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Night of the Living Wage

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Season 35 Episode
763 "Clan of the Cave Mom"
"Night of the Living Wage"
"Cremains of the Day" 765
"Night of the Living Wage"
Night of the Living Wage poster.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 764
Season number: S35 E14
Production code: 35ABF07
Original airdate: April 7, 2024
Guest star(s): Jason Mantzoukas as Finn Bon Idée
Showrunner: Matt Selman
Co-showrunner: Rob LaZebnik
Written by: Cesar Mazariegos
Directed by: Chris Clements

"Night of the Living Wage" is the fourteenth season 35 episode of The Simpsons and the seven-hundred and sixty-fourth episode overall. It originally aired on April 7, 2024. The episode was written by Cesar Mazariegos and directed by Chris Clements. It guest stars Jason Mantzoukas as Finn Bon Idée.


"Marge gets a job in a high-pressure ghost kitchen, but when she tries to start a union, she gets more than she collectively bargained for."


Lisa takes Snowball II for a walk in a stroller and arrives at the Little Vest Park, where other Springfielders take their pets and their emotional support animals. While there, Lisa meets Truth-Anne, who explains that the park is for emotional support animals. As Lisa tries to talk about how calm Snowball is, Snowball attacks Truth-Anne's chicken, Gwyneth Poultry. At the Tweeters Sinai Bird Hospital, the veterinarian takes care of the chicken and presents the medical bill to Truth-Anne's mother, who then hands over the $16,000 bill, to the Simpsons to cover. Marge decides to get a job to help pay for the medical expenses and after looking on gig-junkie.com gets a job working as a chef for GimmeChow. However, it's an evening shift job, so Marge can't cook food for the family. The family then promises to cook together.

On the first day of the job, Marge and the other new employees are shown an introductory video hosted by GimmeChow CEO Finn Bon Idée. They are also introduced to their shift manager, who turns out to be Gil Gunderson. Whe Gil reveals that they would only get minimum wage, most of the new employees start to leave, but the promise of overtime keeps them around. When the first shift starts, the amount of orders coming in is too much to take and all the employees scramble to prepare the food, with Marge slipping on mayonnaise and saying the f-word. Two months into the job, Marge wakes up in the afternoon, having missed the whole day with her family. The rest of the family lie to her about having cooked dinner together as a family every night to make her happy. When she leaves for work, they order food from GimmeChow their food as they've been doing since she started working there. At the next shift, Gil gives all the employees ankle monitors to keep them working and watch over them. When Marge goes to talk to Gil about not getting paid their overtime, Gil tells her that since it goes past midnight they're considered new days instead. Gil then explains that the company is a small start-up so money is tight.

At night, Marge is watching Demented Dollars with Fiscal Cliff where Fiscal Cliff announces that Finn Bon Idée of GimmeChow has become a billionaire. Bon Idée is interviewed on the show and says that he works harder than everyone else at the company, which angers Marge. Lisa then suggests that Marge start a workers union at the company. When Marge brings it up to the other employees, they are unsure at first. However, the entire conversation is overheard via the ankle monitors they were wearing and management makes the workers watch an anti-union video. The video has the opposite affect though and all the employees join the union. When Marge tells Homer about it, Homer tells her not to worry as companies aren't vengeful.

The next morning Gil tells Marge that she's been promoted to delivery driver and she has to deliver 40 orders in 60 minutes or she's fired. After rushing around town, she fails to deliver the last order, which she finds out is at her house. She gets fired by Gil and gets so angry she smashes the ankle monitor and then starts eating all the food that the family ordered, not letting them eat anything. Marge also points out that the jug with the money hasn't been going up because they always order food from the app. Marge feels let down after being lied to by her own family, only for the other workers to show up telling her that they went on strike, with the other delivery app workers joining them too.

At work, Homer complains about being addicted to GimmeChow and complains that buying food that's not delivered isn't the same. Homer then almost creates an electromagnetic pulse across town by almost pushing a lever on a console. Homer then gets a phone call from GimmeChow, who hires Homer as their brand ambassador. The next day, Marge is being interviewed on Demented Dollars where Fiscal Cliff reveals that Homer is also on the show as the brand ambassador. Homer tries to convince the viewers that the strike is wrong, but Marge ends the interview by throwing things at Homer in the house. She then tells the other workers that together, they will win. At the strike, a counter-protest breaks out because people want food delivered to them again. As tensions begin to rise, Bon Idée's helicopter lands in the street and he reveals that everyone is fired because GimmeChow has automated the kitchens now, and has drones delivering food. Bon Idée then congratulates Homer on stabbing his wife in the back. Homer realizes that he did the wrong thing and goes to the power plant to use the electromagnetic pulse to fry all the delivery drones, causing them to all break. GimmeChow stocks then begin to tank, as reported on by Fiscal Cliff, and Bon Idée gets run over by a Demented Dollars tank. Homer goes home and apologizes to Marge, who realizes that Homer is the only one who could have caused all the chaos happening. After this, Bon Idée was forced to rehire union workers at a fair wage, with overtime and Homer used his GimmeChow gift cards to pay for the chicken's medical bill.


Promo video[edit]

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