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Springfield General Hospital

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Springfield General Hospital
Springfield General Hospital.png
Location Information
Town: Springfield
Use: Hospital
Employees: Dr. Julius Hibbert
Dr. Nick Riviera
First appearance: "Krusty Gets Busted"

The Springfield General Hospital, also known as Marvin Monroe Memorial Hospital, is the main hospital in Springfield. Dr. Julius Hibbert and Dr. Nick Riviera work there. It was founded in 1925 and established in 1926.[1]


The hospital is a standard well funded city hospital, though its doctors are sometimes less than average. The hospital contains a Three Stooges ward for children who suffered injuries after imitating scenes on TV,[2] and a Homer Simpson ward after Homer Simpson donated a large amount of money to the hospital when it was actually Mr. Burns' donation.[3]

The hospital also contains an operating theater observable by the public.[4]


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When the Ogdenvillians moved to Springfield and did odd jobs for Springfield's citizens, the hospital became overrun with them. Marge visited the hospital with Bart once, whose shoulder had popped out. They were greeted to the news that there were no English forms available and there were only Norwegian ones left. Marge left the hospital, disgusted, and popped Bart's shoulder back in at home.[5]



Maggie Simpson visited the hospital when she was pregnant with her daughter.[6]

The Simpsons: Tapped Out[edit]

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Adds 10 to your obedience rating.
Springfield General Hospital
Image Requirements Cost Build time Reward Unique? Sell-able? Dimensions
Springfield General Hospital Tapped Out.png Level 24
General Hospital
Cash.png65,500 24h XP.png7,000 Tapped Out Tick.png Cash.png16,375 12 x 10
Task Time Reward $/h xp/h
Cutting Edge Medical Procedures 24h Cash.png300
Cash.png12.5 XP.png1.25


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