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Burger King

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The Burger King logo.
This article is about the real-world Burger King. For the Burger King within the show, see Burger King (location).

Burger King is a real life fast-food chain that was founded in 1954.


Burger King had featured characters from The Simpsons in some of their advertisements. Several Burger King advertisements were aired to promote the release of The Simpsons Movie.

Prior to the release of The Simpsons Movie, Burger King launched the site "Simpsonize Me" where people can transform their photographs into characters in the Simpsons universe.

First Aired Length Description Screenshot
1990 30 seconds Lisa is playing by herself in the living room, when suddenly Bart shows up with his laser gun toy to bug Lisa. Lisa puts down Bart with her smart talk, so they booth end up arguing. Homer shows up to separate them. (Production code MC24, title "Burger King Toys") Bk1990 fight.jpg
1990 15 seconds Simpsons 1990 Burger King Commercial.png
October, 2001 30 seconds Homer tries to steal Bart's float that turns tongues black. Burger King black tongue.jpg
October, 2002 30 seconds Kang and Kodos come to the Simpsons house to steal Bart and Lisa's Freaky Floats Burger King Freaky Floats.jpg
February 1, 2003 30 seconds Homer wins a burger-eating competition.
Error: After Homer's burger has been declared the winner, when it cuts back to the judging table, Willie and Agnes Skinner have appeared at the table; they were not there when Mayor Quimby bites into one of Homer's burgers.
Burger King cook off.jpg
2007 30 seconds Homer is watching TV, when strange forces start to drag him and slam him against the wall and ceiling. Bk2007slam.jpg
July 22, 2007 1 minute Kang and Kodos, dressed as Burger King employees, turn everyone in town into a The Simpsons character that they resemble. Bk Simpsonizeme.jpg
July, 2007 32 seconds Krusty begs everyone to buy the Krusty Burger and not the Whopper. He then pick up a fight with the burger king mascot. Bk Krusty fight.jpg
July, 2007 29 seconds Homer has trouble advertising the Ultimate Double Whopper. BK retake.jpg


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The 1990 dolls

In 1990, a set of five dolls only sold at Burger King were released. The dolls were $3.49 each, however the price may have varied with Mini-Muffins and any size of fries. A commercial was used to promote the offer.


In 2001 Burger King released 15 Halloween figurines with Big Kids meals.

2002 (USA)[edit]

In 2002, Burger King released a line of "Creepy Classics" Simpsons figurines in October and November. During October, a port lock-out meant that Burger King had to stop the promotion until stores got caught up with deliveries when it re-opened again.[1]

Burger King also released 4 watches, worth $2.39 each.

2002 (UK)[edit]

In 2002, UK Burger King stores released several Simpsons soccer-themed figurines.


In 2007, Burger King started a line of The Simpsons talking figures to promote The Simpsons Movie, which started on July 23, 2007 and ran throughout August, ending on August 26, 2007.


There were 16 figures, four being available each week. On the first week of the promotion, the Lisa, Krusty, and Chief Wiggum figures were available, along with Golden Homer, which was available every week throughout the promotion.

The characters and what they say:

  • Homer - "Yee-Hah!" (both versions)
  • Marge - "Oh, Homie!"
  • Bart - "Gerunimo!"
  • Lisa - "We have to save Springfield!"
  • Maggie - sucks pacifier twice
  • Nelson - "Haw-Haw!"
  • Chief Wiggum - "Stop in the name of squeamishness!"
  • Comic Book Guy - "Excuse me."
  • Krusty - "Hey Hey! It's your old pal, Krusty!"
  • Mr. Burns - "Excellent!"
  • Barney - "Call me!"
  • Flanders - "There's always room for one more Flanders!"
  • Hibbert - "Heh, Heh, Heh."
  • Apu - "Please, Please, I am counting as fast as I can!"
  • Russ Cargill - "All eyes on me!"

International promotion[edit]

The international golden figures

There was an international promotion also, which included a FULL set of Golden figurines, including Golden Homer. The figures were:


This promotion was for couch figures, which had a button on the back and made the character do something. There were (in order) Homer, Bart, Maggie, Lisa, Marge, and Santa's Little Helper was on the TV. You push his head down and the channels change.


In 2011, Burger King started another line of The Simpsons figurines, this being Treehouse of Horror-themed, as a tie-in to "Treehouse of Horror XXII".

The figure's THOH eps:

  • Time travel Homer: THOH XIII
  • Marge: THOH III
  • Fly-Bart: THOH VIII
  • Lisa: THOH X
  • Alien-Maggie: THOH IX
  • Lord Montymort: THOH XII
  • Milhouse: THOH XVIII
  • Kang: THOH XVI
  • The Collector: THOH X
  • Scratchy: THOH IX

2013 - The Simpsons Super Heroes[edit]

Another line of figurines are to be released through BK Crown boxes during October 2013. A promotion through the BK Crown website was also started during September 2013. A digital game was added, '[The Simpsons Super Heroes, to the BK Crown website. A competition is also being held, wherein 10 national winners could win a 6-inch Bumblebee Man Kidrobot figure, and 51 state winners could win a Squinkies pack.

Image Character Description
Stretch Dude Stretch Dude's head is spinning with all that's going on. Pull his arms out and let go to watch him stretch.
Clobber Girl This girl is pumped and powerful. Pop her head up and make her flex and flaunt her supernatural strength.
Radioactive Man Since he survived an atomic bomb explosion, Radioactive Man has the ability to spread radiation to his enemies. Just pop his head up and activate his internal LED "radiation" light.
Cupcake Kid What better way to protect and serve than throwing cupcakes? Pop his head up and pretend to launch a dessert from Cupcake Kid's chest.
Pie Man Introducing the world's first pie throwing super hero! Watch him stand tall and proud then remove his mask to reveal his true identity. But, ssh! It's a secret!
Fallout Boy
This unsung hero is part human and part worry-wart. Pop his head up and turn him into a bobble head to watch him shake and tremble.


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