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The Simpsons: Tapped Out County Fair content update

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154 "Homerpalooza"
"County Fair"
""The Serfsons" episode tie-in" 156
"Springfield's festival of music has ended and all that's left is the tedious hours of cleanup... just kidding! Video games have no consequences! It's time to hang up those mics and return your townfolk back to their normal lives. But what's next for your Springfield? Magical maladies and mayhem? A fried food feast? A clash of colliding colors? An all-town alliteration altercation? Stay tuned to find out!"
―Update description on app stores.
Store Panel.
Event Guide.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out County Fair content update was released on September 12, 2017, and is the one hundred and fifty-fifth content update. The mini-event started on September 13, 2017 at 7am GMT. It requires Level 20 to start.


Image Name Cost Unlock image Notes
Millenial.png Millenial Millenial Unlock.png Unlocks with Attendee Bundle.
Hipster.png Hipster Hipster Unlock.png
Groupie.png Groupie Groupie Unlock.png
Copyright Lawyer.png Copyright Lawyer Copyright Lawyer Unlock.png
Amber Dempsey.png Amber Dempsey Amber Dempsey Unlock.png Unlocks with Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn.
Mary Spuckler.png Mary Spuckler Mary Spuckler Unlock.png Unlocks with Springfield Opry House.


Image Name Cost Unlock image Notes
Brandine Spuckler.png Brandine Donut Tapped Out.png100 Tapped Out Brandine New Character.png Returns from Valentine's Day 2014, Valentine's Day 2015,
Terwilligers, Monorail and Valentine's 2017.
Her "Birth Another Spuckler" 90-day task will unlock Birthday, Whitney and Dubya.
Birthday Spuckler.png Birthday FREE Tapped Out Birthday New Character.png Returns from Valentine's Day 2014, Valentine's Day 2015,
Terwilligers, Monorail and Valentine's 2017.
Unlocks with Brandine's "Birth Another Spuckler" 90-day task.
Dubya Spuckler.png Dubya Tapped Out Dubya Spuckler New Character.png
Whitney Spuckler.png Whitney Tapped Out Whitney Spuckler New Character.png
Luke Stetson.png Luke Stetson Luke Stetson Unlock.png Unlocks with Hootenanny Barn.
Returns from Wild West and Time Traveling Toaster and Donut Day 2017.


Image Name Unlock image Notes
Tapped Out Little Miss Springfield.png Little Miss Springfield Little Miss Springfield Unlock.png Unlocks after completing Pride and Pageantry Pt. 2.


Image Item Cost Unlock image Notes
Tapped Out Tuxedo Krusty.png Tuxedo Krusty Donut Tapped Out.png60 Tapped Out Tuxedo Krusty unlock.png Returns from "Clown in the Dumps" episode tie-in and Burns' Casino.
Barechested Willie.png Bare Chested Willie Tapped Out Bare Chested Willie New Character.png Returns from Whacking Day 2013, Yard Sale 2014, Terwilligers and Whacking Day 2016.


Image Name Cost Build time Task Notes
Fair Pavilion.png Fair Pavilion 6s Keeping Kerosene Lamps Away From Cows Unlocks after completing Pride and Pageantry Pt. 1.
Cheddarbarrel Farm.png Cheddarbarrel Farm 4h Builds Corn Field, Wheath Field and Plowed Field. Unlocks after completing Pride and Pageantry Pt. 5.
Tapped Out Turn Your Head and Coif.png Turn Your Head and Coif Donut Tapped Out.png60 6s Keeping Outdated Styles Alive
Tapped Out Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn.png Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn Donut Tapped Out.png150 Ignoring Complaints Unlocks Amber Dempsey.
Tapped Out Springfield Opry House.png Springfield Opry House Cleaning Up Mess From Shows Unlocks Mary Spuckler.


Image Name Cost Build time Task Notes
Tapped Out Old Simpson Farm.png Old Simpson Farm Donut Tapped Out.png40 6s Growing Weeds Returns from Terwilligers.
Tapped Out Springfield Farmers Market.png Springfield Farmers Market Donut Tapped Out.png70 Jamming Traffic For Blocks Returns from Terwilligers, Season Premiere 2016 "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus" episode tie-in and Destination Springfield
Sneed's Feed & Seed.png Sneed's Feed & Seed Donut Tapped Out.png90 Scooping Seed & Feed Returns from Wild West and Time Traveling Toaster and Donut Day 2017.
Hootenanny Barn.png Hootenanny Barn Donut Tapped Out.png100 Event: Hosting Square-Dancing Competitions
Post-event: Swinging Partners
Unlocks Luke Stetson.
Rewards Ribbon.png6 every 4 hours.
Returns from Wild West and Time Traveling Toaster and Donut Day 2017.


