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Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Black
First Appearance: From Lichtenslava with Love

Agna was a mail-order bride from Lichtenslava and Bart's fianceé for a brief time.


Bart accidentally ordered Agna from a mail-order bride company in Lichtenslava. He had intended to order a decommissioned Soviet submarine, but his letter went astray in Lichtenslava's mail system when it was partly eaten by a goat. When Agna arrived at the Simpson household, she quickly started to settle in by helping Marge with the chores. Lisa tried to explain to Agna that she couldn't marry Bart, but she wanted to marry him so she could stay in America. When Bart realized that he couldn't marry Agna, Lisa felt sorry for her and decided to help her by finding her another fiancé from among the men of Springfield. The family placed advertisements and the single men in town came to meet Agna. Not wanting to marry any of Springfield's bachelors, Agna returned to her home in Lichtenslava.