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Hostile Kirk Place

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Season 34 Episode
743 "Bartless"
"Hostile Kirk Place"
"Pin Gal" 745
"Hostile Kirk Place"
Hostile Kirk Place promo 6.png
Episode Information
Episode number: 744
Season number: S34 E16
Production code: OABF09
Original airdate: March 12, 2023
Couch gag: "Weird Al" Yankovic plays his accordion as the Simpsons watch. After he finishes, he asks if he can stay for dinner, but Homer tells him no.
Guest star(s): Kerry Washington as Rayshelle Peyton
"Weird Al" Yankovic as himself
Showrunner: Matt Selman
Co-showrunner: Tim Long
Written by: Michael Price
Directed by: Steven Dean Moore

"Hostile Kirk Place" is the sixteenth episode of season 34 of The Simpsons and the seven-hundred and forty-fourth episode overall. It originally aired on March 12, 2023. The episode was written by Michael Price and directed by Steven Dean Moore. It guest stars Kerry Washington as Rayshelle Peyton and "Weird Al" Yankovic as himself.


"When Milhouse's dad, Kirk, takes exception to a school history lesson that paints one of his ancestors in a bad light, Kirk goes on a crusade to censor and control the school curriculum -- a crusade that Homer co-opts for fun and profit."


At Springfield Elementary School, the circuit breaker overloads from too many electronics plugged in. This sets fire to a large can of Iraq War Surplus Mayonnaise in the basement, which explodes. The school then stinks of eggs and vinegar and has to be closed for weeks whilst the smell dissipates. That night, Homer is watching late night television when Shaquille O'Neal comes on to advertise a product. Homer wants to buy it, but Marge convinces him not to as he's already bought many useless products from late night shopping adverts in the past. Homer then falls asleep on the couch.

The next morning, Bart and Lisa wake Homer up and tell him that they need to be home schooled as the school is closed. The kids of Springfield do their lessons for the day until they get to history, where they learn about the collapse of the Great Springfield Gazebo. The mayor at the time, who commissioned the building of the Gazebo, was Eustace Van Houten. After the Gazebo collapsed, due to the low-quality bracing used on it, Eustace became a pariah. Kirk and Milhouse were disappointed with learning this as it made their family look bad. At Moe's Tavern, Homer and Kirk both complain about their problems. Moe tells Homer to invent something to sell and make his wasted money back that way, and tells Kirk to stand up for himself.

When the school reopens, Kirk crashes the assembly to demand they stop teaching about the Great Springfield Gazebo disaster. The school then holds a meeting to discuss this and hear from both sides. Kirk drums up a lot of support from people who don't want the bad parts of history taught, whilst a counter group forms to try and keep the teaching of history in school. Eventually, the meeting is called to a close with no decision made. After this, Kirk becomes respected by the people who supported his views. As the Simpsons are driving home, Homer is struck by inspiration for the product he will make to sell to people. Later, he shows the family the advert for his new product, the Me-Shirt, which is a shirt made with copper fibers that displays different slogans on.

Near Christmas, the town celebrates Springfield Egg Nog Days. Kirk and his mob then crash the event to demand they ban the teaching of the Great Springfield Gazebo disaster once more. A counter-protest led by the Prince family also shows up and an argument breaks out. Mayor Quimby tells Superintendent Chalmers to just ban the topic as he thinks that Kirk's group will turn violent. Chalmers reluctantly agrees and Kirk finally wins the argument. Three weeks later, Kirk has become a dictator in Springfield and rules over the town. Meanwhile, Homer's Me-Shirt business took off and he opened a store, Homer's House of Copper-ganda, which supports Kirk.

Marge tries to talk Kirk out of continuing his crusade against history and knowledge. However, Kirk decides to open up a new Gazebo instead. As the people of Springfield celebrate Kirk, he plays an electric guitar. The electricity from the guitar interacts with the Me-Shirts and forms a giant electrical field. The electrical field starts to destroy the Gazebo and causes everyone to flee. After the Gazebo collapses, Homer tells the townspeople that they can try to ignore history, but you can't ignore science. In the future, the story of the Second Great Gazebo Disaster is being told by a teacher. A group of parents then burst into the classroom and disintegrate the teacher for teaching a horrible story to the kids.

Behind the Laughter[edit]

In other languages[edit]

Language Name Translation
Italy Flag.png Italiano "L'ostile mondo di Kirk" The hostile world of Kirk


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