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Adult Bart

Not to be confused with Bart Simpson as an adult, Bart Simpson#Future.
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Adult Bart
Character Information
Male ♂
Hair: Blond
Relatives: Wife: unnamed
Children: Unnamed
First Appearance: "Double, Double, Boy in Trouble"
Voiced by: Hank Azaria

The adult version of Bart is an adult doppelganger of Bart Simpson.


When Bart and Simon Woosterfield are comparing each other with Simon being the "dorky" version of Bart and Bart being a "dimwitted" version of Bart, the man walks in, saying that Bart and Simon are ten-year-old versions of him, as his hairstyle is similar to Bart's and he also wears a orange shirt similar to Bart's. He then mentions that he has to fly back to New York to his wife (who bears a striking similarity to Milhouse Van Houten). When he asks Bart and Simon if they'd like to see pictures of their kids, Bart recoils in disgust.