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The Simpsons: Tapped Out When the Bough Breaks content update

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223 "Hell on Wheels"
"When the Bough Breaks"
"Dog Days" 225
"Springfield has gone car crazy and the open road has ground to a standstill. On the plus side, now the cars can get road rage along with the drivers. Remember, "plus side" is a relative term. Homer is stuck with his old car - well, his new old car. You really didn't think we'd allow the Simpsons to change, did you? That would be insane. Which, incidentally, is also what the CarGo Smart Cars have gone... Approach with caution."
―Event description on app store.
Store Panel.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out When the Bough Breaks is the two hundred and twenty-fourth content update. It was released on May 25, 2022 and ended on June 8, 2022. It requires Level 15 to start. It adds 1 new character, 1 new building-character combo, 1 new building-character skin combo, 2 new buildings and 2 new decorations.


Yearbook Mystery Box.png All items with this icon on the last column of the table are also available for just Donut Tapped Out.png30 in the Yearbook Mystery Box!


Image Name Unlock image Notes
Courtney (The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby).png Courtney Courtney Unlock.png Unlocks after completing Three's a Crowd Pt. 5.
Hudson.png Hudson Hudson Unlock.png Unlocks with Center for Pre-Emptive Education.


Image Name Cost Unlock image Notes Yearbook MB
Zia Simpson.png Zia Simpson Donut Tapped Out.png75 Zia Simpson Unlock.png
Baby Homer.png Baby Homer Donut Tapped Out.png85 Baby Homer Unlock.png
Baby Marge.png Baby Marge Baby Marge Unlock.png
Baby Lisa.png Baby Lisa Baby Lisa Unlock.png
Baby Bart.png Baby Bart Baby Bart Unlock.png
Ms. Sinclair.png Mrs. Sinclair Donut Tapped Out.png85 Ms. Sinclair Unlock.png
Report Card.png Report Card Report Card Unlock.png
Jiff and Skippy.png Jiff and Skippy Jiff and Skippy Unlock.png
Tapped Out Kearney's Other Son.png Kearney's Other Son Donut Tapped Out.png90 Tapped Out Kearney's Other Son Unlock.png Yearbook Mystery Box.png
Lucille Botzcowski.png Lucille Botzcowski Lucille Botzcowski Unlock.png Unlocked with Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers.
Leopold.png Leopold Leopold Unlock.png Unlocks with Enriched Learning Center.
Ronaldo.png Ronaldo Ronaldo Unlock.png Unlocks with Filthy Angels Orphanage.
Jim Hope.png Jim Hope Jim Hope Unlock.png Unlocks with Kid First Industries.

Character skin[edit]

Image Name Unlock image Notes
Big Baby Barney.png Big Baby Barney Big Baby Barney Unlock.png Unlocks with Lullabuy$.


Image Name Cost Build time Task Notes
Hudson's House.png Hudson's House 4h Making Kale Baby-Smoothies Unlocks after completing Three's a Crowd Pt. 2.
TSTO The Jogging Stroller-y.png The Jogging Stroller-y Using Babies as Accessories Unlocks after completing Three's a Crowd Pt. 4.
TSTO Center for Pre-Emptive Education.png Center for Pre-Emptive Education Donut Tapped Out.png150 6s Pulling Toys Out of Mouths Unlocks Hudson.
Lullabuy$.png Lullabuy$ Selling Silk Baby Wipes Unlocks with Tray of 132 Donuts.
Unlocks Big Baby Barney.


Image Name Cost Build time Task Notes Yearbook MB
Blocko Store Tapped Out.png Blocko Store Donut Tapped Out.png30 6s Shipping Sharp-Edged Shapes Yearbook Mystery Box.png
TSTO Cypress Creek Home.png Cypress Creek Home Donut Tapped Out.png45 Automating all the Chores
Tuts 'n' Tots Elementary.png Tuts 'n' Tots Elementary Donut Tapped Out.png50 4h Churning Out Mindless Drones
TSTO Child Care Center.png Child Care Center Donut Tapped Out.png60 Re-germing the Ball Pit
Toys "B" This.png Toys "B" This Donut Tapped Out.png70 6s Going Out of Business
TSTO Blockoland.png Blockoland Block You from Non-Rectangular Life
TSTO Whiz-Bang Toy Company.png Whiz-Bang Toy Company 4h Turning War into Children's Toys
TSTO Toys Were Us.png Toys Were Us Promoting Another Going Out of Business Sale
TSTO Springfield Gymdandee.png Springfield Gymdandee Fun-cercising
TSTO KidZone Elite.png KidZone Elite Donut Tapped Out.png80 4h Engaging Elite Youths
Miss Tillingham's School.png Miss Tillingham's School Disciplining Your Brats
Toy Fortress.png Toy Fortress Donut Tapped Out.png90 Having a Ball in the Ball Pit
Tapped Out Slide Factory.png Slide Factory Donut Tapped Out.png100 6s Making Children Barf Their Lunch Yearbook Mystery Box.png
Tapped Out Springfield Orphanage.png Springfield Orphanage 4h Building Unrelealistic Hopes
Springfield Ele-Zen-Tary.png Springfield Ele-Zen-Tary Assigning De-Zen-Tion
Shelbyville Elementary.png Shelbyville Elementary Donut Tapped Out.png110 Hosting Bully Summit
TSTO Toy Town.png Toy Town Donut Tapped Out.png120 Finding a Cheaper Outsourcer
Tapped Out Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers.png Rubber Baby Buggy Bumpers 6s Babysitting Very Poorly Unlocks Lucille Botzcowski. Yearbook Mystery Box.png
Enriched Learning Center.png Enriched Learning Center Donut Tapped Out.png125 Making the Smart Smarter Unlocks Leopold.
TSTO Filthy Angels Orphanage.png Filthy Angels Orphanage Donut Tapped Out.png150 Processing Donations and Loot Unlocks Ronaldo.
Kid First Industries.png Kid First Industries Putting Kids Last Unlocks Jim Hope.


