Barney sitting at the bar. Moe points out that it's illegal to run a bar in a private residence but Homer explains that he's running a hunting club and shows Moe a book explaining the law. Moe reads in the book and points out that they must in fact engage in hunting. Homer says they will do it tomorrow. Lisa rebels against it, but Homer makes her shut up and continue her work at cutting the lemons. S13e03 - Deleted Scene.png
273 "A Hunka Hunka Burns in Love" Gloria, Burns and Homer A waitress serves Jell-O shots to Gloria, Burns and Homer. Burns is almost chokes due to "sharp edges". S13e04 - Deleted Scene.png
274 "The Blunder Years" Homer, Lenny, Carl and Captain McCallister Young Homer, Young Lenny and Young Carl cross a train bridge and Lenny puts a coin on the track. Homer listens to the tracks, he hears a train coming and is almost run over by it. Due to the coin, the train is derailed and falls into the lake. McCallister swims away sitting on a log, saying "It feels so right." S13e05 - Deleted Scene.png
275 "She of Little Faith" Marge, Ned, Kearney, Helen Lovejoy, Agnes, Reverend Lovejoy, Jasper, Chief Wiggum, Lou, Eddie and Hassan Jay Salam After boarding up the damages to the church caused by Homer and Bart's model rocket (which is labelled HJS), Reverend Lovejoy annonces the culprit: Hassan Jay Salam who is being arrested by the police outside the church. Hassan says that he loves America and asks the police to call his cousin Casey Kasem. S13e06 - Deleted Scene 1.png
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and The Rich Texan Inside the church, Bart notices a Skybox currently occupied by The Rich Texan. He proclaims to be closer to God than Bart will ever be. S13e06 - Deleted Scene 2.png
276 "Brawl in the Family" Homer, Marge and Amber Amber tells Marge the reason why she tracked down Homer: Her 14 carat ring. Marge notices it has a heart-shaped red diamond. S13e07 - Deleted Scene 1.png
Ginger, Rod, Todd and Ned Ned tells Ginger his plans for their day: Church, a brisk power walk and a movie about church. S13e07 - Deleted Scene 2.png
277 "Sweets and Sour Marge" Bart and Milhouse Bart and Milhouse look into "Encyclopedia Brown and the Case of the Strange New Feelings" trying to find out why Bugs Meany is taking long showers. They are disgusted when they find out the answer. S13e08 - Deleted Scene.png
278 "Jaws Wired Shut" Marge and a Demolition Derby official Marge compares the thrill of excitement of the Demolition Derby to being inside the washer with an unbalanced load. An official tells Marge that they don't just let a house wife in the derby but then sees her entry form. He is very impressed because she filled in everything, including her e-mail address (which start with "bartsmom16". S13e09 - Deleted Scene.png
279 "Half-Decent Proposal" Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa, Maggie and Artie Ziff, Captain McCallister and three of Ziff's assistants Lisa plays mini golf on Artie's boat "The PaZIFFic Princess". The ball goes into the hole only because the boat captain (McCallister) makes the boat tilt. He tells Lisa that she is now 6 under par. S13e10 - Deleted Scene.png
280 "The Bart Wants What It Wants" Rainier Wolfcastle, Greta and two photographers Rainier Wolfcastle yells at two paparazzi photographers and threatens to "go Baldwin" on them. Greta explains that the photographers are from the school newspaper. Wolfcastle apologizes and promises to donate money to a charity of their choice - (with emphasis) "a permanent donation". S13e11 - Deleted Scene 1.png
Bart, Greta and Rainier Wolfcastle Bart is on the phone with Greta, coughing and lying to her about being sick. Looking in the book "Encyclopedia of lies" he tells her that he has tetanus. Greta says that she understands, then hangs up the phone and tells her father that she is not going out tonight. Wolfcastle suggests they do squats instead before watching "Leno". S13e11 - Deleted Scene 2.png
Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie After Lisa finds out that Homer and Marge have hidden from her the fact that there are private prep schools in Springfield, Bart tells her that they were just looking out for her, thereby revealing that he also knew about it. Maggie's facial expression suggests that even she knew about it. S13e11 - Deleted Scene 3.png
281 "The Lastest Gun in the West" Buck McCoy, Sideshow Mel and a stagehand Buck McCoy shoots and hits a fire extinguisher and a cue card held by a stagehand. S13e12 - Deleted Scene 1.png
Homer, Marge Homer and Marge are in bed, and Homer says that "Little Homer" needs attention and reveals a small doll from under the blanket. Marge complains that he shouldn't bring it to bed. S13e12 - Deleted Scene 2.png
Buck McCoy, cowboys, indians and a three women choir. Buck McCoy shows the Simpson Family a movie with himself starring as a singing cowboy. S13e12 - Deleted Scene.png
282 "The Old Man and the Key" Grampa and Zelda At Make-Out Point a car is rocking. It is revealed that is just Grampa and Zelda sleeping and snoring in it. S13e13 - Deleted Scene.png
283 "Tales from the Public Domain" Cyclops, Odysseus' friends (played by Apu, Professor Frink, Moe, Lenny and Carl) Cyclops is roasting Odysseus and his friends on an open fire. After eating Frink, Odysseus and his friends escape but are still tied to a pole. They jump and land the pole in Cyclops' eye. Cyclops runs away and the five men escape in their ship. Cyclops beg them to come back, promising that he won't eat them. He only needs combing and wiping. S13e14 - Deleted Scene 1.png
Odysseus, Penelope, Dionysus, Zeus and Poseidon After Odysseus returns to Penelope, he her that they should rediscover their marital bed, so they start bouncing in it. Penelope tells Odysseus that she has heard about other things to do in the bed, but Odysseus is not convinced it couldn't be betting than bouncing. In heaven, Dionysus is looking down and waiting for them to "do something hot", but Zeus asks him to forget it and instead point him to look at Naiads and Dryads. S13e14 - Deleted Scene 2.png
King Hamlet, the fool (played by Krusty), Ophelia (played by Lisa) At dinner, the fool makes a joke about Prince Hamlet, but Hamlet is offended and asks for the fool's beheading. While being taken away by guards, the fool explains that the joke was "a thinker" and that Prince Hamlet will be laughing on the way home. Prince Hamlet says that he is already home. The fool sighs. S13e14 - Deleted Scene 3.png
Prince Hamlet, Claudius, King Hamlet and a musician (played by Otto) Hidden in an armor, Prince Hamlet swears to avenge his father and tries to strike Claudius with a morning star, but instead he hits and kills the musician. King Hamlet's ghost appears and complains that Prince Hamlet killed the wrong person. Prince Hamlet responds by saying that from now on, he's a "lean, mean avenging machine". He jumps to the floor, still wearing the armor torso, walks and falls over and says that he bit his tongue. He struggles to get up while King Hamlet's ghost tells the musician's ghost not to have kids. The musician's ghost tells King Hamlet that he has to go to the bathroom. King Hamlet says that he should have gone before he died. S13e14 - Deleted Scene 4.png
285 "Weekend at Burnsie's" TBA TBA S13e16 - Deleted Scene.png
Chief Wiggum Chief Wiggum gets a call from someone who claims that Abraham Lincoln is chasing him with a flame thrower. Chief Wiggum hangs up the phone and says to himself "Gees it's one cuckoo after another. We gotta get an unlisted number." This scene is not present on the Season 13 Blu-ray set.
287 "I Am Furious (Yellow)" TBA TBA S13e18 - Deleted Scene 1.png
Bart and Homer When Bart made a trap so Homer got mad, a cardboard drawing of Patty and Selma who says to Homer, "Your a bad provider Homer", and "Your even fatter upside down", a picture of beer tided to a rope hanging from a tree branch. Homer grabs it but it splis all over the grounds, he let him eating a piece of chocolate. Homer spat it out as it was Butterfinger. He was slightly happy as he had not swallowed it. S13e18 - Deleted Scene 2.png
288 "The Sweetest Apu" TBA TBA S13e19 - Deleted Scene 1.png
TBA TBA S13e19 - Deleted Scene 2.png
289 "Little Girl in the Big Ten" TBA TBA S13e20 - Deleted Scene.png
290 "The Frying Game" TBA TBA S13e21 - Deleted Scene.png
291 "Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge" TBA TBA S13e22 - Deleted Scene 1.png
TBA TBA S13e22 - Deleted Scene 2.png
Homer, Bart and Lisa Bart asks Homer that he can wear Marge's dress, Homer says, "I haven't been a size 6 since your mom". This scene is not present on the Season 13 Blu-ray set.

