Mickey Mouse

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Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse.png
Animal Information
Species: Mouse
Color: Black
Male ♂
First Appearance: "Special Edna" (voice only)
Voiced by: Dan Castellaneta

Mickey Mouse is a cartoon character created by Walt Disney.


In the Simpson family photo album there was a picture of Mickey Mouse punching Homer in the stomach with Goofy holding him. Marge showed him the photo when she was afraid that he might die.[1]

When Bart spoke Latin, Lisa explained to Homer that he was speaking the language of Pluto. Homer then wondered if she meant Mickey Mouse's dog.[2]

A man in a Mickey Mouse suit was confronted by a young Kent Brockman at Disneyland in a staff area. The man took off the head and told Kent that when he was on his break, the mouse was dead.[3]


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