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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Springfield Heights Chapter 2 content update

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Springfield Heights Chapter 2 is the one hundred and thirteenth content update for The Simpsons: Tapped Out. It was released on December 2, 2015. It is an expansion to Springfield Heights.


Image Name Cost Unlock image Notes
Lindsey Naegle.png Lindsey Naegle Lindsey Naegle Unlock.png Requires Level 30.
Unlocks in Springfield Heights Pt. 10.
Unlocks with Marketing Agency.


Image Name Cost Build time Task Notes
Marketing Agency.png Marketing Agency N/A Requires Level 30.
Unlocks in Springfield Heights Pt. 11.
Unlocks Lindsey Naegle.
Produces Tapped Out AdS.png.
Mountain Lodge.png Mountain Lodge 6s Ensuring Everything Is Made of Wood Requires Level 30.
Unlocks in Lodge a Complaint Pt. 8.
Exclusive Resort.png Exclusive Resort Tapped Out AdS.png10 8h Requires Real Estate Value.png20,000,000.
Requires Springfield Heights Pt. 10.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png720,000.
Elite Yacht Club.png Elite Yacht Club Tapped Out AdS.png20 12h Pronouncing Forecastle Fo'c's'le Requires Springfield Heights Pt. 12.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png120,000.
Private Island.png Private Island Tapped Out AdS.png40 4h Requires Real Estate Value.png7,500,000.
Unlocks in Springfield Heights Pt. 14.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png7,500,000.
Opera House.png Opera House Donut Tapped Out.png150 6s Pre-crashing Chandeliers Rewards Real Estate Value.png2,500,000.


Image Name Cost Build time Task Notes
Tapped Out Plastic Surgery Center.png Plastic Surgery Center Donut Tapped Out.png80 6s Correcting Gods Mistakes Rewards Real Estate Value.png2,250,000.
Temporary availability.
Incubator Think Tank.png Incubator Think Tank Donut Tapped Out.png100 Thinking Up Things to Think About Rewards Real Estate Value.png1,500,000.
Temporary availability.
Column Mansion.png Column Mansion Donut Tapped Out.png120 Killing Ceiling Spiders With Very Long Broom Rewards Real Estate Value.png2,000,000.
Temporary availability.
Polo Field House.png Polo Field House Donut Tapped Out.png200 Joking About How Little Vermouth Goes in a Martini Rewards Real Estate Value.png3,000,000.
Temporary availability.

Building skins[edit]

Image Name Cost Notes
Tasteful Festive Flanders House.png Tasteful Festive Flanders House (Level 1) Unlocks after completing The Proclamation of Decoration.
Available until the end of Winter 2015.


Image Name Cost Notes
Ultra Luxury Yacht.png Ultra Luxury Yacht Smart Device.png200 Requires Real Estate Value.png8,800,000.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png900,000.
Elegant Grill.png Elegant Grill Tapped Out AdS.png10 Requires Real Estate Value.png28,200,000.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png60,000.
Ornate Pier.png Ornate Pier Tapped Out AdS.png15 Requires Real Estate Value.png41,000,000.
Unlocks in Springfield Heights Pt. 12.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png90,000.
Ornate Pier Railing.png Ornate Pier Railing Pharmaceutical.png1 Requires Real Estate Value.png28,200,000.
Requires the Ornate Pier.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png4,500.
Ornate Pier Post.png Ornate Pier Post Pharmaceutical.png2 Requires Real Estate Value.png28,200,000.
Requires the Ornate Pier.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png9,000.
Ornate Pier Bench.png Ornate Pier Bench Pharmaceutical.png10 Requires Real Estate Value.png28,200,000.
Requires the Ornate Pier.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png45,000.
Ocean Suite.png Ocean Suite Yoga Mat.png20 Requires Real Estate Value.png41,000,000.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png60,000.
Exotic Pond.png Exotic Pond Tapped Out AdS.png20 Requires Real Estate Value.png41,000,000.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png120,000.
Clay Tennis Court.png Clay Tennis Court Hollywood Award.png10 Requires Real Estate Value.png49,000,000.
Rewards Real Estate Value.png150,000.
Resort Wing.png Resort Wing Unlocks with Exclusive Resort Level 2.
Resort Entrance.png Resort Entrance
Resort Balcony.png Resort Balcony Unlocks with Exclusive Resort Level 3.
Resort Annex.png Resort Annex
Resort Gardens.png Resort Gardens Unlocks with Exclusive Resort Level 4.
Resort Stairway.png Resort Stairway
Resort Tower.png Resort Tower Unlocks with Exclusive Resort Level 5.
Resort Elevator.png Resort Elevator
Tapped Out Gone Fission.png Gone Fission Donut Tapped Out.png85 Rewards Real Estate Value.png3,500,000.