Season 14[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
"Treehouse of Horror XIII"(The Island of Dr. Hibbert) Dr. Hibbert, Homer, Lisa and Marge After Homer (as a walrus) gives Marge (as a panther) a back scratch she coughs up a hair ball and Dr. Hibbert plans on changing the whole animal hybrids back into humans.
"Bart vs. Lisa vs. the Third Grade" We're Gonna Tell Your Mom is a reality series. In the show they visit daughters who are making out with guys when they are alone. When they making out they get visit by the crew who tells the girl that they will tell it to their mother. We're Gonna Tell Your Mom.png
294 "Large Marge" Marge, Manjula and Agnes Skinner Marge and Manjula went to the Total Perfection Plastic Surgery Center after Manjula told Marge about her blob. Agnes Skinner appeared there because she wanted deeper skull lines.
"Helter Shelter" Marge, Lisa and Lenny After Marge describes how stunning his apartment looks, she says "You've gotta let me clean this house sometime.". Lisa sees that Marge is already cleaning, Marge sees it too and says "Oh. Oh uuuhh, am'I."
"The Great Louse Detective" Marge, Sideshow Bob and Maggie Marge thinks it will be safe of Sideshow Bob sleeps in Maggie's room. She says that Sideshow Bob and Maggie has both killed people. Marge leaves the room and Sideshow Bob enjoys sleeping in Maggie room by saying, "After so long. To sleep in blessed freedom.". The next shows his all jittery and crying a little.
299 "The Dad Who Knew Too Little" Homer, Mr. Dalrymple, Bart When Homer wants to buy a movie starring Lisa at Make Your Child a Movie Star. He asks Mr. Pettigrew if he can do that. Mr. Dalrymple tells Homer that he can. He then started to argue with Pettigrew about who should make the order. It ends up with Dalrymple fulfilling the order. Dalrymple.png
"Barting Over" (1)Homer and Blue-haired lawyer (2) Bart and Tony (1)Homer gets the door, the Blue Haired Lawyer gives him a note and Homer says to him "Oh no you don't, your trying to serve me some kind of legal paper". The Blue Haired Lawyer responses that he is too clever, so he gives him a letter of apologie. Homer claims that the apologie letter is the same letter as the legal note. So the lawyer gives him a real letter of apologie. Homer gets it and when he reads it, he says D'OH. (#2) Tony commons to Bart that Tony's skateboard is wobbly. Bart says his skateboard has a major sticker, so he puts another sticker on the skateboard, Tony says, "Tight. I hope I don't cause a pelagic. Today."
"I'm Spelling as Fast as I Can" Bart A lengthy scene at the beginning of the show where Bart rushes to do everything he planned on doing during summer vacation was cut for time. It was later put in the beginning of the season seventeen episode "The Monkey Suit", which aired three years later
"A Star Is Born Again" Sara Sloane, Lenny and Ned At a restaurant, Lenny asks for Sara for her autograph. He says to her that she looks beautiful on film. He says if the people who work with her use make up or computer, and says "or is it just a face double."
"Old Yeller-Belly" Homer, Marge,Santa's Little Helper and Pet psychologist Homer and Marge took Santa's Little Helper to the center to find out why the dog is a coward. The psychologist concluded that he is selfish and he needs a new mannish model after she met Homer. Because they had 40 minutes left of their booked time, they began talking Marge and Homer's relationship. Marge described Homer as a turtle for it was an animal psychologist they were talking to. Animal Psychotherapy Center.png
11 "The Bart of War" Bart, Milhouse, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh and Mother Teresa In the episode of South Park, Bart and Milhouse were watching, Eric Cartman and his friend were on a show. When they found out that the show was boring he opened a coffin which contained Mother Teresa, as a zombie. She went up on stage and killed with her ​​necklace the drum heater. Mother Teresa.png

