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King Altrox

Radioactive Man Icon.png The contents of this article or section are related to the Radioactive Man universe. They are considered fictional in The Simpsons.
King Altrox
King Altrox.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Grey
Occupation: King
Relatives: Daughter: Paula Altrox
First Appearance: From Reinmania with Luv, Baby!

King Altrox is the king of Reinmania.


Claude Kane III was in Reinmania when he heard an assassin from a group called M.A.N.N. going after King Altrox. Radioactive Man stopped the assassin, but the king got hurt in the process. Radioactive Man then ended up stopping two other attempts on the King's life, with the King getting hurt both times.

The King's daughter, Paula Altrox, was going to Zenith City on a student exchange program, so King Altrox asked Radioactive Man to look after her there. Radioactive Man refused to go back to America, saying that he had to protect King Altrox instead. Radioactive Man then got a robot version of himself to stay in Zenith City whilst he protected the King.

Eventually, King Altrox got fed up of Radioactive Man trying to save his life and told him to go back to Zenith City before he got the King killed.