Mt. Useful

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Mt. Useful
Mt. Useful.png
Location Information
Town: Springfield
Use: Mountain
National park
Employees: Ranger
Ranger McFadden
First appearance: "Mountain of Madness"

Mt. Useful is a mountain in Springfield.


The Springfield Nuclear Power Plant held a team building exercise here. The employees had to get to the cabin on the mountain and the last person in would be fired. Homer brought his family along so they had to go to the Mt. Useful Visitors Center.

Mr. Burns and Homer made it to the cabin first but a series of avalanches buried it. Meanwhile, Bart and Lisa were climbing Mt. Useful with Smithers while Marge and the Ranger looked for them.

Lenny and Carl got to the spot where the cabin was supposed to be but it was buried. They then found a Ranger Lookout Post, thinking that it was the cabin and the other employees soon followed them in.

Later, the Ranger comes to the lookout post and asks for Ranger McFadden. They then realize that the cabin has been buried and the rangers go to dig them out, putting on their corpse handling gloves. Then, the cabin comes rushing down the mountain with a gas canister sticking out of it before breaking and Mr. Burns and Homer are safe.