Derek Jeter

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Derek Jeter
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Character Information
Male ♂
Occupation: Baseball shortstop
First Appearance: "Lost Verizon"

Derek Jeter is an American baseball shortstop for the New York Yankees.


Taco.png "How d'you say "taco" in Mexican?"

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Bart once used Denis Leary's cell phone to order a New York Yankees hat and Derek Jeter jersey, much to Leary's annoyance, as he is a big Boston Red Sox fan.[1]

Homer Simpson said "hey, Bashir's great. If Derek Jeter married Mariah Carey, it wouldn't last, but they'd have a kid like him."[2]

When Homer ends up in a role play of the American Revolution they think Homer is with them again. When they asked Homer if he is a yankee he said he think he saw Derek Jeter in an airport once.[3]



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