Season 15[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
"Treehouse of Horror XIV" Professor Frink, The Beverly Hillbillies, Elly May] Granny and Jethro When Professor Frink received the Nobel Prize, he thought that it was because of his ray that removes the clothes from TV stars and he showed Lisa a clip from The Beverly Hillbillies where he removed Elly May and Granny's clothes. In the scene Granny told May that she had some bad news, Jethro ate her monkey. Treehouse of Horror XIV Marquee.png
"My Mother the Carjacker" Mona, Homer and Thomas Pynchon(mentioned) Mona Simpson read Homer tGravity's Rainbow as a good night story. After Homer started to sleep Mona said "Thomas Pynchon you are a tough read", before she also started to sleep.
An alternativ version of Homer trying Marge T-shirt.
An alternativ version of Homer stealing Flanders bedroom.
"Diatribe of a Mad Housewife" Homer, Krusty and Dr. Hibbert Homer arrives at the hospital with a Roast beef sandwich when Dr. Hibbert said he wanted a Pistome sandwich. The sandwich was for Hibbert's paitent, Krusty, who's stomach is open. Krusty tells Homer to put the sandwich in his stomach, he says not the whole thing, Homer gets half of the sandwich and Krusty gives him a thumbs up.
"The Regina Monologues" Homer, Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson and Marge When Homer was captured in England Marge received help from Jesse Jackson and Jimmy Carter. During a press conference they started fighting
Homer telling Bart at he will with the money turning a McDonald's to a Burger King.
"The Fat and the Furriest" A scene with Mr. Burns after he did a prank on Homer at the plant.
Homer and Marge talking in bed.
Homer visit Ned Flanders
Homer wanted know if they has lost respect for him.
Charles Napier talks with Marge in the car.
"Co-Dependent's Day" Homer, Moe and Marge The scene where Homer sings at Moe's Tavern while Marge plays the piano was a deleted scene of this episode, however, it was later used in "Mommie Beerest" as a postscript scene during the end credits.
"My Big Fat Geek Wedding" Bart, Lisa, Edna, Otto, Marge and Maggie Bart calls Homer on his walkie talkie at church, Bart says "Here comes the bride". When both Otto and Edna come out of the school bus, Otto says that if Principal Skinner wasn't his boss, he would make love to Edna until his parents come home. Edna says thank you walks into the church.