Image Name Cost Notes
Corn Field.png Corn Field Cash.png2,000 Buildable with Cheddarbarrel Farm.
Wheat Field.png Wheat Field
Plowed Field.png Plowed Field
Tapped Out The World's Biggest Ribbon.png The World's Biggest Ribbon Unlocks after completing Pride and Pageantry Pt. 3.
County Fair Sign.png County Fair Sign
Cheddarbarrel Combine.png Cheddarbarrel Combine Donut Tapped Out.png45
The Paralyzer.png The Paralyzer Donut Tapped Out.png50


Image Name Cost Notes
Tapped Out Willies Tractor.png Willie's Tractor Donut Tapped Out.png35 Returns from Terwilligers and The Most Dangerous Game.


Image Name Content Cost
Attendee Bundle.png Attendee Bundle Millenial, Hipster, Groupie and Copyright Lawyer Donut Tapped Out.png50

Permanent Item's Rebate[edit]

Image Name Cost Build Time Task Notes
Sleep-Eazy Motel Tapped Out.pngMiss Springfield.png Sleep-Eazy Motel w/Miss Springfield Donut Tapped Out.png225 6s Charging Hourly Rates Tapped Out Miss Springfield New Character.png
Rebate: Donut Tapped Out.png50
Requires Level 12.

Item origins[edit]

Item or Building Episode
Full List
Millenial, Hipster, Groupie "D'oh-in' in the Wind"
Copyright Lawyer "The Old Man and the Lisa"
Amber Dempsey, Little Miss Springfield, The World's Biggest Ribbon, The Paralyzer, Ribbon "Lisa the Beauty Queen"
Mary Spuckler, Chebaddarbarrel Farm, Cheddarbarrel Combine "Apocalypse Cow"
Brandine "The Italian Bob"
Birthday, Dubya, Whitney "Little Big Girl"
Luke Stetson, Hootenanny Barn "Dude, Where's My Ranch?"
Tuxedo Krusty "Clown in the Dumps"
Bare Chested Willie "Whacking Day"
Fair Pavilion, Fair, County Fair Sign "Simple Simpson"
Turn Your Head and Coif "Homer Alone"
Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn "Homer's Night Out"
Springfield Opry House "Love Is a Many-Splintered Thing"
Old Simpson Farm "Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy"
Springfield Farm Market "The Day the Earth Stood Cool"
Sneed's Feed & Seed "E-I-E-I-(Annoyed Grunt)"
Corn Field "Fear of Flying"
Wheat Field Like Father, Like Clown - The Itchy & Scratchy Show - "Field of Screams"
Plowed Field "Puffless"
Willie's Tractor "Radio Bart"


Premium Gameplay


County Fair Prizes.png

Image Name Unlock
Fair Pavilion.png Fair Pavilion Pride and Pageantry Pt. 1
Tapped Out Little Miss Springfield.png Little Miss Springfield Pride and Pageantry Pt. 2
The World's Largest Ribbon and County Fair Sign.png The World's Largest Ribbon and County Fair Sign Pride and Pageantry Pt. 3
Little Miss Springfield Protest.png Little Miss Springfield's Protest animated job Pride and Pageantry Pt. 4
Cheddarbarrel Farm.png Cheddarbarrel Farm Pride and Pageantry Pt. 5


(All time are 7am GMT)
9/12-9/19 Attendee Bundle (Millenial, Hipster, Groupie and Copyright Lawyer)
9/13-9/26 County Fair
9/14-9/18 The Lenny's

Conform-o-meter impact[edit]

Building or Item Rating Points
Corn Field, Wheat Field, Plowed Field Tree-hugging 100
Cheddarbarrel Farm, The World's Biggest Ribbon, Hootenanny Barn Vanity
Fair Pavilion, Springfield Opry House, Turn Your Head and Coif 200
County Fair Sign Consumerism 5
Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn, Springfield Farmers Market, Sneed's Feed & Seed 10
Old Simpson Farm Indolence
Willie's Tractor Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Cheddarbarrel Combine Tree-hugging
Bonus $ and XP
The Paralyzer Consumerism
Bonus $ and XP

Other changes made[edit]

September 12th Update (4.28.5; "4_28_CountyFair"; "4_28_Music_Takedown")[edit]

