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The Simpsons: Tapped Out Poochie's Dog Dayz content update

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169 "Itchy & Scratchy Land"
"Poochie's Dog Dayz"
"Moe's Ark Teaser" 171
"All good things must come to an end. And so must dangerous theme parks and quasi-murderous robots. What's next for the town once voted "Most Likely to Be Abandoned" by American Eyesore Magazine. Monster matches? An education in prop comedy? Or an old school super summer? Stay tuned for new characters, buildings, and stories coming soon!"
―Event description on app store.
Store Panel.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out Poochie's Dog Dayz is the one hundred and seventieth content update, and was released on July 11, 2018. It added 2 new characters, 2 new decoration-character combos, 3 new non playable characters, 2 new buildings and 4 new decorations. The event requires Level 20 to start. It's content was removed in the September 6, 2018 's update and was readded when the patch was reverted just a little over an hour later.


Image Name Cost Unlock Message Notes
TSTO Poochie.png Poochie Poochie Unlock.png Unlocks with Bicycle-Basketball Ramp.
Disapproving Squirrel.png Disapproving Squirrel Donut Tapped Out.png65 Disapproving Squirrel Unlock.png
Roy.png Roy Roy Unlock.png Unlocks with Reality Channel Van.
Mrs. Scratchy.png Mrs. Scratchy Mrs. Scratchy Unlock.png Unlocks with Picnic Spot.


Image Name Unlock Message Notes
TSTO Itchy.png Itchy Itchy Unlock.png Unlocks with Itchy & Scratchy bundle.
Returns from Itchy & Scratchy Land.
TSTO Scratchy.png Scratchy Scratchy Unlock.png Unlocks with Cartoon Set.
Returns from Itchy & Scratchy Land.

Non Playable Characters[edit]

Image Name Unlock Message Notes
Tour Group Straggler.png Tour Group Straggler Tour Group Straggler Unlock.png Unlocks with Park Visitor Bundle.
Lil' Thrill Seeker.png Lil' Thrill Seeker Lil' Thrill Seeker Unlock.png
Gift Shop Fanatic.png Gift Shop Fanatic Gift Shop Fanatic Unlock.png


Image Name Cost Build time Task Notes
Fireworks Factory.png Fireworks Factory Donut Tapped Out.png45 6s Going Out With a Bang
TSTO The Reality Channel.png The Reality Channel Donut Tapped Out.png55 Telling It Like It Is NOT Rewards Poochie Script.png11 every 4 hours.


Image Name Cost Build time Task Notes
Cartoon Set.png Cartoon Set Donut Tapped Out.png300 6s Filming In New And Improved 2D Unlocks Scratchy.
Also unlocks with Itchy & Scratchy Bundle.
Returns from Itchy & Scratchy Land.


Image Name Cost Notes
Audience Research Table.png Audience Research Table Unlocks after completing Poorly Working Title Pt. 1.
Network Headquarters.png Network Headquarters Unlocks after completing Poorly Working Title Pt. 2.
Bicycle-Basketball Ramp.png Bicycle-Basketball Ramp Unlocks Poochie.
Unlocks after completing Poorly Working Title Pt. 3.
Poochie's Car.png Poochie's Car Unlocks after completing Poorly Working Title Pt. 5.
Reality Channel Van.png Reality Channel Van Donut Tapped Out.png150 Unlocks Roy.
Picnic Spot.png Picnic Spot Donut Tapped Out.png165 Unlocks Mrs. Scratchy.


Image Name Content Cost
Park Visitor Bundle.png Park Visitor Bundle Tour Group Straggler, Lil' Thrill Seeker and Gift Shop Fanatic Donut Tapped Out.png50
Itchy & Scratchy Bundle.png Itchy & Scratchy Cartoon Set w/Scratchy and Itchy Donut Tapped Out.png350


Image Name Content Notes
Free Land Token.png Free Land Token Free Land Token Unlocks after completing Poorly Working Title Pt. 4.