Season 16[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
01 "Treehouse of Horror XV" Alternate ending of the Opening Sequence THOH 15 - DelScene1.png
Ned has a vision of the future after Homer's death. THOH 15 - DelScene2.png
Deleted Scene. THOH 15 - DelScene3.png
In the promo, Frink asks Homer if he can fit in a large flight suit.
Burns' blood cells. THOH 15 - DelScene4.png
02 "All's Fair in Oven War" The Kitchen has a compresser. All's Fair in Oven War - DelScene.png
Black Dracula and Blackula deleted scene. All's Fair in Oven War - DelScene2.png
Deleted scene. All's Fair in Oven War - DelScene3.png
03 "Sleeping with the Enemy" The waterproof. SWtE - DelScene1.png
Mrs. Muntz is Lady MacBeth. SWtE - DelScene2.png
04 "She Used to Be My Girl" Deleted scene. She Used To Be My Girl - DelScene.png
05 "Fat Man and Little Boy" Otto's T-shirt. FMaLB - DelScene.png
Smoking Monkeys. FMaLB - DelScene2.png
06 "Midnight Rx" Things are getting weird for Lenny. Midnight Rx - DelScene1.png
The Flight assistant. Midnight Rx - DelScene2.png
07 "Mommie Beerest" Marge's and Moe's All-time favourite singer. Mommie Beerest - DelScene.png
Deleted scene. Mommie Beerest - DelScene2.png
08 "Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass" Ned is disappointed with TV contents. Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass - DelScene.png
Homer has no ideas. Homer and Ned's Hail Mary Pass - DelScene2.png
09 "Pranksta Rap" Homer watches the Seminoles. Pranksta Rap - DelScene.png
Don't shoot the footwear. Pranksta Rap - DelScene2.png
Deleted scene. Pranksta Rap - DelScene3.png
10 "There's Something About Marrying" Springfield lacks visitors. There's Something About Marrying - DelScene.png
11 "On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister" The restraining order. On a Clear Day I Can't See My Sister - DelScene.png
12 "Goo Goo Gai Pan" Try to remain inconspicuous. GGGPan - DelScene1.png
Deleted scene. GGGPan - DelScene2.png
14 "The Seven-Beer Snitch" Homer becomes the prison's "rat". TSBSnitch - DelScene1.png
Lisa tries to call Snowball's attention. TSBSnitch - DelScene2.png
Homer is natural red-hair. TSBSnitch - DelScene3.png
Deleted scene. TSBSnitch - DelScene4.png
15 "Future-Drama" How Krusty became a success. Future-Drama - DelScene.png
16 "Don't Fear the Roofer" Deleted Scene. DFtRoofer - DelScene3.png
Meeting Ray. DFtRoofer - DelScene1.png
Dr. Hibbert's lover. DFtRoofer - DelScene2.png
17 "The Heartbroke Kid" Deleted scene. THKid - DelScene.png
Deleted scene. THKid - DelScene2.png
Deleted scene. THKid - DelScene3.png
18 "A Star Is Torn" Bart wants to drive a Limo. ASITorn - DelScene1.png
Homer composing music. ASITorn - DelScene2.png
Deleted Scene. ASITorn - DelScene3.png
19 "Thank God It's Doomsday" Lisa, Puerto Rican hairdresser and third-grader The episode originally had a scene where a Puerto Rican hairdresser asks Lisa if she's got a boyfriend, to which she replies that she's got a crush on 'a third-grader who reads at a fifth-grade level'. The woman says that he 'sounds like school dance material'.
Ned's rapture kit. TGIDoomsday - DelScene2.png
Deleted scene. TGIDoomsday - DelScene3.png
20 "Home Away from Homer" The men of Springfield cheer the girls. HAfHomer - DelScene.png

