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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Super Bowl content update

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040 "Level 38"
"Super Bowl"
"Valentine's Day 2014" 042

The forty-first content update, known as the "Super Bowl update" for The Simpsons: Tapped Out was released on January 29, 2013. The update gave players who didn't have the Duff Racer or Duff Party Bus another chance to buy them. Players who completed the gameplay were rewarded with the Duff Blimp and Donut Tapped Out.png7.


Image Name Costs Character(s) unlocked when built Level required
Tapped Out Duff Racer.png Duff Racer Cash.png250,000
Tapped Out Duff Party Bus.png Duff Party Bus Donut Tapped Out.png50
Tapped Out Duff Blimp.png Duff Blimp Free


Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 1

After the player log in
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Lisa, come in here and pray with Daddy.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Pray? Oh no! Dad, are you dying?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png With my lifestyle? Probably. But that's not why I'm praying. I'm praying because it's almost Sunday... Super Bowl Sunday!
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png I just want the game to goo off without any lockouts, blackouts or Sum of All Fears-esque nuclear attacks.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png But all of those problems are completely avoidable or fictional. They're just created by playes, owners, and TV stations to make more money.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png In fact, when you think about it, the whole Super Bowl seems about making money.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Shut your blasphemous mouth! God loves football. How dare you question God! Now get me another beer.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png You're out of beer.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png WHY, GOD? WHY?
The player receives "Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 1" which is to "Make Homer Go on a Beer Run" and "Make Lisa Investigate Super Bowl Financials". It takes 60 minutes and the player receives total Cash.png240 and XP.png44 in reward.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Okay Lisa, put down those fiancial magazines and help me carry this stuff to the car. I got two cases of Duff and three cases of Duff Lite!
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png That's a lot of berr. Are you having a Super Bowl party?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Ooh, that's a good idea! Apu, get me another four cases of each.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Also, that barrel of Duff-flavored cheese blurgs and this industrial-sized tub of Duff-brand chicken swagns.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Cheese blurgs and chicken swangs? Is that even food?
Tapped Out Apu Icon.png Of course. They're made from all-natural cardboard and organic liposuction waste.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Mmmmm... rich lady fat.

Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 2

After tapping on Lisa's exclamation mark
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png This just dosen't add up - Super Bowl tickets are expenstive, but don't cover team salaries.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png The ads coast a fortune, but are miniscule compared to the licensing deal. And suprplus revenue falls way short of operating costs.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png What are you talking about?
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png This Super Bowl is generating billions of dollars, yet somehow no one's making money from it.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png What about FOX? FOX whouldn't run something year after year if it wasn't making them money.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png So you'd think, but I'm just not seeing it. Maybe I missed something is these balance sheets.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Awww, kids and their balance sheets.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Now, as the consummate host, I must taste the snacks to ensure the highest quality of food for my guests.
The player receives "Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 2" which is to "Make Lisa Crunch the Numbers" and "Make Homer Crunch Duff Warm Ranch Chips". It takes 2 hours and the player receives total Cash.png320 and XP.png64 in reward.

Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 3

After tapping on Homer's exclamation mark
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Lisa, help! The seagulls are back– they think I'm a beached whale. And they're not the only ones...
Tapped Out Sea Captain Icon.png Yarr, not a drip of ambergris on him.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Dad, did you eat all the party snacks and pass out on the floor?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Judging me isn't going to get rid of these gulls.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Please Dad, I'm still busy tracking the Super Bowl profit stream from media ad sales through to player's salaries.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Can you re-describe that as a famous movie quote?
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png I'm following the money.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Hmm, I haven't seen "All The President's Men". I'll have to take your word for it.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Why don't you get up and take a shower? It smells like the sea in here, and it's not coming from the gulls.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Probably because of all the salt I ate. Don't worry — I know how to fix that.
The player receives "Stupor Bowl Weekend Pt. 3" which is to "Make Homer Drink Duff Beer" and "Make Lisa Request Subpoenas of NFL Tax Documents". It takes 4 hours and the player receives total Cash.png350 and XP.png90 in reward.

Stupor Bowl Sunday

After the player logs in on Super Bowl day
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Can you believe it? Kick-off is nearly here.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Soon our house will be filled with all of our friends, which means zero Flanders.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png But I still haven't figured out who profits off the Super Bowl. Are there any financial experts coming to the party?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Well, sometimes Moe's my bookie. But sometimes he's just a bartender.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Now help Daddy put up these Duff Game-Day Decorations and set up the Duff Deluxe nacho cheese fountain.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Are all these decorations new?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Of course. You can't re-use Super Bowl decorations — they're not calendars.
The player receives "Stupor Bowl Sunday" which is to "Host a Football Bash" and "Make Springfielders Attend Homer's Football Bash (x5)". It takes 4 hours.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Everyone here just wants to eat, drink and watch football instead of answering questions about macroeconomics.
Tapped Out Duffman Icon.png And what if I were to give you a Duff blimp?
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png That wouldn't change any–
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Deal!
Message The Duff Blimp has been placed in your inventory. Happy Super Bowl!
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Has the world turned on its head?
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Lisa, honey. Can you make another beer run to the Kwik-E-Mart?
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Again? It feels like you are really taking advantage of Apu's No Id/No Problem policy.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png And make sure to get Duff — they're the official sponsor of the Super Bowl, you know.
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png That's it! That's who makes money at the Super Bowl — Duff!
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png It's like they invented a holiday just to sell beer, snacks and overpriced merchandise!
Tapped Out Duffman Icon.png Oh no! Our cover is blown! This little girl has figured out Duff is the majority shareholder of the phony shell corporation known as the NFL!�
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Actually I hadn't figured that out. But now that you've told me, the world needs to know!

A Blimp In A Blimp

After the player has placing the "Duff Blimp".
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png I can't believe that getting a blimp in our inventory constituted a legally binding gag order.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Please. Lisa. Everything you've said this update is so hard to understand. You're a kid — can't you use small words?
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png Stensibly.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Plus we got a free blimp! That's my third favorite form of transportation after fan boat and falling.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png You want to take it for a spin?
Tapped Out Lisa Icon.png No, it was a bribe — I want nothing to do with it. Also, you've been drinking. Also, the blimp's tied down with hundreds of complicated knots.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png Yeah, there're a million ways this can go wrong. See you when I get back!
The player receives "A Blimp In A Blimp" which is to "Make Homer Blimp Around". It takes 3 hours and the player receives total Cash.png235 and XP.png45 in reward.
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png I went nowhere, but still got horribly nauseous. *retches*
Tapped Out Homer Icon.png I love you, free blimp!

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