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Real-world deaths

Dedication to Paul Newman at the end of "Lost Verizon"

The following is a list of people who have worked on The Simpsons, both the show and other franchise elements, but later died. For the main series, the list includes deceased voice cast, staff and guest stars. Often, subsequent episodes have been dedicated to them. Those who have work on the show's comics, albums, video games and other related productions, are also included here.

To clarify, this list only includes people who died after their work on The Simpsons took place, for example:

  • Eartha Kitt is included because she recorded a guest spot for the show, but died before it aired.
  • Neil Armstrong is included because, although he did not knowingly make an appearance on the series, archive audio of his first steps on the moon were used by the show whilst he was still alive.
  • Theodore Roosevelt is not included because the archive audio of his speeches were used in the show long after his death.
    • Similarly, the writer Edgar Allan Poe was credited with co-writing "The Raven" section of "Treehouse of Horror", as this primarily consisted of the actual text of Poe's The Raven. Poe died aged 40 on October 7, 1849 from unknown causes, some 141 years before the episode aired.


The SimpsonsEdit

The following people have been credited with working on The Simpsons. Several have worked on other aspects of the franchise as well, but they are principally associated with the TV show.



Writers and producersEdit

Directors and animatorsEdit

Other crew membersEdit

Guest starsEdit

Archive audioEdit

  • Neil Armstrong, 82 (died August 25, 2012) – Twice voiced himself via audio footage. Complications following surgery.

The Simpsons MovieEdit

  • Don LaFontaine, 68 (died September 1, 2008) – LaFontaine provided the voice over for the majority of the film's trailers.
  • Kevyn L. Wallace, 47 (died September 14, 2011) – Wallace was a background layout artist on the film. Injuries sustained in car accident.

Other franchise elementsEdit

The following people worked exclusively on an aspect of The Simpsons' franchise independent of the series or film, such as the comics, albums or video games.



Video gamesEdit

Other relatedEdit

The following people have had no direct employment on the series or franchise, but have been connected to it some way, such as appearing on something about the show.

Foreign voice castEdit