Permanent Item's Rebate[edit]

Image Name Cost Build Time Task Notes
Beer N Brawl.pngTapped Out Lurleen Artwork.png Beer -N- Brawl w/Lurleen Donut Tapped Out.png140 6s Covering Floor in Sawdust Tapped Out Lurleen Unlock.png
Rebate: Donut Tapped Out.png35.
Requires Level 48.
Sleep-Eazy Motel Tapped Out.pngMiss Springfield.png Sleep-Eazy Motel w/Miss Springfield Donut Tapped Out.png225 Charging Hourly Rates Tapped Out Miss Springfield New Character.png
Rebate: Donut Tapped Out.png50
Requires Level 12.

Item origins[edit]

Item Episode
Poochie, Itchy, Scratchy, Cartoon Set Recurring
Roy "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show", "Sweets and Sour Marge", "My Fare Lady" (Simpsons Pixel couch gag)
Disapproving Squirrel "Itchy & Scratchy & Marge" (The Itchy & Scratchy Show episode Field of Screams), "Bart vs. Itchy & Scratchy"
Mrs. Scratchy, Picnic Spot "Loan-a Lisa" (The Itchy & Scratchy Show episode P.U.)
Tour Group Straggler, Lil' Thrill Seeker, Gift Shop Fanatic "Itchy & Scratchy Land"
Fireworks Factory, Audience Research Table,
Network Headquarters, Bicycle-Basketball Ramp, Poochie's Car
"The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"
The Reality Channel, Reality Channel Van "Helter Shelter"
Maggie's Celebrate Like It's 1879 job "Forgive and Regret"


Premium Gameplay


Poochie's Dog Dayz Event Guide.pngPoochie's Dog Dayz Prizes.pngPoochie's Dog Dayz End.png

Image Name Unlock
Audience Research Table.png Audience Research Table + Animated Job Poorly Working Title Pt. 1
Network Headquarters.png Network Headquarters Poorly Working Title Pt. 2
Bicycle-Basketball Ramp and Poochie.png Bicycle-Basketball Ramp w/Poochie + Animated Job Poorly Working Title Pt. 3
Free Land Token.png Free Land Token Poorly Working Title Pt. 4
Poochie's Car and Poochie.png Poochie's Car + Animated Job Poorly Working Title Pt. 5


Date (All times are 2pm GMT) Event
7/10-7/18 Park Visitor Bundle (Tour Group Straggler, Lil' Thrill Seeker and Gift Shop Fanatic)
7/11-7/25 Poochie's Dog Dayz, 636 Episodes!

Conform-o-meter impact[edit]

Name Rating Points
Audience Research Table, Network Headquarters Consumerism 5
The Reality Channel, Fireworks Factory 20
Cartoon Set, Bicycle-Basketball Ramp, Poochie's Car Vanity 100
Picnic Spot Vanity
Bonus $ and XP
Reality Channel Van Consumerism
Bonus $ and XP

Other changes made[edit]

July 11th Update (4.33.5; "4_33_Poochie")[edit]

  • The app icon and the splash screen were changed back to normal.
  • Once the event ended, the friend visit's icon and music were changed back to normal.
  • The town center was set back to normal.
  • The decorations limit was increased to 11,600.
  • Zoominator Loop image was changed.
  • Completing Fresh Off the Donut Truck Pt. 3 now yields Cash.png100 and XP.png10.
  • Cash rewarding Princess Penelope's Play Acoustic Guitar was removed (during the Itchy & Scratchy Land event it rewarded Krustyland Ticket).
  • Krustyland Debris now stores correctly after the nuking.
  • Rock Stage, Pop Stage, Hip-Hop Stage, Kearneymon's Alley, Bully-vern's Cave, Lewd's Bar, Cold Train and Rigellian Christmas Spaceship's flipped buildings' animations are fixed.
  • A button was added to Injury 500, Log Ride and Zoominator to turn ride animations on/off.
  • If the user hasn't participated in the Itchy & Scratchy Land, Krustyland will be nuked once logged in.
  • The notification after the end of Egoin' Crazy Pt. 5 for Springfield Preparatory School w/Greta Wolfcastle available in the store was removed.


  • TOUI favicon.png Overview at Tapped Out - Update Information