  • 4.28.5
  • 4_28_CountyFair
  • 4_28_Music_Takedown

  • The Splash Screen, App Icon and social icon were changed back to normal.
  • The decorations limit was increased to 10.300.
  • Jammers can now perform at Rock Stage, Pop Stage and Hip-Hop Stage with the 4h job "Jam Session". If started from job list or with Unemployment Office the payout is normal or premium. If started from the stages, the payout is much lower.
  • Solomon's Temple and Rockin' Ark's tasks are now premium.
  • Rock Stage, Pop Stage, Hip-Hop Stage and Kwik-E-Merch are now storable and were added to the Buildings inventory group.
  • Brother Faith Van was moved from the Miscellany inventory group to the Decorations inventory group.
  • Guitar Central can now be placed on Pavement and Dirt Pavement too.
  • Guitar Central now has a description "From Season 26, Episode 8 "Covercraft"".
  • Quitters now has a description "From Season 15, Episode 15 "Co-Dependent's Day"".
  • Rockin' Ark now has a description "From Season 12, Episode 19 "I'm Goin' to Praiseland"".
  • Solomon's Temple's description was changed from "Charging People to Look Directly at the Ark" to "Season 12, Episode 19 "I'm Goin' to Praiseland"".
  • Welcome Bob Sign now has a description: "From Season 8, Episode 16 "Brother from Another Series"".
  • Woodstock Casino now has a description: "From Season 5, Episode 10 "$pringfield (Or, How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)"".
  • Flying Santa Homer, Arnie Pie, Fairy Kodos, Norbert and L.T. Smash are no longer tappable.
  • Deep Space Homer, Homer's Chiliad, Homer the Heretic and Rommelwood Academy are set to reactivate as classic mini events for 8 days starting September 28th if the user hasn't completed them. They're activable till October 2nd. After the end of the event, a 8 days sale on the items starts, with all the items sold again in the events present.
  • In the Its Not the Heat, Its the Humidity Pt. 5 start dialogue, Lisa's text was removed.
  • All dressed Pt. 2 now requires Tuxedo Krusty to be unlocked.
  • All dressed Pt. 2 to 5 now requires Level 7 instead of Level 5.
  • Tuxedo Krusty's 12h and 24h jobs were removed.
  • Deep Space Homer no longer requires Level 20.
  • Police Tank's destroying buildings can now be activated with The Paralyzer too.
  • The Vault's content were shuffled again upon updating.
  • Space Shuttle Simulator bundle w/Astronaut Barney now costs Donut Tapped Out.png120 if Bowlarama hasn't been bought, otherwise it's bundled with Bowlarama w/Barney at Donut Tapped Out.png250.
  • The "There are no purchases to be restored" bug while purchasing donuts has been fixed.
  • Luke Stetson's questline has been fixed.
  • Old Simpson Farm task now pays out premium.

September 20th Update 1 ("4_28_CountyFair_Patch_1")[edit]

  • The end of County Fair questline was glitched, looping the last dialogue over and over.
  • Hellfire Pepper Cactus's description was changed from "Improves you Vanity rating." to "Improves your Vanity rating."
  • Sponsored Church is now autoconsumed upon buying it.
  • A description for Sponsored Church has been added: "A facade for First Church of Springfield.".
  • Little Miss Springfield's Protest job animation was fixed.
  • Pride and Pageantry Intro no longer requires MyPad to be completed, and now is set as Limited Time quest.
  • Deep Space Homer's Train as an Astronaut is no longer active while Cheap Space Homer Pt. 5 and 6 are active.
  • It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity Pt. 6 now sparks fireworks on ending and rewards Cash.png200 and XP.png20 on completion.
  • In Homer the Heretic Pt. 5, Crazy Cat Lady can now Collect Karma too.
  • In Homer the Heretic, Premium Collect Karma jobs now yields XP.png70 instead of XP.png45.
  • Jesse Grass was changed from the Adult character group to the Youngsters character group.
  • All youngesters can no longer Get Down at the Anvil instead of selected ones, adding any missing from the list
  • Space Mutant's Lights, Camera, Distraction Pt. 1 now shows the Krustylu Studios in the store menu when completed if the building is not owned.

September 20th Update 2 ("4_28_CountyFair_Patch_2")[edit]

  • The glitch at the end of County Fair questline, looping the last dialogue over and over, was fixed.


  • TOUI favicon.png Overview at Tapped Out - Update Information