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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Pride Month 2015 content update

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This article is about the Tapped Out's Pride content update from 2015. For other year's Tapped Out Pride content updates, see TSTO Pride Content Updates.
088 "Level 53"
"Pride Month 2015"
"End of School" 090

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Pride Month 2015 content update was released on June 3, 2015, adding one new building-character combo and three new decorations.

The event store panel.


Image Character or Skin Unlock Message Notes
Roscoe.png Roscoe Roscoe Unlock.png Unlocked with Ajax Steel Mill.


Image Character Costs Unlock message Notes
Two-nicorn.png Two-nicorn Donut Tapped Out.png70 Tapped Out Two-nicorn Unlock.png Returning from Clash of Clones and Queen Helvetica.


Image Name Cost Build time Task Gil Deal
Tapped Out Ajax Steel Mill.png Ajax Steel Mill Donut Tapped Out.png150 6s Pounding Hot Steel Tapped Out Ajax Steel Mill Gil Deal.png


Image Name Cost
Tapped Out Rainbow Flag.png Rainbow Flag Cash.png250
Tapped Out Rainbow Tree.png Rainbow Tree Cash.png100
Tapped Out Pride Billboard.png Pride Billboard Donut Tapped Out.png5

Conform-o-meter and Krusty-o-meter impact[edit]

Building or Item Rating Points
Ajax Steel Mill Gluttony 10
Rainbow Tree Tree-hugging
Krustyland's Kitsch
Rainbow Flag Vanity
Krustyland's Kitsch
Pride Billboard Vanity
Krustyland's Kitsch
Bonus $ and XP 0.25%


Springfield Over the Rainbow[edit]

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 1[edit]

After the user logs in on June 3rd:
Lisa We've never had a Pride Month in Springfield. I think it's about time we did!
Quimby Um... how about a Pride Day?
Lisa I knew it -- you don't really support Pride.
Quimby I'm a politician -- I support everything.
Quimby But if it's a day, we can make it a government holiday. Those dozens of days off a year are the reason I got into public service.
Lisa But Pride deserves a month, not a day.
Quimby Hmm... maybe I could use it as an excuse to have a month of half-days.
Task: Place Pride Decorations [x3]
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 2[edit]

After tapping on Lisa's exclamation mark:
Lisa Aunt Patty, I came up with a bunch of decoration ideas for Pride Month!
Patty Pink triangles and rainbows, honey. No need to reinvent the wheel.
Blue-Haired Lawyer I represent Mr. O'Reilly the Leprechaun.
Blue-Haired Lawyer I have here a court order demanding you cease and desist from using triangles, rainbows, or any other symbol as a decoration.
Leprechaun No more copying me lucky trademarks!
Patty But your lucky symbol is the clover.
Leprechaun And the rights to all symbols "inspired by or in any aspect similar to" that symbol, according to the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
Lisa Please, Mr. Leprechaun. It's for a good cause -- Pride!
Leprechaun Well, I suppose I am a proud Irishman. So OK. But no symbols on merchandise!
Task: Make Lisa Advertise Pride Month on the Internet (12h, Simpson Home)
Lisa Now we just need a venue for the party.
Tapped Out Coach Krupt Icon.png How about my place, the YMCA? It's fun to stay there!
Lisa I don't know, sounds sketchy...
Tapped Out Coach Krupt Icon.png What if I told you you could have a good meal there? And get yourself clean?
Lisa I DO like to be clean.
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 3[edit]

After tapping on Lisa's exclamation mark:
Lisa Pride month is almost here! Aren't you excited?
Quimby Excited for it to be over!
Lisa Really? Why?
Quimby Haven't you seen Springface? Every special interest group has put up a page demanding their own month, too!
Lisa Springface is so 2014. All my friends now use Instaspring. But I'll check out Springface... if I can remember my password.
Task: Make Lisa Check Out Springface (4h, Simpson Home)
On job start:
Dr. Hibbert Why Pride Month? We skipped right past Black History Month... and on the fiftieth anniversary of the Selma march!
Selma How about Smoker's Month... for the fiftieth anniversary of Selma's lungs turning black.
Agnes I want to see Women's History Month. Followed by Mother's Month!
Krusty And Jewish American Month! Passover, Yom Kippur and all of those Sabbaths aren't enough!
Grampa National Hip Replacement Month! Better yet, National Hip Replacement Month!
Dr. Hibbert Don't forget Black Music Month. That's right, we get two months!
Moe And while we're at it, why does everyone always ignore Stalker's Awareness Month?
Moe It's a real thing. Look it up.
Lisa I am ... and you're right.
On job end:
Lisa Over 400 groups are wrestling over a measly 12 months.
Rev. Lovejoy 11 months actually. God pretty much owns December.
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 4[edit]

