Grizzly Shaun

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Grizzly Shaun
Grizzly Shaun.png
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Bald
First Appearance: "Flaming Moe"
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta

Grizzly Shaun is a gay person who lives in Springfield.


After Mo's opened up, Grizzly Shaun visited regularly. He fancied Moe and kept offering to go out with him, to which Moe kept making excuses to get out of. He probably never spoke to Moe again after he found out that Moe was not gay.[1]

When Homer and Marge were looking for guardians for their kids if anything ever happened to them, they went to ask Julio and Grady who said that they already had a baby. Grizzly Shaun then ran out of their apartment wearing a diaper.[2]

He was shown to have an account on the dating app Grinder, where he's dressed up as a lumberjack. He later attended a party at the Simpson house to find Waylon Smithers a boyfriend.[3]