Season 17[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
01 "The Bonfire of the Manatees" The Scam. Bonfire - DeletedScene1.png
Deleted Scene at Moe's. Bonfire - DeletedScene2.png
Another Skobo's. Bonfire - DeletedScene3.png
02 "The Girl Who Slept Too Little" A musical called Song of the Wild Beasts was cut out.
Homer and the TV News. GirlWhoSlpet - DelScene.png
03 "Milhouse of Sand and Fog" Alternate punishment for Bart. MoSaF - DelScene.png
04 "Treehouse of Horror XVI" Wiggum dies. THOH16 - DelScene.png
06 "See Homer Run" Concession speech. SHR - DelScene.png
07 "The Last of the Red Hat Mamas" New friend for Marge. TLotRHM - DelScene.png
09 "Simpsons Christmas Stories" Ralph was to appear in the "First Christmas" segment. SChrS - DelScene.png
10 "Homer's Paternity Coot" Scene with William H. Macy. HPCoot - DelScene1.png
The Simpsons are now the Fairbanks. HPCoot - DelScene2.png
11 "We're on the Road to D'ohwhere" Otto undresses in the street. We're on the Road to D'oh-where - DelScene.png
14 "Bart Has Two Mommies" Homer visits Marge at Flanders' house. BartHTM - DelScene.png
15 "Homer Simpson, This Is Your Wife" Homer and Charles. HSTIYW - DelScene1.png
Homer and Charles at Moe's. HSTIYW - DelScene2.png
16 "Million-Dollar Abie" The Simpsons prepare to go to the stadium inauguration without Grampa. MDAbie - DelScene1.png
Grampa and Souvenir Jaquito's Leader. MDAbie - DelScene2.png
17 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore" Power Plant Workers Before the movie, Burns points out the fire exits. KKBB - DelScene.png
Sally Stevens (as Marge), Susie Stevens-Logan (as Lisa, Edie Lehman-Boddicker (as Bart)), Sally Stevens (as Patty Bouvier), Rick Logan (as Richard Dean Anderson), Randy Crenshaw (as Homer) and Indian Workers Dancing Workers Song was going to be in this episode.
18 "The Wettest Stories Ever Told" Deleted scene in Tahiti. The Wettest Stories Ever Told Marge.png
21 "The Monkey Suit" The IMAX theatre has some "special effects". The Monkey Suit - DelScene1.png
Homer talks with a Guillotine. The Monkey Suit - DelScene2.png
22 "Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play" Deleted Scene. Marge and Homer Turn a Couple Play - DelScene.png

