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Clan of the Cave Mom

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Season 35 Episode
762 "Lisa Gets an F1"
"Clan of the Cave Mom"
"Night of the Living Wage" 764
"Clan of the Cave Mom"
Clan of the Cave Mom promo 5.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 763
Season number: S35 E13
Production code: 35ABF06
Original airdate: March 24, 2024
Guest star(s): Kerry Washington as Rayshelle Peyton
Showrunner: Matt Selman
Co-showrunner: Brian Kelley
Written by: Brian Kelley
Directed by: Rob Oliver

"Clan of the Cave Mom" is the thirteenth season 35 episode of The Simpsons and the seven-hundred and sixty-third episode overall. It originally aired on March 24, 2024. The episode was written by Brian Kelley and directed by Rob Oliver. It guest stars Kerry Washington as Rayshelle Peyton.


"A parenting disagreement between Marge and Luann Van Houten escalates into a life-or-death struggle for survival."


At the Museum of Anthropology, the Springfield Elementary School kids are watching a 4D documentary on the Ice Age. Marge is also there as a chaperone but is on her phone getting annoyed by messages from the homeowners association complaining about toys being left on her lawn. This distracts the kids and Principal Skinner asks her to quiet down so they can watch in peace. Marge then wonders what the distant past has to do with them. Time skips to 20,000 years ago, where the caveman Simpson family are starving so Marge go hunting, and kills a snake with a rock for the family to eat. Back in the present, the film has ended and the class is at the museum cafeteria. Bart complains about there be nothing to eat and Marge tries to point out that there are kids starving, but Bart stops her. Milhouse then calls Bart over and tells him that his father got tickets for a Violencia Gigante concert. Bart asks Marge if he can go to the concert, but Marge isn't sure. Milhouse and Bart then mess around with a catapult at the museum and destroy it, with Bart running away so Milhouse gets all the blame.

At home, Bart continues to try and convince Marge to let him go to the concert. Lisa suggests that she listen to one of her song to decide, so Bart lets her hear the clean version of one of their songs. Lisa then suggests that she listen to the original version, with translated lyrics. When Bart asks her why she sold him out, Lisa points out that she did it to get back at him for mutilating her Malibu Stacy doll. Marge then forbids him from going to the concert. Later, Bart tries to convince Luann to convince Marge to let him go, but she tells Bart that he's no longer invited because he's a bad friend who is beyond hope. Back in the distant past, Marge saves Bart from an attacking wolf, symbolizing Luann, and consoles him. In the present, Marge gets angry because of what Luann said to Bart so she and Homer go to talk to the Van Houtens.

In the past, Grampa gives up his meal to the kids and walks out of the hut into the snow storm. In the present, Homer opens the door to Grampa in the rain, who is shivering because he had to walk to their house to watch the kids. At the Van Houten house, Marge and Luann get in a heated fight over the allegations she throws at Bart.Marge and Homer then storm out of the house and Marge tells Homer to buy tickets for the concert for Bart, as the fight was not over. Back in the past, Marge sharpens a spear to hunt and Homer hunts down a deer through brambles. In the present, Homer tries to buy tickets from various ticket sites. Prehistoric Homer continues the hunt, scaling a mountain in the process, and finally kills the deer. This is a parallel for present Homer finally getting Front Row Club tickets to the concert. In the playground, Bart tells Nelson, Martin and Lewis that he has Front Row Club tickets and they choose to go with Bart instead of Milhouse.

At home, Lisa shows Marge how her primitive brain is prevailing and tries to calm her down with a scented candle and meditation. That night, there is a Parent-Teacher Association meeting and Luann motions for Marge to be removed from the board for bullying Milhouse. Just like prehistoric Marge did in the past to protect her children, present Marge defends herself against the accusations. The two fight in both times, accusing one another of different issues until they get ready to actually fight each other. In the past, the wolf destroys the family home and the family mourn the loss and start to move towards a cave in the mountains.

At the Naming Rights Still Available Arena parking lot, Marge, Bart and his friends see Milhouse and Luann taking kindergartners with them to the concert. In the past, the family keeps climbing the mountain. In present day, Marge arrives at the ticket booth where Raphael refuses their ticket because they need to use the app for tickets, but Homer deleted both the app and the password manager app. Marge then hears Kirk in the background of the call and Homer tells her that he is with Kirk for their fantasy football draft. Marge calls Homer a traitor and ends the call. In the past, the wolf reaches the family and launches Homer into a spike impaling him to death, instilling fear in the rest of the family. Marge, both in past and present, refuses to give in. Past Marge uses her spear to vault over the wolf while present Marge accelerates into the car park.

Both Marges continue towards their goals, with present Marge and the kids sneaking into the arena by climbing over a fence and past Marge and the kids going over a large gap in the mountains. Present Marge gets into the arena after distracting the staff with outside food in the purses of other customers, while past Marge gets to the cave, only for the wolf to show up again. In the present, Marge and the kids get to the Front Row Club and Bart shows Marge her reflection, which shows her that she's been led by her emotions. As present Marge apologizes to Bart, past Marge defeats the wolf after a rock lands on it, but she decides to show it mercy and rescues it. Luann and Milhouse talk about Bart and Milhouse tells his mother that Bart is all he has. Marge then goes to see them and makes up with Luann and lets Milhouse go to the Front Row Club to be with Bart. In the past, the rest of the Simpsons are eating meat in a new hut, with the wolf as their pet and part of the family.


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