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The Simpsons: Testify

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The Simpsons: Testify
Album Information
Released: UK: September 17, 2007
USA: September 18, 2007
Label: Shout! Factory

The Simpsons Testify is an album released on September 18, 2007 which collects songs from seasons 11-18, despite the commercial saying seasons 10-18. It features four bonus tracks which were originally recorded for episodes but were cut out. It came out exactly three months before The Simpsons Movie came out on DVD.


Track number Name Length Singers
1 "The Simpsons Theme" 1:23 Studio singers
Terry Harrington (baritone sax)
2 "Testify" 1:42 Bart Simpson, Sherri and Terri Mackleberry, Abraham Simpson, Patty and Selma Bouvier and Professor Frink
3 "The Very Reason That I Live" 2:29 Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson and Sideshow Bob
4 "He's the Man" 2:02 Reverend Lovejoy, Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson, Ned Flanders, Rachel Jordan, Lenny Leonard and Carl Carlson
5 "Stretch Dude and Clobber Girl" 0:46 Lisa Simpson, Chief Wiggum, Announcer, Studio Singers
6 ""The Simpsons" End Credits Theme" 0:42 Los Lobos
7 "Ode to Branson" 2:01 Charo, Mr. T, Ray J. Johnson, Charlie Callas and Yakov Smirnoff
8 "Sold Separately" 0:47 Mr. Burns, Waylon Smithers and Malibu Stacy actress
9 "Island of Sirens" 0:53 Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Homer Simpson, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon and Professor Frink
10 "They'll Never Stop the Simpsons" 1:17 Kang, Kodos, Singer
11 "You're a Bunch of Stuff" 1:51 Luigi Risotto, Angelo, Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Homer Simpson, Comic Book Guy, Snake Jailbird, Mr. Burns, Horatio McCallister, Moe Szyslak, Dr. Hibbert and Mayor Quimby
12 "What Do I Think of the Pie" 0:39 Homer Simpson, Waitress, Lisa Simpson, Edna Krabappel and Marge Simpson
13 "Baby Stink Breath" 0:31 Old Woman, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Voiceover
14 "Tastes Like Liberty" 1:14 Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Marge Simpson, Booberella, Singer, Announcer and Krusty the Clown
15 "Jellyfish" 1:41 Singer, Marge Simpson, Homer Simpson, Principal Skinner, Edna Krabappel, Chief Wiggum, Ned Flanders and Horatio McCallister
16 "Homer & Marge" 1:49 Marge Simpson, Homer Simpson, "Weird Al" Yankovic and Lisa Simpson
17 "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders (Medley)": ("Christmas in December", "Flanders Is His Name", "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders", "Everybody Hates Ned Flanders (William Shatner's version)", "El Hombre Estupido") 4:11 Homer Simpson, Ned Flanders, Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, David Byrne, Moe Szyslak, Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, Reverend Lovejoy, Bill, Marty, Marge Simpson and William Shatner
18 "I Love to Walk" 1:27 Lenny Leonard, Carl Carlson, Homer Simpson, Disco Stu, Selma Bouvier, Steve Buscemi, Turks
19 "Marjorie" 2:19 Luigi Risotto, Marge Simpson, Jackson Browne and Homer Simpson
20 "The President Wore Pearls (Medley)": ("A Vote for a Winner", "I Am Their Queen", "Skinner's Evil Plan", "A Tango Takes Two", "Smart Girl Six Three", "The President Wore Pearls End Credits Medley") 6:01 Lisa Simpson, Monsieur Kupferberg, Principal Skinner, Nelson Muntz, Edna Krabappel, Marge Simpson, Homer Simpson, Groundskeeper Willie, Bart Simpson and Superintendent Chalmers
21 "Glove Slap" 1:24 The B-52s
22 "O Pruny Night" 0:47 Announcer, The California Prunes and Lisa Simpson
23 "America (I Love This Country)" 1:07 Announcer, Homer Simpson, Singer
24 "America Rules" 1:25 Homer Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Guard
25 "Welcome to Moe's" 1:17 Marge Simpson, Moe Szyslak, Bart Simpson and Lisa Simpson
26 "We Are the Jockeys" 1:37 Homer Simpson and Jockeys
27 "Song of Shelbyville" 1:11 Marge Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson and Shelbyvillians
28 "A Star Is Torn (Medley)": ("I'm Talkin' Springfield", "My Kitty Died", "Always My Dad", "Privileged Boy") 4:31 Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Sideshow Mel, Lenny Leonard, Krusty the Clown, Cameron and Carl Carlson
29 "Who Wants a Haircut?" 1:08 Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Baha Men and Barber
30 "My Fair Laddy (Medley)": ("Adequate", "Not On My Clothes", "Blue Pants Mornin'", "Indoors All Night", "Longing for the Shack", "My Fair Laddy End Credits Medley") 6:25 Lisa Simpson, Groundskeeper Willie, Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Edna Krabappel, Coach Krupt and Dewey Largo
31 "Springfield Blows" 0:37 Singers
32 ""King of Cats" Itchy & Scratchy Medley": ("Tune-Up", "King of Cats Opening", "Two Days, Two Circles", "Slices of Life", "It's Symbiotic", "Knives Finale") 3:41 Bart Simpson, Homer Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Singing Cat, Old Cat, Marge Simpson, Itchy, Scratchy and Singing Scratchy
33 "Lady" 1:36 Charles Heathbar, Marge Simpson
34 "You Make Me Laugh" 0:27 Homer Simpson and Marge Simpson
35 "Lady Riff" 0:36 Charles Heathbar
36 "Papa, Can You Hear Me?" 0:50 Nelson Muntz and Bart Simpson
37 "Yokel Chords (Medley)": ("Oh, How Do We?", "Motivate Them", "Cultural Things Experience", "Moonshine Drinkers") 3:55 Lisa Simpson, Principal Skinner, Superintendent Chalmers, Studio Singers, Cletus Spuckler, Cletus' kid, Comic Book Guy, Spuckler kids, Agnes Skinner, Whistler
38 "Hullaba Lula" 0:53 Sideshow Bob
39 "Song of the Wild Beasts" 0:52 Wild Beasts
40 "Dancing Workers Song" (Demo) 1:16 Sally Stevens, Susie Stevens-Logan, Edie Lehmann-Boddicker, Rick Logan, Randy Crenshaw
41 "Oldies and Nudies" 1:12