Season 18[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
01 "The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer" Fat Tony Deleted scene. The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer - DeletedScene1.png
Deleted scene. The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer - DeletedScene2.png
Deleted scene. The Mook, the Chef, the Wife and Her Homer - DeletedScene3.png
02 "Jazzy and the Pussycats" Bart, The White Stripes Deleted scene. Jazzy and the Pussycats - DeletedScene1.png
03 "Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em" Skinner, Comic Book Guy and Moe Deleted scene. Please Homer, Don't Hammer 'Em - DeletedScene1.png
04 "Treehouse of Horror XVII" Bart, Golem of Prague Bart sings to the Golem of Prague "Golem, Golem, Golem" that was cut in the full version of the episode. Golem, Golem, Golem.png
Moe Deleted scene. THOH17 - DeletedScene1-1.pngTHOH17 - DeletedScene1-2.png
06 "Moe'N'a Lisa" Homer The scene where Homer does a Maple Syrup tasting was deleted. However, it was later used as a postscript scene during the end credits. Moe'N'a Lisa - DeletedScene1.png
10 "The Wife Aquatic" Deleted scene. TWA - DeletedScene1.png
Deleted scene. TWA - DeletedScene2.png
11 "Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times" Deleted scene. Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times - DeletedScene1.png
Deleted scene. Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Three Times - DeletedScene2.png
13 "Springfield Up" Marge, Homer and Declan Desmond In the first airing, the final scene of the episode was cut to allow time for the trailer for The Simpsons Movie, ending after Homer and Marge hugged. The extended ending - which was shown after the original airing - featured Homer and Desmond singing, Satan, You're My Lady. Satan, You're My Lady.png
15 "Rome-Old and Juli-Eh" Deleted scene. Rome-Old and Juli-Eh - DeletedScene1.png
Deleted scene. Rome-Old and Juli-Eh - DeletedScene2.png
16 "Homerazzi" Deleted scene. Homerazzi - DeletedScene1-1.pngHomerazzi - DeletedScene1-2.pngHomerazzi - DeletedScene1-3.pngHomerazzi - DeletedScene1-4.pngHomerazzi - DeletedScene1-5.png
18 "The Boys of Bummer" Deleted scene. TBoB - DeletedScene1.png
19 "Crook and Ladder" Deleted scene. Crook and Ladder - DeletedScene1.png
Deleted scene. Crook and Ladder - DeletedScene2.png
21 "24 Minutes" Deleted scene. 24Min - DeletedScene1.png
Deleted scene. 24Min - DeletedScene2.png
Deleted scene. 24Min - DeletedScene3.png
Deleted scene. 24Min - DeletedScene4-1.png24Min - DeletedScene4-2.png
22 "You Kent Always Say What You Want" Deleted scene. You Kent Always Say What You Want - DeletedScene1.png
The FCC receives Ned Flanders' complaint letter. You Kent Always Say What You Want - DeletedScene2.png

The Simpsons Movie[edit]

Characters Synopsis Picture
The prototype of Russ Cargill and Arnold Schwarzenegger His character has gone through many changes over the course of its development. An early version of the White House scene in the movie (available as a deleted scene in The Simpsons Movie DVD) shows an older model of Russ Cargill, who is arguably less menacing and antagonistic than the current incarnation. The Simpsons Movie Deleted Scene 1.png
Happy McGee When the dome surrounded Springfield, he reported that there was no more weather so all the crops were dying. The Simpsons Movie Deleted Scene 2.png
Barney Gumble, Lenny, Carl, Edna, Moe, Patty, Selma, Sideshow Mel, Krusty and Lou Everyone runs to the Department of Motor Vehicles and destroy everything there. The Simpsons Movie Deleted Scene 3.png
Delicious Sausages truck driver, Delicious Sausages, Delicious Sausages truck and Homer When Homer was in Alaska and wanted to find his family, he found a highway and hitched a ride with an unnamed truck driver for Delicious Sausages. He was taken in the back of the truck, where the sausages were. After Homer got to his destination, Springfield, he thanked the truck driver and he walked away and climbed up the mountain. Meanwhile, the truck driver was singing a song about sausages and then saw that the sausages were gone. The Simpsons Movie Deleted Scene 4.png
TBA TBA The Simpsons Movie Deleted Scene 5.png
Moe, Marge, Maggie Moe becomes an emperor when Springfield is covered up by the dome, Marge asks him how did he become one. Moe explains. He shows photos of how the citizen were. The people were a distopia, a utopia and then an ortopia. He says that there were many violent, crazy time, many have died, many have have been gone and many other's also died. The Simpsons Movie Deleted Scene 6.png

