Springfield Drive-In

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Springfield Drive-In
Springfield drive-in.png
Location Information
Town: Springfield
Use: Drive-in theater
First appearance: "Lisa the Vegetarian"

The Springfield Drive-In is a drive-in movie theater in Springfield.

The theater can be seen from the rooftop garden of the Kwik-E-Mart, where Apu told Lisa he watches movies for free.[1] Homer was once distracted from committing insurance fraud for Moe by the film Hail to the Chimp!, which was showing at the drive-in.[2] The children of Springfield broke curfew to see the classic British horror film The Bloodening at the drive-in, which in turn, inspired them to get revenge on their parents.[3] Abe and Zelda once went on a date to the drive-in.[4]



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Drive-In Theater
Image Cost Build time Reward Sell price Conformity increase Availability Unique? Dimensions - D x W
Tapped Out Drive-In Theater.png Donut Tapped Out.png150

Donut Tapped Out.png65

6s XP.png150
Space Mutant (XP.png25)
Tapped Out Cross.png Consumerism +10 Treehouse of Horror XXV, 2015 and XXVII

Treehouse of Horror XXVIII
Premium (Magical Mystery Box)

Tapped Out Tick.png 8 x 10