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Royalty Valhalla

Royalty Valhalla
Royalty Valhalla end of cruise.png
Vehicle Information
Use: Cruise ship
First Appearance: "A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again"

The Royalty Valhalla is a luxury cruise ship with Royalty Cruises.



The Royalty Valhalla at the start of the cruise

The Simpson family came on a cruise on it. Their room was overbooked and they ended up getting triple upgraded to a fancy suite. The whole family had fun on the vacation. When Bart realized that the cruise would have to come to an end, he played part of Pandora Strain onto the TVs around the ship, which featured Treat Williams announcing that there was a virus and all ships had to stay at sea. There was panic on the ship with people forming cults and people going crazy. Eventually, the passengers were forced to eat seagull, barnacles and jellyfish, a cult formed, led by Dave, the lifeguard and people started to feel sorry for themselves.

When the rest of the Simpson family found out what Bart did, they told the cruise director, Rowan Priddis. He then put the whole Simpson family off the ship in Antarctica and left.


Royalty Valhalla map.png

The ship is a large luxury cruise ship with about 20 decks. There are several attractions on the ship including swimming pools, rock climbing walls, go karts, a skate ramp, a rooftop garden magic shows, the Chuckles Comedy Club, KidZone and KidZone Elite, Sensations Luxury Spa and even a ferris wheel and rollercoaster.

Cabins range from basic one-room cabins to cabins with two separate bedrooms to cabins with lots of individual bedrooms with lots of toys and decorations. The best cabins come with flatscreen TVs with a range of unreleased movies.

After the virus had been announced and the passengers had been out on sea for longer than normal, the swimming pools had been drained, go karts were pulled by slaves and cults started to pop up around the ship.