Image Name Notes
TSTO Sand Tropez.png Sand Tropez Unlocks after completing Three's a Crowd Pt. 1.
TSTO Not Responsible for Injuries Park.png Not Responsible for Injuries Park Unlocks after completing Three's a Crowd Pt. 3.


Image Name Cost Yearbook MB
Playscape Barrier.png Playscape Barrier Donut Tapped Out.png2
Playscape Lookout.png Playscape Lookout Donut Tapped Out.png10
Claw Machine.png Claw Machine Donut Tapped Out.png15
Milhouse Balloon Archway.png Milhouse Balloon Archway Donut Tapped Out.png25
Battlescape.png Battlescape Donut Tapped Out.png35
Toy Train.png Toy Train Donut Tapped Out.png45
Milhouse Bounce House.png Milhouse Bounce House Donut Tapped Out.png50
Egyptian Playground.png Egyptian Playground Yearbook Mystery Box.png


Image Name Cost Content
Big Baby Barney Bundle.png Tray of 132 Donuts Tray of 132 Donuts Donut Tapped Out.png132 and Lullabuy$ w/Big Baby Barney


Image Name Content Cost Screen
Shattered Token.png Shattered Token Shattered Token.png1 A Storm in a Teacup
Daily challenges
Dozen Donuts
2 Shattered Tokens Shattered Token.png2 Stack of 60 Donuts
3 Shattered Tokens Shattered Token.png3 Tray of 120 Donuts
5 Shattered Tokens Shattered Token.png5 Truckload of 300 Donuts
10 Shattered Tokens Shattered Token.png10 Store Full of 900 Donuts
15 Shattered Tokens Shattered Token.png15 Boatload of 2400 Donuts
Shattered Dreams Mystery Box.png Shattered Dreams
Mystery Box
Shattered Dreams Mystery Box: Fantasy Shattered Token.png1 Shattered Dreams Mystery Box Screen.png

Permanent item unlock[edit]

Image Name Unlock Notes
Tapped Out Maggie Simpson Artwork.png Maggie Maggie Simpson Unlock.png Unlocks after completing The Thing We Do.


Please note: if the questline seems stuck, move the quest tasks up and down to reveal more.



When the Bough Breaks Guide.pngWhen the Bough Breaks Prizes.pngWhen the Bough Breaks End Screen.png

Image Name Unlock
TSTO Sand Tropez.png Sand Tropez Three's a Crowd Pt. 1
Hudson's House.png Hudson's House Three's a Crowd Pt. 2
TSTO Not Responsible for Injuries Park.png Not Responsible for Injuries Park Three's a Crowd Pt. 3
TSTO The Jogging Stroller-y.png The Jogging Stroller-y Three's a Crowd Pt. 4
Courtney (The Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby).png Courtney Three's a Crowd Pt. 5

Conform-o-meter impact[edit]

Name Rating Points
The Jogging Stroller-y Consumerism 10
Sand Tropez, Not Responsible for Injuries Park Vanity 100
Hudson's House 200
Center for Pre-Emptive Education, Lullabuy$ 400

Other changes made[edit]

May 24th Update (4.55.5; "4_55_WhenTheBoughBreaks")[edit]

  • The app icon and the splash screen were changed back to normal.
  • Hudson was added to the characters that can Moonbounce.
  • In Celebrity Worship, Duffman's Make Duffman Subtly Turn America's Youth was changed to Make Duffman Subtly Turn America's Youth on to Alcohol.


  • TOUI favicon.png Overview at Tapped Out - Update Information