Image Name Cost Notes
Ornate Pier Section.png Ornate Pier Section Tapped Out AdS.png10 Rewards Real Estate Value.png60,000.


Chapter 2 Guide.

Marketing Agency[edit]

Character Requires Unlock cost Unlocked storage Total storage
16m jobs
Blue Haired Lawyer 10
Lindsey Naegle
Skinner Real Estate Value.png49,000,000 Furniture.png40Yoga Mat.png20 10 20
Martin Real Estate Value.png52,000,000 Furniture.png60Yoga Mat.png30 30 50
Carl Real Estate Value.png62,000,000 Furniture.png80Yoga Mat.png40 50 100
Lenny Real Estate Value.png67,000,000 Furniture.png100Yoga Mat.png50 100 200
8h jobs
Dewey Largo 10
Cookie Kwan Real Estate Value.png90,000,000 Furniture.png140 Smart Device.png60 50 250
Dolph 300

Buildings Upgrade[edit]

Exclusive Resort[edit]

Exclusive Resort Level Up.png

Level Cost Reward
1 Tapped Out AdS.png10 Real Estate Value.png60,000
2 Tapped Out AdS.png15 Yoga Mat.png20 Real Estate Value.png90,000 Resort Wing.png Resort Entrance.png
3 Tapped Out AdS.png25 Yoga Mat.png50 Real Estate Value.png300,000 Resort Balcony.png Resort Annex.png
4 Tapped Out AdS.png30 Pharmaceutical.png20 Real Estate Value.png390,000 Resort Gardens.png Resort Stairway.png
5 Tapped Out AdS.png70 Pharmaceutical.png50 Real Estate Value.png645,000 Resort Tower.png Resort Elevator.png

Private Island[edit]

Private Island Level Up.png

Level Cost Reward
1 Tapped Out AdS.png40 Real Estate Value.png250,000
2 Tapped Out AdS.png30 Pharmaceutical.png20 Real Estate Value.png1,000,000
3 Tapped Out AdS.png65 Pharmaceutical.png35 Real Estate Value.png2,000,000
4 Tapped Out AdS.png90 Hollywood Award.png10 Real Estate Value.png5,000,000
5 Tapped Out AdS.png125 Hollywood Award.png25 Real Estate Value.png10,000,000


Winter 2015 Teaser[edit]


Date Event
12/2 - 12/4 Polo Field House, Plastic Surgery Center, Incubator Think Tank, Column Mansion

Conform-o-meter impact[edit]

Name Rating Points
Marketing Agency, Exclusive Resort, Opera House Consumerism 10
Exotic Pond Tree-hugging
Mountain Lodge, Elite Yacht Club, Private Island, Ultra Luxury Yacht, Elegant Grill, Ornate Pier Railing, Ornate Pier Post, Ornate Pier Bench, Ocean Suite, Clay Tennis Court, Elegant Resort Modules, Gone Fission Vanity

Other changes made[edit]

December 2 Update ("4_17_SpringfieldHeights2")[edit]

  • Items placable on Boardwalk Sections can now be placed on Ornate Pier Sections too.
  • Placing Beach Towel & Umbrella now yields Real Estate Value.png15,000.
  • Ornate Pier Sections can now be built.
  • Lindsey Neagle was added to the characters that can Attend Mensa Meeting.
  • Blue Haired Lawyer now requires Level 30 to unlock instead of 38.
  • Springfield Heights Tunnel can now be moved.
  • Springfield Heights upgradeable buildings' skins can now be selected once fully upgraded.
  • 2 new columns of land for Springfield Heights and 2 new rows of land for Springfield were added.
  • Spooky Campfire, Spooky Grove, Spooky Shed and Spooky Tent can't be placed on Boardwalk Tiles anymore.

December 4 Update ("v4_17_SpringfieldHeights2_Patch1_Postlaunch")[edit]

  • A glitch that prevented the unlock of the Marketing Agency and Lindsey Naegle was fixed.


  • TOUI favicon.png Overview at Tapped Out - Update Information