Chuck Berger

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"Ainksurance salesman."
―Reading his aptitude test result.[src]
Chuck Berger
Character Information
Male ♂
Age: 8
Hair: Blond
Occupation: Student
Relatives: Father: Unnamed
First Appearance: "Bart the General"
Voiced by: Russi Taylor
Nancy Cartwright
Pamela Hayden

Chuck Berger[1] is a student in Lisa's class at Springfield Elementary School. He has a lisp.

He loves a good Wrigley walk. His father is quite hard on him as he didn't trust Chuck to create his own volcano for the science fair. His talent is that he can flip his eye lids.[2]


Chuck watched Nelson's 'trick' with a Twirl King yo-yo, and then criticized it. In response, Nelson hit Chuck on the back of the head with his yo-yo.[3]

When all the children took an aptitude test to determine their future careers, he got "Insurance Salesman" on his test.[4]

When Bart was stuck in a basket being lifted by balloons, Chuck sent up another balloon causing Bart to float higher.



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