After tapping on Lisa's exclamation mark:
Quimby Lisa, I'm afraid we'll have to cancel Pride Month. The other groups all want a month too. It'll be decades of months!
Lisa Why not just have one month for everyone? Like Springfield Diversity Month?
Quimby So make everyone think they're special by treating them all the same? You're a political genius!
Task: Make Lisa Campaign for Diversity Month (12h, Simpson Home)
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 5[edit]

After tapping on Lisa's exclamation mark:
Lisa I hope my suggestion of Diversity Month won't upset the LGBT community.
Smithers I think I speak for most by saying I support all causes for Pride.
Mr. Burns Oh really, Smithers? What are you so proud about?
Smithers Um... just, you know... go diversity!
Mr. Burns Yes, like the diversity between my salary and everyone else's!
Task: Reach Level 11 and Build the Cooling Towers
Task: Make Burns Celebrate Diversity (12h)
Task: Make Springfield's Unique Citizens Celebrate [x8] (2h, Simpson Home)
If the user has Smithers: Task: Make Smithers Celebrate Diversity (12h, Simpson Home)
Duffman Only one thing could make this celebration better: Duff Beer, official beer of Diversity Month!
Lisa Seriously? You're really gonna use Diversity Month as a marketing opportunity?
Mr. Burns Smithers, head back to the office and start working on the "3 kilowatts for the price of 2" Diversity Month Special.
Lisa My idealism has officially been destroyed.
Duffman Only one thing could make this moment better: Duff beer, official beer of having your idealism destroyed!
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Springfield Over the Rainbow Pt. 6[edit]

After tapping on Homer's exclamation mark:
Homer What reason do I have to celebrate Diversity Month? I'm just an average, normal American.
Dr. Hibbert Surely you jest. You have one of the most diverse collections of lifestyle-related health problems I've ever seen!
Homer Woo hoo! To further encourage diversity, I will now chug a six-pack.
Task: Make Homer Celebrate His Pride (2h)
Task: Make Springfielders Join the Continuing Festivities [x8] (2h, Simpson Home)
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Premium gameplay[edit]

Gil Deal[edit]

After tapping Gil's Ajax Steel Mill Tapped Out Pride Month 2015 Gil Icon.png mark:
Gil Gil Gunderson, real estate agent, at your service!
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png You're my realtor? The realtors on reality shows are all hot gay men.
Gil I may not be hot, or gay, or licensed as a realtor, but I've got a deal on a steel mill that's so hot you're gonna need tongs!
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png A discount steel mill? What's the catch?
Gil Wood paneling and shag carpet. It was done in the 70s.
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png What wasn't?
Tapped Out Ajax Steel Mill Gil Deal.png

Offer Declined[edit]

Gil Dang it, that commission check was gonna pay my next month's rent!
Gil Looks like instead of selling the steel mill, I'm gonna be squatting there...
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png Not alone, you're not!
Gil *gulp*

Offer Accepted[edit]

Homer A steel mill? D'oh! I thought they were gonna put a Super Mega Krusty Burger there!
Ned Praise the heavens, this steel mill is a miracle from above!
Homer Technically everything in this town is -- you know, Sky Finger and all -- but what good is it to you?
Ned Now I can buy steel direct from the factory, so I can finally afford to build that 200-foot-high Virgin Mary on my front yard!
Homer That better not be a purchasable item.


