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Lisa Simpson's Toot Suite

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Lisa Simpson's Toot Suite
Lisa Simpson's Toot Suite.png
Comic Story information
Released: March 2012
Comic series: Simpsons Comics
Pages: 23
Written by: Ian Boothby

Lisa Simpson's King Toot is a Simpsons Comics story that appears in Simpsons Comics #188.


Lisa takes a job at King Toot's Music Store. Meanwhile, Homer discovers that Ned Flanders helped record his and Marge's favorite song, causing Homer to have difficulties getting into a romantic mood.


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Lisa is sad because her saxophone is broken. She bent the mouthpiece, and needs a new one. She asks Marge and Homer if they can buy a new one, but they can not afford it. The next day, Lisa is at the King Toot's Music Store, and she asks if she can put on a layaway saxophone mouthpiece. Mr. Largo told her she can't. Jer is not appreciated with what Mr. Largo did, so he dismisses him. Lisa tells Jer that she's happy to help him if he needs someone new, and he would appreciate her help. Lisa goes to work, and on the first day, Marge discovers the album Blue-Haired Beauty in the store. She buys it from Lisa for the song on the album. It was on a mixtape Homer made for her when they first dated. She had never seen the actual album before.

The first real customer Lisa meets is Moe. He asks her to bring down a tuba and a kettle drum. Lisa asks him if he's really going to play them, but he says he just likes to see people lifting heavy objects. Then he asks her if she can take down the big xylophone. Lisa's next customer is Comic Book Guy. He wants first a Vulcan lute, but Lisa says the store doesn't have it. So Comic Book Guy asks for a chidinkalu horn, but Lisa says the store doesn't have that either. Lisa shows Comic Book Guy an ocarina, and he buys it.

Marge and Homer eat a romantic dinner at home. Marge starts playing the album she bought. Just when they start kissing, Ned Flanders starts singing from the LP. Homer then realizes that it is Ned who sung the song. They visit him and Ned Flanders tells his father wrote that song and he was too cheap to hire a real singer, so Ned honored him like it says in the "good book" and sang it. Ned became so embarrassed of the albums he bought all the copies, at least he thought he did. The next day, Lisa is visit by Professor Frink, and together they look for hours for the perfect triangle, later came Janey to the store for replace the French horn she buys yesterday, for it make her looks fat, Lisa tries to explain that music is the language of the soul, but when she does not listen, she gives her a piccolo. The next day when Homer comes home from work thinking Marge giving him a kiss, Homer feel it as he kisses Ned and flee the home. In the music store buying Smithers a piano against Lisa removes all vowel notes and Otto want to return a damaged electric guitar.

Homer tells what he had experienced for the dentist, but he can not give any hints. Lisa feels prepared when she comes home and plan to invigorate herself by playing on her saxophone, but can not do it, it reminds her about the work. Homer goes home to Ned and ask him to dress up as Marge under a few weeks because he thinks he might then manage to kiss Marge, but Ned will not do it he may clear himself his love troubles. At the dinner table tells Lisa that she did not see any point in the music anymore, Marge says that it happened the same of her age, although she did not play, but she sing, but her mother thought she sounds like a crow with laryngitis. Homer asks Marge then sing, and she starts but is not a good tone, Lisa begins to play his saxophone, and she starts to sing fantastic illustration of Homer. Homer kisses her and he realizes that he can kiss her again. Bart says that maybe he should try a bit of music, Lisa borrows him her saxophone but when he plays becomes the cat frightened and jumps up in Homer's face, Bart begins to laugh, music is fun.

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