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Julia (FaF).png
Character Information
Female ♀
Hair: Blond
First Appearance: "Friends and Family"
Voiced by: Allison Janney

Julia is a woman who lives in the house behind the Simpson house.


She spoke to Homer one day when he was on the roof naked. Homer was shocked at first, but then realised how alike he and Julia were and became friends with her. Julia hung out with Homer a lot, going out to restaurants to eat and spending time with each other. This surprised Homer's friends, who thought he was cheating on Marge with Julia, despite both of them not being interested in that.

When Marge and the rest of the family came home to find Homer on the phone to Julia, Marge got angry at him. Julia then came into the house and explained to Marge that she had no interest in Homer and that they were just friends, which caused Marge to forgive him since he had done nothing wrong.

Julia has a fiance who is an airline pilot.