Polar Express

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Polar Express
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Vehicle Information
Owner: Santa Claus
Use: To transport people to the North Pole
First Appearance: "The Fight Before Christmas"

The Polar Express is a train used to transport people to the North Pole.


On Christmas Eve, Bart was prepared with a BB gun to hurt Santa Claus as he hadn't given him a dirt bike. He then fell asleep thinking about that. At midnight, the Polar Express stopped outside his house, awakening him. He then got the train, the conductor of which was Otto.

He told Bart the train was a direct service to the North Pole, with stops at Candy Cane Corners, Sugarplum Square, Jack Frost Junction, Fa La La La Lane, Nutcracker Street, and Hanukah Heights.

When the train was going to the North Pole, Otto fuelled it with cannabis, creating weird illusions as it was flying. It reached the North Pole and dropped Bart off, so he could meet Santa. After having met Santa Claus, Bart returned home on the Polar Express.

On the return journey, a police car was chasing it. Otto asked Bart if he had ever wanted a train for Christmas and left the train to Bart. He then jumped out of it.[1]

The Simpson family met a conductor on their train who said they were on the Polar Express. Bart then said that he skimmed through the book and skipped through the movie on DVD, and found out that the Polar Express was just a dream. The conductor told him "Then I guess you're out of luck!", and they ended up on the side of the train track.[2]

Behind the Laughter[edit]