Fiesta Terraces

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Fiesta Terraces
Location Information
Town: Springfield
Use: Residental
First appearance: "Life on the Fast Lane"

Fiesta Terraces is an apartment complex where Jacques lives. It is on a turn off when heading towards the Power Plant. It's exact location is unknown.


Jacques is a man who was in love with Marge Simpson. They both met at the Bowlarama. Homer had purchased a bowling ball for Marge for her birthday. Homer was expecting her to hate the present so she would give it to him, he even had his name engraved on the ball! Marge, to spite him, took the ball out to go bowling. There, she met a handsome bowler named Jacques. He offered to give Marge bowling lessons.

Marge began seeing him on a regular basis for lessons, seeming oblivious to Jacques heavy flirtations. That was until finally he propositioned her to come to his apartment, the Fiesta Terrace, for some romance. She fantasized about it, but in the end, made the choice to stick with Homer.


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The Simpsons: Tapped Out[edit]

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Fiesta Terrace
Image Cost Build time Reward Sell price Conformity increase Availability Unique? Dimensions - D x W
Fiesta Terraces.png Donut Tapped Out.png150 6s XP.png150
Jacques (XP.png25)
Tapped Out Cross.png Indolence +10 Pin Pals
Tapped Out Tick.png 7 x 12
Task Time Reward Cash.png/h XP.png/h
Microwaving Dinner for One 6h Cash.png175, XP.png18 Cash.png29.17 XP.png3

  • Note: Fiesta Terrace also gives 4% bonus $ and XP.