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From Beer to Paternity

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Season 34 Episode
734 "Treehouse of Horror XXXIII"
"From Beer to Paternity"
"Step Brother from the Same Planet" 736
"From Beer to Paternity"
From Beer to Paternity promo 9.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 735
Season number: S34 E7
Production code: OABF01
Original airdate: November 13, 2022
Couch gag: In a live action recording, the Simpsons are made out of food and covered in gravy
Guest star(s): Paul Brittain as Brandon
Aubrey Plaza as Amber Duffman
Showrunner: Matt Selman
Co-showrunner: Tim Long
Written by: Christine Nangle
Directed by: Rob Oliver

"From Beer to Paternity" is the seventh episode of season 34 episode of The Simpsons and the seven-hundred and thirty-fifth episode overall. It originally aired on November 13, 2022. The episode was written by Christine Nangle and directed by Rob Oliver. It guest stars Paul Brittain as Brandon and Aubrey Plaza as Amber Duffman.

"From Beer to Paternity" was dedicated in memory of television producer and writer David Davis, who died on November 4, 2022. Davis was the husband of cast actress Julie Kavner.


"When Homer becomes Duffman's girl-dad hero, they go on a road trip with Lisa that threatens to expose Homer's terrible parenting."


At a Duff Beer board meeting, the board watches several old Duff adverts before they watch the latest advert, which introduces a vote for the next Duff Beer mascot, whilst also including Duffman. Duffman starts to lose the vote, coming joint last with "no mascot, just logo". Homer and the barflies from Moe's Tavern start a campaign to get people to vote for Duffman. Due to Duffman's unpopularity, he tries to go to several women's bars to get some publicity. However, each one turns out to be a women's law office instead. At the Springfield Airport, Duffman is interviewed about losing in the poll and being sued by the female lawyers. Duffman says that he isn't sexist as he has a daughter, then shows a picture of him and a younger Lisa which was taken at a Duff Beer event. When Marge and Lisa see this on television, they are shocked that Duffman is using Lisa as a prop. Marge then makes Homer go and confront Duffman about this.

At Duffman's house, Homer is starstruck and can't get much out. When Duffman goes to shut the door on them, Lisa barges in and confronts Duffman about the photo. Duffman apologizes for using Lisa, but then admits to having a daughter of his own who he hasn't spoken to for a while. After Homer and Duffman talk about their daughters, Homer decides to help Duffman reconnect with his daughter. Homer contacts several other fathers of daughters and brings them all to P.F. Thong's to have a meal and discuss their plan. The group convinces Duffman to call Amber and ask to meet with her, to which she agrees. Duffman then asks Homer to bring Lisa and go with him to Glendon Falls to meet Amber.

Back at home, Homer wakes up Lisa and asks her to come with him and Duffman. Lisa asks why she would do so, so Homer goes to Marge, who tells Homer that the Agatha Christie Museum of Quirky Detectives is near Glendon Falls. Homer tells Lisa this and she agrees to go with them. In the car, Homer learns that Lisa likes K-pop music and the three of them sing along to "Lovesick Girls". They then stop off at Courtyard by Greg where Duffman opens up about his history with his daughter to Homer and Lisa. Duffman tells them that after high school, Amber told Duffman that she never wanted to see him again, and Duffman agreed to this. Duffman also reveals that he has kept a drawing that Amber drew of the two of them when she was six, and looks at it every day. Lisa then told Duffman that Amber was just a kid at the time so he should give it another go now.

Back in the car, Duffman gets a call from his agent Brandon, who tells Duffman about the Corporate Spokescharacters Fan Convention which is happening nearby and suggests that it could be a good way to get more publicity for Duffman. The three of them go, with Lisa reluctantly agreeing to go because Homer said they'd still have time to go to the Agatha Christie Museum. The trip to the convention is a bust when nobody goes to see Duffman. Lisa then realizes that the museum will be closing in fifteen minutes and the three of them rush to it just as it closes. Lisa gets mad at Homer for letting her down and Homer admits that he never actually wanted Lisa to go on the trip with them. This causes Duffman to realize that Homer is actually a bad father and he leaves with the museum employee Renata instead. Homer and Lisa then start to drive home.

On the way home, Lisa gives Homer the silent treatment. When Homer keeps trying to talk to Lisa, he takes his eyes off the road and veers into the next lane. Lisa then yells at Homer to keep his eyes on the road, and he swerves out the way of an oncoming vehicle. The force of this causes the drawing of Duffman and Amber to come out from under the car seat. Homer and Lisa make up and they decide to take the drawing back to Duffman. In Glendon Falls, Duffman arrives at Amber's apartment. However, a pool party was also taking place at the building. Too scared to meet with Amber again, Duffman joins the party. Homer and Lisa then show up and find that Duffman never turned up to see Amber. They then notice that Duffman is in the party and Amber storms off, thinking that her father hasn't changed. Duffman chases after Amber, which causes Raphael to drop a beer barrel out of surprise at seeing Duffman. The barrel rolls down the hill towards Amber, which Duffman stops using his Chick Magnet. Realizing that her father saved her, Amber invites Duffman into her apartment.

Amber and Duffman make up, with the help of Homer and Lisa. Duffman also shows Amber the drawing and told her that he had kept it ever since she gave it to him. He also tells Amber that he should have always been there for her and that he missed her. Duffman then got a call from Brandon who told Duffman that he had won the poll after Lisa uploaded the video of Duffman singing along to "Lovesick Girls" to the Internet. K-pop super fans saw the video and voted Duffman into first place. Duffman rejects the win because he wants to spend time with his daughter. Amber then opens up a cannabis shop, Amber's Cannabis & Cannabis Accessories, which Duffman serves as the mascot for, as Puffman. During the advert they were recording, Duffman mentions that he has other estranged daughters, which shocks Amber.

At some point later, Homer and Lisa end up making it to the Agatha Christie Museum where Homer plays a dead body, and Lisa plays the person who discovers the body and drops a tea set in shock.

International airdates[edit]

Country Airdate Channel
Italy September 22, 2023 Italia Uno

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Translation
Italy Flag.png Italiano "Dalla birra alla paternità" From beer to paternity


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