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Uncle Ant

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Uncle Ant
Animal Information
Species: Ant
Color: Orange
Male ♂
Occupation: Cartoon character
First Appearance: "Itchy & Scratchy Land"

Uncle Ant is a character who was created for the short-lived Itchy & Scratchy and Friends Hour. He appeared on the show alongside Disgruntled Goat, Ku Klux Clam, an unnamed female cow, and an unnamed bear holding a club.


Uncle Ant appears as a doll for sale in a store in Itchy & Scratchy Land. While browsing the store, Lisa remarks that she doesn't recognize the character. Bart tells her how the character was created because they had needed some new friends for the Itchy & Scratchy and Friends Hour. Lisa then quips that none of the characters created for that show were very funny, but Bart contends that Disgruntled Goat "had his moments."