Season 24[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
2 "Treehouse of Horror XXIII"("The Greatest Story Ever Holed" and "Bart and Homer's Excellent Adventure") Simpsons family The black hole sucks up Christmas decorations in the Simpsons' basement and the family "Oooh", impressed. THOH XXIII deleted scene.png
Bart, Artie Ziff Bart pulls his shorts down in front of Artie Ziff. Treehouse of Horror XXIII Bart.png
Young Homer, Bart In a scene, Bart sings to young Homer "I Will Wreck Your Li-ife" that was cut in the full version of the episode. I Will Wreck Your Li-ife.png
5 "Penny-Wiseguys" Dan Gillick, Louie, Homer, Bart, Martin and Milhouse Some scenes featured in a promotional video for this episode do not appear in the actual episode. One being the scene where Dan Gillick threatens to shoot Louie and Homer throws Bart into the room and hits Dan. In the promotional video Homer then appears at the window holding Martin and Milhouse. Penny-Wiseguys Deleted Scene.png

Season 25[edit]

Episodes number Episodes name Characters Synopsis Picture
1 "Homerland" Bart In a promotional video for this episode, Bart says, "A bag of poop, is not a deadly weapon". However, the line is not featured in the actual episode. Homerland Deleted Scene.png
3 "Four Regrettings and a Funeral" Kent Brockman In this scene, in a moment of truth during Brockman's meeting at the Fox News, Aaron Sorkin appears in a thought bubble above Brockman's head and advises the anchor on whether or not he should work for the cable channel.
5 "Labor Pains" Homer, Homer Jr. Homer and Homer Jr. bungee jumping and then Homer crashing into a ceiling was included in a promotional video but was not included in the episode. Labor Pains Deleted Scene.png
6 "The Kid Is All Right" Lisa, Ralph Wiggum, Isabel Gutierrez This scene included in the promotional video, where Ralph was saying "My name is Ralph and I approved this mess!", while Lisa was signing the form and then Isabel was walking around behind them, was not included in this episode. TKIAR Deleted Scene.png
16 "You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee" Bart, Moe, Barney This scene from the weekend wrap-up video on YouTube, where Bart was writing his prank name, Wilma Diaperhold, on the Rio de Janeiro postcard and send to Moe, seeing if anybody know, Wilma Diaperhold. Everyone in his tavern laughed at him. Barney remind Moe that he's the one who wearing his diaper. YDHTLLAR Deleted Scene.png

Season 26[edit]

Episodes number Episodes name Characters Synopsis Picture
1 "Clown in the Dumps" Homer, Lisa, Julius Hibbert Homer is eating a huge meal while explaining to Lisa that he's not dying. Every time he mentions how long he will be living, Dr. Hibbert makes a discrete cough behind them and Homer makes a new estimate. This scene is only available in a promotional video,[2] not in the actual episode. S26e01-deleted-scene1.png
Comic Book Guy During Hyman Krustofsky's funeral, Comic Book Guy says that it is the worst funeral that he ever live tweeted. This scene is only available in a promotional video,[2] not in the actual episode. S26e01-deleted-scene2.png
8 "Covercraft" Homer, Bart, Lisa, Squeaky-voiced teen, 'Zertz Audience This scene is available on YouTube.[3] Deleted scene from s26e08.png
11 "Bart's New Friend" Homer, Bart Only a still frame used for publicity survives of this scene. Bart's New Friend promo 5.jpg