Mo-thusiasm Pt. 1[edit]

After tapping on Roscoe's exclamation mark:
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png Homer, this steel mill's turned out to be a real fixer-upper!
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png To pay for the renovations, I'm going to use the space at night as a gay dance bar for moustached men: "The Anvil."
Homer Heh heh, let's see Flanders try to spin this as a miracle!
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png Does this Flanders guy perchance have a moustache? I need to hire some go-go dancers.
Homer Then let's go-go meet him!
Task: Make Roscoe Chat with Flanders (8h, Flanders Home, Ned)
On job start:
Homer Flanders, your happy days are over. Get ready to be like the rest of us!
On job end:
Ned Wow, Homer, two miracles in one day. First the steel mill, and then you introduce me to Roscoe!
Homer What the--? You LIKED meeting Roscoe?
Ned I gave him some renovation tips from my experience remodeling my baptistery. Helped me meet my monthly help-thy-neighbor quota.
Homer But didn't you get freaked out when he asked you to be a go-go dancer?
Ned He said I could wear khakis over the thong. How could I refuse? I'll be working Tuesdays and Thursdays -- stop by and say hi!
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Mo-thusiasm Pt. 2[edit]

After tapping on Roscoe's exclamation mark:
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png Hey Ned, mind if I ask you for some business advice?
Ned Sure, I love pain-free ways of superficially showing tolerance!
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png So, if past experience is a guide, church-going males are an important potential customer base for my gay dance club.
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png What's the best way to reach that audience?
Ned You know, many people don't realize the New Testament has a lot to say about New Media...
Task: Make Ned Give Business Tips (12h, Flanders Home)
Task: Make Roscoe Take Notes (12h, Flanders Home)
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Mo-thusiasm Pt. 3[edit]

After tapping on Roscoe's exclamation mark:
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png Welcome Ned, to the grand opening of The Anvil!
Ned Opening? Shouldn't you be closing? It's midnight.
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png Apparently you're unaware that in the EDM-based male-dance-club subculture, things only really get going after midnight.
Task: Make Springfielders Get Down at the Anvil [x10] (4h, Ajax Steel Mill)
Task: Make Roscoe Play Hard (12h)
On job start:
Ned I'm beginning to regret giving you all that advice.
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png What, can't you handle this much scantily-clad stache?
Ned I'm perfectly comfortable in my stachehood. But it's after midnight on a Saturday, which means it's technically Sunday! This is sacreligious!
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Dance Off[edit]

Requires: Level 25, Smithers
After tapping on Roscoe's exclamation mark:
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png Sorry about the long line to get in, but I need to make the place seem exclusive.
Tapped Out Roscoe Icon.png Anybody have enough stache to challenge me to a waiting line dance-off?
Duffman Duffman has free beer for the winner! And free glow sticks for anyone who wants to look like an idiot!
Smithers I'm always up for a competition to erase my childhood memories of athletic ineptitude. Challenge accepted!
System Message New permanent jobs at the Ajax Steel Mill available for Roscoe, Smithers, and Duffman!
Tapped Out New Permanent Jobs Roscoe.png
Task: Make Roscoe Dance Outside the Steel Mill (5h, Ajax Steel Mill)
Task: Make Smithers Dance Outside the Steel Mill (5h, Ajax Steel Mill)
If the user has Duffman: Task: Make Duffman Dance Outside the Steel Mill (5h, Ajax Steel Mill)
Quest reward: Cash.png100 and XP.png10

Other changes made[edit]

June 3 update ("4_14_PrideWeek2015")[edit]

  • Sideshow Bob's Laugh Maniacally and Cecil's Practice Stand-Up were changed to visible.
  • Don Vittorio was added to the Youngster group.
  • Go To The Don For Help now pays out Premium.
  • Inflatable Gorilla And Baboons and Truckasaurus were removed from the Squidport inventory group.
  • Visibility Requirements for Writers Building were added back.
  • Completing Business Owners character group now yelds Cash.png1,250 and XP.png25 instead of Cash.png1,000 and XP.png20.
  • Kane Manor and Rigellian Tribal Hut were added to the Home inventory group.
  • Cecil's Practice Stand-Up can now be performed at the Open Air Stage too.
  • Herbicide Squirter no longer shows the Level.


  • TOUI favicon.png Overview at Tapped Out - Update Information