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Rigel 7
Rigel VII.png
Location Information
Use: Planet
Owner: Rigellians
First appearance: "Treehouse of Horror IX"

Rigel 7 is a planet home to the Rigellians, including Kang and Kodos. They speak Rigellian, which by coincidence, sounds exactly the same as English. The other inhabitants of Rigel 7 seem to be similar in appearance to Kang and Kodos, and include, amongst others, Serak the Preparer, and presumably Mr. Sulu, the Submarine operator of the U.S.S Jebediah.[1]

People from Earth travel to Rigel 7 in order to obtain Hillarium. Eventually, a massive war between the Rigellians and nature and the humans takes place with the Rigellians winning the war and all the humans being defeated.[2]


Behind the LaughterEdit

  • The planet is a parody of the one of the same name from Star Trek.