Season 27[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
579 "Treehouse of Horror XXVI" Lisa One of the pre-release images for Telepaths of Glory have Lisa playing various instruments with her powers while Homer and Bart watch her. But in the full version, Bart is not present and Homer interrupts her, saying that "The musicians union does not allow this!", which makes her drop all the instruments. Treehouse of Horror XXVI promo 8.jpg

Season 28[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
600 "Treehouse of Horror XXVII" Russ Cargill
Frank Grimes
Scenes including Russ Cargill and Frank Grimes becoming a large ghost were cut due to the time of the episode being 45 seconds too long.[4][5] Frank Grimes Monster.pngRuss Cargill THOHXXVII.png
618 "Dogtown" Lisa
Milhouse's chihuahua
There was supposed to be a scene in which Lisa meets a rabid chihuahua who tries to kill her and she tries talking him off the ledge by speaking Spanish saying "Sé lo que ser hombrecito un perro de vueltas si una vuelta. ¿A que le gusta agua fresca? ¿A ti te gusta agua fresca?" (translation: "I know what a lap dog is like to be a little man. What do you like fresh water? Do you like fresh water?"). The scene is a deleted scene as it wasn't included in the episode. The scene was probably going to be included in the scene at the Springfield Dog Park.[6] Dogtown Park.png

Season 29[edit]

Episode number Episode name Characters Synopsis Picture
630 "Homer Is Where the Art Isn't" Sideshow Mel A deleted scene for the episode was going to have Sideshow Mel say that they want a female Doctor Who, with the crowd agreeing and chanting with him.[7] The joke was changed in the episode to a protest about too many Pokey restaurants, as on July 16, 2017, Jodie Whittaker was announced to be the Thirteenth Doctor.[8][9] Homer Is Where the Art Isn't Doctor Who Joke.png
Manacek In another deleted scene, Manacek was going to say a Polish proverb: "Even a toothless goat can still eat a thin can, but don't expect it to make you a Christmas sweater with the governor's yarn?".[10] HIWTAI Deleted Scene 2.png
Homer, Marge Another scene where Homer and Marge got in trouble at a school assembly was cut to make room for the Full Manacek.[11] No image.png
632 "Fears of a Clown" Judge Dowd A part of a scene seen in a script in a promo video was cut. Fears of a Clown - Deleted Scene.png

Season 30[edit]

Episodes number Episodes name Characters Synopsis Picture
22 "Woo-hoo Dunnit?" Marge, Bart One of the pre-release images for this episode have Marge appearing on living room along with Bart. But in the full version, only Marge appears and Bart is not present. Woo-hoo Dunnit? promo 5.png

Season 31[edit]

Episodes number Episodes name Characters Synopsis Picture
14 "Bart the Bad Guy" Marge, Bart, Homer A deleted scene from the episode has Marge worrying that Bart is not a good person whilst Homer eats a giant tub of ice cream.[12] Bart the Bad Guy - Deleted scene 1.pngBart the Bad Guy - Deleted scene 2.png
Unknown Another cut gag was a joke about "roast koalas", which was cut due to the Australian bushfires.[13]
18 "The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby"
Maggie, Hudson These scenes appears in the promotional images for this episode. But were cut in the full version. Two of them were repurposed into the short Playdate with Destiny.. The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby promo 5.png
Homer, Maggie, Marge The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby promo 6.png
Homer, Maggie The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby promo 9.png
19 "Warrin' Priests: Part One" Homer, Bart A promotional image for this episode features Homer and Bart with their bibles. However, the scene was cut in the full version of this episode. Warrin' Priests Part One promo 2.png

Season 32[edit]

Episodes number Episodes name Characters Synopsis Picture
4 "Treehouse of Horror XXXI" Pixel Homer A scene was cut featuring Pixel Homer on a Donkey Kong-like stage. 8-Bit Homer Donkey Kong Arcade.png
8 "The Road to Cincinnati" Max Davis A promotional image for this episode features Max Davis as a demon. However, the scene was cut in the full version of this episode. The Road to Cincinnati promo 2.png

Season 33[edit]

Episodes number Episodes name Characters Synopsis Picture
2 "Bart's in Jail!" Homer, people at 'Zerz A scene was cut featuring Homer gorging himself at 'Zerz until dawn.[14] Bart's in Jail! - Deleted Scene.png