Burns' Summer Mansion

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Burns' Summer Mansion
Mr. Burns' Summer Mansion.jpg
Location Information
Town: The Hamptons
Use: Summer mansion
Owner: Mr. Burns
Temporary: Simpson family
First appearance: "Springfield Up"

Burns' Summer Mansion is a mansion where the Simpson family lived for a period of time.


Eccentric documentary filmmaker Declan Desmond offers an inside look at his work chronicling some of Springfield's finest for his documentary. Titled "Growing Up Springfield", his film follows the lives of several Springfield residents, returning to them after eight-year intervals to examine how their lives have changed. When he returns in the present day, he discovers that Homer has become extraordinarily wealthy, and the family is living in the mansion.

Homer explains that his newfound wealth is due to an invention called the condiment pen, which dispenses condiments in the same manner as a writing pen dispenses ink. Declan interviews Marge about her family's unexpected success, but she is unable to explain why the mansion's medicine cabinet is filled with "old man ointments." Suddenly, Mr. Burns bursts into the house, demanding to know what the Simpsons are doing in his summer home.[1]


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The Simpsons: Tapped Out[edit]

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Burns' Summer Mansion
Image Cost Build time Reward Sell price Conformity increase Availability Unique? Dimensions - D x W
Burns' Summer Mansion.png FREE 6s XP.png10 Tapped Out Cross.png Indolence +10 Superheroes 2
Inch by Inch Pt. 1

"The Great Phatsby" episode tie-in
Monogram Monty

Tapped Out Tick.png 12 x 15
Task Time Reward Cash.png/h XP.png/h
Rotting Since the 50's 24h Cash.png300, XP.png30 Cash.png12.5 XP.png1.25